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  1. i can't believe they are still adding gut kicks to animations........knowing that they made a whole system that requires you to do a strike combo before a grapple. so instead of this being a move you can do after 1 strike ur gonna hit the 1 strike the animation will play and u see a 2nd strike. THEN the grapple move. when you could've just had the Gut kick as the opening strike to start the 2 hit combo. the evidence that these ppl don't know what game tney are making is mounting to at least above a mole hill
  2. playing a Royal Rumble really highlights the problem with the gameplay. in 2k19, and nearly every game before it...when you strike an opponent they stagger back. In a Royal Rumble match that allows the opponent to fall back into the ropes or the corner. Setting them up for elimination. Also you will fatigue and crawl around, or crawl to the seated corner position to rest. 2k22 doesn't have this. Because of the blasted combo system they removed complex A.I selling. Unless u are 1 inch away from the corner or rope, the opponent will not feed into a new position. in 2k19 you dropkick the opponent in a Royal Rumble, they stumble to the ropes, then you can hit them with a running clothesline to eliminate them. in 2k22 it doesn't matter what you hit them with. They will stay standing right in front of you. Because the A.I has to wait for you to complete a combo. and the Crawling and resting in a Royal Rumble is toned WAYYY down. in 2k19 once you get to the halfway point of the rumble, if you or the opponents have been in the ring for awhile they will crawl around. And/Or resting in the corner in 2k22 everyone is fresh as a daisy, even 30 mins into a Rumble. The only time you will rest under a rope or something is if you get "Stunned" This striking feature used to be so important in a Royal Rumble, that we could even assign our own Royal Rumble strikes in the SvR series. Now its completely removed Close Range strikes were tailor -made for Royal Rumbles. and they're gone
  3. I like GM mode I just dont like this whole "hey wow u put on a banger card, but it doesn't matter and you lose for the week because your matchups weren't the specific heel/face or fighting classes combo that we like"
  4. what it feels like reading that article "we've added another Payback slot" u mean ur readding what u removed "we are expanding the stamina system, we are a SIMULATION of WWE" no. WWE 2k19 was a Simulation of WWE. We had stamina and fatigue and realistic gameplay already. then u ruined it "we are changing the pin system" AGAIN???? Do we really need a 3rd pin system in a row?? Ppl were excited for button mashing to return, but then u mess that up by making it just 1 button. Nobody wanted to just press 1 button. We wanted the classic 2 finger button mashing we are all used to from back in the day. Did i not call it like 10 months ago, that they are just going to slowly try to turn this back into where it already was. Its gonna take them 5 games to make the game good again. And undo all the stuff the new producer *censored*ed up. Why make an arcade fighter, and then try to turn it back into a SIM wrestling game again? It makes no sense. Lean into what u are creating. Lean into the fighting, and combos and wackiness. Add juggling. exaggerated selling etc. These ppl have no clue what they are making The ppl working on the game half of them probably want this new arcade fighter gameplay, and the other half want classic realistic gameplay. And that would explain why the new gameplay feels like this.
  5. well looks like they got rid of Righteous, but unfortunately they brought back Bryan Williams. Two birds of a feather. Two passionate die-hard fans that have no understanding of movesets. Righteous vs. Bryan Williams in a ruin WWE 2k23 movesets speed run
  6. for the record u are allowed to like whatever you like. Im sure i like tons of games that ppl would say suck. that said. I reserve the right to think u are insane. And bemoan that my fave wrestling game has been turned into THIS. And instead of ppl revolting against it and forcing 2K to do something about it.......everyone just lets it happen. They got away with making 2k20. A glitchy buggy game that crashes a ton. They never fully fixed it. Its still broken to this day. And we let them do that. 2k22 stripped away most of the gameplay we know. They pumped the game full of the Ultimate Team/MYTEAM microtransactions mode. Added tons of locked wrestlers to the mode. and we let it happen. i've said it before. WWE 2k22 is not a bad game. Other then the bugs and other things they don't fix. If it was called WWE 2K: FIGHT NIGHT and had a different art style and models that weren't realistic. I might like it (except the terrible a.i). But instead of making a side game to implement this brand new gameplay they took an existing franchise. With name value. And stripped it of its parts and converted it into something different. That is sneaky and disingenous. Imagine u buy the Ghost of Tsushima sequel, and it doesn't play like the original game. But now all of a sudden it plays like Dynasty Warriors. And everyone was thrilled about it
  7. ppl that don't know wrestling, made a wrestling game that doesn't feel like wrestling......and u guys say thank u sir may i have another. I have seen too many video game franchises do the old desperate CHANGE EVERYTHING, dumb down the game, appeal to casuals thing. As a last ditch effort because of bad sales. Sometimes it fails. And the franchise dies. Even worse......is when it works. And the game u used to love becomes a soulless husk, stripped of its depth and so many years go by that the ppl playing it weren't even around to remember how good the franchise USED to be.
