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  1. Your sig and avy...two thumbs up.

    1. The Decline

      The Decline

      Thanks, I appreciate it. Big win, eh?

  2. Tell me you didn't become Daredevil in real life and break the site during the process. Probably knocked something over while fighting baddies.

    1. ThreeG


      Just saw this now. And that may be the case, though I'm sure DD has better vision than I do regarding forums these days!

  3. Your sig, it is great.

  4. When am I going to be VIP?!

  5. Get a sig and avy already you damn n00b.

  6. Your sig is great. That is all.

  7. When did you become mod? Congrats dude!

  8. Did you invite me to a XBL party the other day. The gamer tag was ThreeG something.

    1. ThreeG


      LOL yeah likely was, was in a party bored so I just went into peoples friends list to invite random people, so yep, probably was me.

  9. I don't know if you know but the new Say Anything CD leaked.

  10. Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.

  11. An American treasure for sure.

  12. LANDYCAKES IS IN YOUR SIG. Keep it that way forever.

  13. Thumbs up on the Willie Mack love.

  14. Lol, its all good.

    I never seen you as anti-social anyway, I think you have posted more than all the other admins combined lol.

  15. If you can't find anything its no big deal.

  16. Nah man.

    To be 100% honest, i don't remember why i hated you in the first place lol.

  17. Use the picture of Punk blowing a kiss to McMahon and do that voodoo that you do.

  18. Make me a sig son.

  19. Your name, I like it.

  20. Your sig, it is fantastic.

  21. Due to you I am giving Foxy Shazam a try.

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