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  1. He has HBK down pretty damn solid.
  2. As much is it would be cool to see Peyton walk away with the trophy, Cam deserves it so much.
  3. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dog-accidentally-runs-half-marathon-finishes-seventh-article-1.2508872 Greatest headline I have ever read. Also this: http://jalopnik.com/ecuador-cops-save-tiny-terrified-sloth-in-most-adorable-1754914835
  4. Someone needs to edit Tom Brady's face over this.
  5. Von Miller is the man. Denver's defense is tremendous. Now I want to see Carson Palmer go against Peyton Manning.
  6. Don't think I have ever seen a look to the referee more then the Patriots do when they aren't winning.
  7. Cause a half a inch of ice stopping the city of Atlanta in its tracks is way funnier then two inches of snow?
  8. Remember when D-Bry and Derrick Bateman gamed the system on NXT?
  9. We're used to snow, and we're not bunch of bitches. I remember Atlanta got like, two inches of snow at most, and they were panicking and shitting their pants. Us northerners were laughing at them and roasting them Actually it was barely a inch of ice and it totally stopped traffic on a highway for a day or two.
  10. Well the past three days there was mass panic and supermarket raiding now we are just sorta hanging out. Ill spend tomorrow shoveling so i can get to work Monday.
  11. Got my self a ton of food, a dirty thirty, and some video games to catch up on.
  12. The best thing Hardy did in ROH was that incredible tweet with him and that huge fan wishing Steen good luck in WWE.
  13. We are suppose to get a foot of snow this weekend so I picked up Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.
  14. I have such low hopes for this movie, but such high hopes for Ben Affleck as Batman. Also booooooooo to Flash and the Green Arrow not being Grant and Amell.
  15. At a decent crossroads where i have some extra money, don't know if i should save it or throw it at my credit cards to go a bit more aggressive after my debt.
  16. Kicked a soccer ball around with a friend for a hour today for the first time since i broke my rib two weeks ago. Just worked on my left foot and some ball control with a few shots mixed in. Legs feel heavy but i feel great. Can't put any power into my kicks still.
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