  8. the difference between WWE 2k games, and Fire Pro or AEW is that; well with Fire Pro that is the gameplay. Its a retro 2d wrestling game. Thats the way the game has always been. since 1989. The core gameplay of Fire Pro has never changed. And it caters to the people that still want to play that. AEW Fight Forever isn't out yet. And we've seen minimal gameplay at that. But its the first game. Its not an established series. AND its specifically trying to replicate No Mercy. So it looking and playing like No Mercy is expected and probably encouraged. Honestly grapple lock-ups is only like the 27th gripe down the list on the problems with 2k22. WWE All-Stars has lock-ups and i love that game. what ur ignoring is how stale the gameplay looks. Ur ignoring that the new combo system has taken away all of the Selling & Feeding into positions that we had. Now u hit someone and they stand there waiting for the next strike in ur combo. Now u suplex someone and they stay where they landed. But the past couple games have given us such dynamic wrestling gameplay that u would suplex someone and maybe they roll out of the ring to the floor. Or maybe they roll out to the apron. Or maybe they crawl to the bottom Turnbuckle. Or maybe they crawl up to an on all fours position. In 2k19 & 2k20 u could strike ur opponent and they might stand there, they could no sell, they could stagger back, they could drop to a knee, fall to a seated position, stumble into the ropes, stumble into the corner. the stumble into corner and ropes is still there somewhat. But the range is much smaller. U have to be close to those positions already. Where as before ur opponent could stagger halfway across the ring and put themselves into positions to set u up for ur next attack.
  9. they built the game around it. Its a core feature. It was why they changed the gameplay. Just disabling it, leaves u with less strong strikes. less standing strikes. way less grapples. It negates the combo breaker. It makes even less sense to have blocking, dodging and a reversal button. It negates the reason strong strike is now its own button and why we have to now lock up for irish whips. I see what ur saying. But ur not recognizing that the game is working as intended. They want this
  10. did u play SvR 2011? where u could toggle Universe on/off during exhibition
  11. https://imgur.com/oUGqVzw ^what combos in a wrestling game should be. (arm drag to armbar, to standing armbar, to wristlock, to an Armbreaker, to One-handed snapmare to soccer kick) ^what we got the whole roster in the game doing instead
  12. i find it quite worrisome that gameplay changes aren't mentioned in this big first reveal of the game. So that tells me the game will still have the weird stances that u occilate back and forth switch from righty to lefty constantly for no reason. The game will still have the strike combo gameplay and the limited amount of standing strikes and strong strikes. It will still have the lockup and irish whip mechanic. Theres a good chance the combo system is still limited. And that they haven't expanded to actual grapple or ground combos which is like 500% more prevalent in actual wrestling.
  13. with as much as they nerf CAW all the time, its a miracle that CAWS look better than ever. I don't know how ppl do it. Or why there wasn't an uprising of pitch forks everytime they remove a very critical part of creating a wrestler. I have zero skill in creating a character. I have no artistic bone in my body in that sense. I could take a year and can't come up with anything anyone would actually want to download. So more power to the people who do it. but also since we've moved on from No Mercy. Where everyone uses the same parts, and CAWs mostly blend in with the actual roster....i've stopped using CAWs. To me they just don't look right next to the in-game roster. They stand out like a sore thumb to me visually. It used to be because they looked so bad compared to the real models. But now, some of them look too good lol
  14. i've realized long ago, that the fact that i kinda don't give a flying fck about created wrestlers, and all i care about is gameplay gameplay gameplay. And being able to play a realistic wrestling match. I am in the minority now. Unfortunately. I used to just assume that everyone was like that. And maybe they were, before. But with how good creation modes have advanced over the years, more and more ppl just care about that. And thats fine. But i always wanted that to be in addition to. An added on thing. To a solid foundation. the foundation has crumbled. And nobody cares cuz the games still pretty, and u can still create crazy characters and mostly accurate looking ppl.
