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  1. pray tell me....what exactly is realistic or SIM about Andre the giant doing a karate combo before he can do a slam? what exactly is realistic or SIM about Yokozuna dodging ducking and weaving like a Flyweight boxer? what is SIM or realistic or PRO WRESTLING about anything in the WWE 2k games? . Especially 2k22. that is a fighting game thru and thru. It has more in common with Tekken than No Mercy
  2. the new 2k games...were literally created by a fighting game producer. and was specifically made to be a fighting game. And specifically created to NOT be a sim. so what are u talking about?
  3. the problem is ppl think Forza is the WWE game. when thats the mario kart one. U can have realistic matches in FIght Forever. u can't do that in the WWE games since 2k19. Fight Forever is somehow both more of a wrestling SIM...and more of a wrestling ARCADE game than WWE 2k. Fight Forever is a wrestling game done right. Just sim enough to have real matches. And slow the pace down. Just arcadey enough to do faster paced stuff and really dumb spots. WWE 2k is arcade wrestling done wrong. It doesn't feel like wrestling. It feels like a fighting game with wrestling moves in it
  4. the gameplay is DEFINITELY better than 2k22. and probably 2k23. luckily i dont play career modes. and i haven't created a wrestler since SvR 2010. And in general i just never use CAWS in a wrestling game. Unless its No Mercy I pretty much care about one thing in a wrestling game. Having matches. Is this the best wrestling gameplay of all time??? No but its one sequel away from being GREAT. With just a couple little improvements. Some of the issues im having like bugginess and wonkiness can be patched. They can add wrestlers and more moves. It just needs trios matches. A cage match. commentary. And a create-a-PPV mode or something. So u can book a whole card Ultimately this just feels way closer to No Mercy & Day of Reckoning. And closer to what an actual pro wrestling match looks like. Compared to the current 2k games. speaking of "years ahead of the 2k games". Just the grapple lock-up in Fight Forever. Its like 100x better than whats in WWE 2k currently. Theres a push and pull. a struggle. U can use it to move around the ring and setup spots. in 2k its a generic NES feeling lock-up. U can't do anything. And u have about 1 second to press a button or the animation just breaks. and u lock up again lol
  5. the sequel for this game will be a 10/10. Its def a really good base and first entry into a franchise. still a little wonky-ness and bugginess i hope they can patch quickly . As far as A.I spamming the same move over and over. Or getting knocked down and not being able to get back up unless u are picked up. Lots of basic moves missing. No Superplex? no running shoulder block. I really dislike that they dont let u edit the Skills/Abilities of the in-game roster. Hopefully that can be unrestricted via a patch. And much like YUKES WWE games....there are a ton of moves that are locked to only being available as Sigs/Finishers. So hopefully thats patched as well. Also not the biggest fan of there being a dedicated Punch & Kick button. Because lots of wrestlers dont kick. So it sucks having to give everyone kicking moves for every position. But the games so fun and the rosters so good. And the moves that are in the game are dope enuff that those issues aren't stopping me from having a blast playing it. A year or 2 worth of updates, patches, new wrestlers, new attires and a moves pack. And this game will be the only wrestling game i need to play for a long time
  6. there hasn't been a good wrestling game released in nearly 5 years. that changes this week
  7. As someone thats been playing wrestling games all my life. And i think i have a good grasp on what makes a good wrestling game. I dont even think its close. Fight Forever looks to be a better wrestling game than WWE/2K's offerings the last couple years. By a LONG SHOT idc about graphics. idc about creation. idc about entrances. GAMEPLAY is all that matters. and the gameplay in 2k20/2k22 is terrible When i watch Fight Forever footage i see a game made by people that understand wrestling games. and understand what wrestling is. When i play WWE 2k22 i see a game made by people that fundamentally don't understand pro wrestling or wrestling games.
  8. 3 things nobody ever talks about how they had ruined the apron ground moves by making the apron (or ring?) bigger. In the older games the opponents head hung over the lip of the apron properly. Then years back you noticed the opponents head was like 2 inches away from the edge of the apron. And moves like the Elbow Strike that should've been to the sternum were now to the face. they've now made it so when the opponent is in the corner turnbuckles and you irish whip them, you do so in a Southpaw stance. Meaning every wrestler is now left-handed apparently when irish whipping a corner opponent. Which would be fine if 98% of wrestlers weren't right handed. Sliding into the ring. NOBODY slides into the ring like that. I can think of like 1 or 2 times in the last decade a wrestler does a front slide into the ring in that manner. That is not the way ppl run into a wrestling ring. And this has been in the game now for years and is completely wrong.
  9. just a reminder that they cancelled 2k21. They had nearly 3 years to make 2k22. If 2k22 was a perfect working condition then 2k20 would've just been some weird anomaly. But this is 3 games in a row with issues. I still can't play a steel cage match in 2k22 without some bs happening. I still can't get my moveset updates to save to Universe in 2k22. I still can't upload new created content to CC in 2k22. Nor can i delete any content from CC that i've uploaded in last years game. Among a myriad of other issues. And 2k22 is done. Its not getting anymore updates and fixes. So its not like i can be patient with that game. They've moved on to screw up another game. I've watched tons of 2k23 gameplay. Watching streams on Twitch and youtube. And i would say i've seen issues in 100% of the footage i've watched. Every single match i've seen ppl play. I see something wrong. Yet all the AEW Fight Forever gameplay we've seen i think i saw 1 wonky thing happen? maybe? ppl need to wake tf up. Go play the older games and see how stable they are. TNA Impact & Legends of WrestleMania are more reliable and less buggy than the last 3 WWE games. Why is this?
