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  1. Reby Sky looks like she was sung by some bees in the face.
  2. Finally got around to seeing this and even knowing most of the spoilers it was still a fantastic film. Can see alot of parallel's between a New Hope and this movie but it works really well in helping to establish the new characters of the film. Got goosebumps at the final scene of the movie. Really can't wait to see the next film.
  3. Naito is a true heel. Legit LOL at ending the PPV with 51 superkicks
  4. Cameron cut promos? Can't remember her saying anything other then her yelling at the referee to count the pin.
  5. /When is my boy EC3 getting the title back?
  6. Half the people in that video package did nothing of note during those years. Just keep showing AJ Styles, Low Ki, Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn matches.
  7. Sydal/Ricochet and RPG Vice never stop wrestling each other do they?
  8. That actually sounds like a great idea.
  9. Bradford also told the Eagles he wants to be traded and will not do anymore off-season workouts with the team.
  10. How was it? As good as everyone's making it out to be? Its alot of fun but pretty short. Haven't touched challenge mode yet.
  11. Beat Ratchet and Clank, currently downloading Bully for 5$.
  12. People need to remember that bigger in the case of RDR wouldn't be better since it would seriously just be more empty desert.
  13. Do you have stores that sell Visa giftcards? They have the ability to be used online.
  14. Playing Ratchet and Clank and Smite.
  15. Age of Ultron was pretty boring but nothing wrong with it, BvS just has so much wrong with it.
  16. Im looking forward to Batman, Wonder Women and thats about it. In my mind noone will be a better Flash than the current one on TV, i worry about Aquaman since it took years to get him right in the comics. GLC could be decent depending on what story they use.
  17. They weren't nitpicky, they were pretty solid criticisms. Kevin Smith broke down the movie pretty perfectly: "“It’s been 72 hours since I’ve seen it and I don’t know what the moral of the Batman v Superman movie is other than, maybe, maybe, if you stretch it real thin, ‘Hey kids, don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Honestly, what was the moral of that story? Everyone was shitty to everybody and in the end Batman was like, ‘I failed him in life.’ It’s like, f–k yeah, you did! You tried to end his life! Remember before when we were talking about Flash, and that is has heart, humor, and spectacle? [batman v Superman], I felt like, didn’t really have a heart. It was certainly f*cking humorless. There was nothing funny going on in that world whatsoever, but it had lots of spectacle. Like you can’t take that away from [Zack] Snyder. Boy, he knows how to compose a frame and how to setup a shot. Beautiful visual stylist. But you need more than just pictures. You need the characterization and these characters seemed off character, particularly Superman."
  18. I call bullshit on the White Mana in Hackensack. The one in Jersey City is the best.
  19. Replica of his walk out jacket or GTFO.
  20. Thats dumb. Snyder didn't write the script or try cram as much as possible into that movie. Its all on DC. The difference between DC and Marvel is going to be that years ago Kevin Feige was given the nod and said this is where we want to begin, this is the path i want to take, and this is where i want to end and they don't really ever stray from the layout they set years ago. DC keeps changing on a whim and apparently has several people as the head of the DC movie universe.
  21. The *Censored* is that suppose to be?
  22. Marshe Rockett was the shit when he was in CHIKARA with Da Soul Touchaz.
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