  15. i think the lesson learned was that we will buy anything, as long as the game is playable on launch day. 2k20 was the first time the game was released in an unplayable state. And word of mouth caught fire, so much so that Gaming sites and youtubers who don't give af about wrestling games were all talking about it. 2k22 is also bad. And just as glitchy. But it was playable. and looked really pretty. one thing i've learned being on the WWE gaming boards for decades now, is that ppl care #1 that the game is playable. #2 about creation modes. #3 about entrances looking cool. gameplay is unfortunately like the 7th thing ppl seem to care about. They can release a game with Sami Zayn out of date by 2 years, and everyone in the crowd is wearing a random teal shirt....and nobody notices or cares.
  16. its truly time to stop giving Visual Concepts/2K ur money. Its been a disaster since YUKES left. And i have no allegiance to YUKES, trust me. Im sure they are a nightmare to collab with. Im sure lots of the bugs these games have had for decades are their fault. but bottom line is, since Visual Concepts fully took control, these are the worst wrestling games since the 16 bit era. i really wish they had lost the license. The fact that ppl celebrated them retaining it is insane. The game needs a reboot. Start from the ground up. Because having a japanese dev make the game for 2 decades and then forcibly having it ripped away from them to american devs has NOT worked out. 2k20 was like if u took 2k19, and stomped on it. It was a broken mess 2k21 WAS CANCELLED. thats how dire that situation was. 2k22 they are so *censored*ed and desperate they hire a producer from the Killer Instinct reboot. A non-wrestling game fan. Non wrestling fan. who had no clue what he was doing. And instead of making a wrestling game, he forced his fighting game philosophy into this series. the bugs are still there. the gameplay we loved is now ctrl/alt/deleted. And if u continue to let this be successful, then congrats they keep the shitty gameplay and ramp up the MyFaction. If we stop buying it eventually in 5 years they will pivot and try to rebuild and turn this into a wrestling game again
  17. seeing the first press release for a wrestling game, littered with words like "attributes, boosters, packs" makes me nauseous
  18. the Chris Sabin/Buddy Murphy Over Easy DDT or whatever its called in game
  19. theres plenty of facial animations.. the gameplay in the new trailer goes by pretty quick. but they are there if u watch it slowed down. Look at when Thunder Rosa lands on the tacks. And right after when Jericho chops Hangman against the railing. Even the ref. its def not as much as in WWE 2k. but its there
  20. I can't believe how good the AEW game has been shaping up. We're really getting Darby being able to use his skateboard on a suicide dive, and the thumbtacks bounce on the ring mat during moves. incredible
  21. i do not. I don't think i've played 2k22 for months maybe?? Its not a good wrestling game. As u just can't replicate real wrestling matches anymore. So its only value would be just button mashing arcadey style ...and to me it doesn't do that very well either. WWE All-Stars did that infinitely better where All-Stars feels like an arcade wrestling game, this feels more like WrestleMania the Arcade Game which felt like a fighting game with wrestling moves in it. Its just not fun. Even despite all the things i dislike about it, if it was fun...that would override everything. But its not. Maybe it would be if they had built it from the ground up. But instead they took the simulation wrestling game we liked and tried to shoe-horn a completely different style into it. And it didn't work I like it more than WWE BattleGrounds and thats about it
  22. just the 1 match i've seen of AEW FIght forever i can tell its more of a simulation than 2k22. I have no issue with the lockups here because they are trying to replicate No Mercy....and be a retro N64 style wrestling game. Its a new game that doesn't have history. where as 2k took maybe the best wrestling simulation game we've ever seen in 2k19, and took away all of the things that make it play like a wrestling game. Turned it into casual fighting game BS. I've played plenty of it and at least with default settings, there is no way to have a match that resembles real wrestling in that game. the match pacing, momentum, multiple finishers/signatures, actual selling (the opponent stays down), the non-reversal fest gameplay.....all screams No Mercy and sim wrestling to me.
  23. color me impressed. the Omega vs. Cole gameplay sold me. This looks great.
  24. okay. so why is there an AEW section for their game?
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