  10. 2k20 was a nightmare 2k22 is still buggy as hell idk what anyone expected. Took me 4 years. But i've learned my lesson
  11. yeh 2k22 got more support than probably any recent WWE game in memory, thats for sure. Usually its like 3 patches in the first month or so. and then they disappear. Then again...the games are more broken now than they ever were before. Even 2k22 isn't fixed after a year of patches. I try to play a steel cage match and its a shit show. Wrestlers teleporting, shapeshifting, twisting, bending and phasing thru surfaces
  12. editing hair, facial hair, face paint etc on in-game roster having multiman matches backstage 2 rings with no cage special ref/custom refs These are all things that would've made the game much better. And now we know they could've included this stuff the whole time?
  13. i see what he's saying. But i also don't like that its acceptable for a game to crash twice in the first 4 days of its release I'll tell u what i've played 200+ hours of Breath of the Wild. and it never crashed one time. I can pop MVP baseball 2005 into my ancient PS2 rn....and i guaran-damn-tee that bich aint crashing. Obviously they are patched now. But i've been playing a ton of the Xbox 360 era WWE games. And im just not running into any of the weird problems WWE games have nowadays. Its night and day. No weird morphing or phasing thru objects. No missing strikes or diving moves. No weird wet noodle no bone having arms when u connect with a punch. No crashing.
  14. u asked for it. U just didn't like the answer. I haven't played 2k23. So idk if what he's saying is true. But i have said multiple times that i believe 2k22 was nearly as bad as 2k20 from a glitches and bad hit detection, bad homing on dives, things not saving, crashes etc standpoint. Just because you are willing to tolerate the issues with a game doesn't mean the issues don't exist. I played tons of Avengers. I thought it was a good game. But i also realized that it was a glitchy POS game
  15. well thats just the way the cookie crumbles. It doesn't matter what they do. Madden sells more every single year. and every year the game is worse than before. In 10 years 2k will either have lost the WWE license hopefully.....or it will revert back to being more of a wrestling game.
  16. I could've fixed these movesets years ago. And got them on track. They dont care. They are well aware of my Moveset Database. They are well aware that i've been making extremely accurate movesets and taking detailed moveset notes for a decade. Well they had Righteous do the 2k22 sets. And they got even worse. The guy has been churning out a million terribly inaccurate movesets that he bases on top moves videos for about a decade now. He's obviously clueless when it comes to movesets. But he's the face of moveset creators unfortunately. Because when u make bad movesets, you don't need to take time on them. The less time you spend on making a moveset, the more time you have to make another. Ppl want quantity not quality.
  17. im confused why they are once again giving us a new pin mini-game. Didn't they tell us they were going to cut down and get rid of all the mini games stuff?
  18. is it set as a finisher? Because seeing as the Samoan Driver has been the default CAW finisher for years. I wouldn't put it past these yahoos to have left it blank and its just the default move.
  19. certainly a cool looking move. And the camera angle here makes it look even better. But i don't like that this would be in his sigs/finishers. Its a fantasy move made for Arctic Shield Roman Reigns. One of the TOWERS unlockables in WWE 2K20. roman has never actually done that. (im fairly certain)
  20. it still makes zero sense to me that they removed all the fun arcadey stuff. And then decided to completely overhaul the gameplay to make it arcadey. All of those weird fantasy arenas and backstage brawl areas. The Minecraft bodies. The Big Head mode. All the fantasy weapons like the spell book. These would all make more sense in the current game. Then they did in the slow sim 2k20. Where it was out of place my only thought was that the 2K Originals thing was so poorly recieved, that they scrapped as much of it as possible for 2k21. And by the time they cancel 2k21 and reboot the franchise all of that stuff was already in the trash They should release a ton of these action figure models. If they were really smart they would start putting a code packaged in with certain figures. For you to buy the action figure and then you are able to use that in the game.
  21. i dont think i even tried MyRise in 2k22. I really disliked the MyCareer thing in the older games. so i just have no reason to torture myself further. the dialogue in 2k20s version might be some of the worst writing i've ever seen in a videogame. And theres been some doozies
  22. it could be a contract thing. There has always been whispers and rumors about stuff like that. Wasn't there an NDA back in the day to the media showing the new WWE game, where they weren't allowed to show HHH getting beat? I know on the action figure side of things i think it had gotten out that HHH and Rock may have things in their contract that gives them final approval on their look in videogames and action figure form. Especially for awhile they were making every Rock figure look jacked, even if the figure was based on his pudgy non-jacked early Rocky era. And HHH figures are still unusually jacked. Ultimate Warrior in these games used to be enormous...width wise. And they seemed to have toned that down over the years. But Hogan is still the size of an All-Stars character for some reason
  23. reminder that this wasn't an issue before. He also used to have normal human proportions
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