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  1. when they left in a typo during the SouthPaw DLC....calling Renee Young, "Renee" instead of Susan in one of the dialog text things. I let that slide. but the typo of calling N15-J4X........N14-J4X, just like the other version of her. Is a pain in the butt considering you have to do specific things to each version of the character. So u basically have to remember that N15 is the red one. Since two of the characters have the same exact name by accident. How someone didnt catch that, is mind boggling
  2. Some ppl to give DLC moves to. Spinning Chokeslam -- (Matanza Cueto) Rear Headbutt 2-- (Andre the Giant) Wheelbarrow DDT-- (Ivelisse) (Tigre Uno/Extreme Tiger) Chokeslam Takedown-- (Braun Strowman)
  3. im still not used to the controls. Everything just seems more difficult...needlessly so. why is Limb Targeting like 3 buttons now. And why do u press the strike button for a grapple? im still not sure how to do a leverage pin. I've only been able to Chain Grapple once. Nothing seems natural. It all feels off to me. in the Southpaw tower against Nattie was a nightmare. The controls aren't good. Then u have the problem of the glitchiness of the game. The poor response time to controller input. The sluggishness in controlling ur character in general that feels like the game was made using PS1 Resident Evil tank controls, not to mention spotty collison detection and targeting. Having to do that many limb targeting moves and submissions to defeat nattie became such a chore. Took me 4 tries. WIth like 30-40 min matches the first 2 times, that i lost. I have no problem with difficulty. I actually prefer it in my wrestling games. But i want the difficulty to be fighting the actual enemy. Not fighting the control scheme and molasses like movement of the characters
  4. Repeated Elbow Drops isn't assigned to Dosvetanya. But it looks like Lana's move to me
  5. assign Armbreaker/Spinal Tap to Nikki Bella
  6. Cobra Clutch Firemans Takeover is for Billie Kay
  7. Dragon Screw Leglock must be for Nattie
  8. some DLC moves to give to people *RAPID KICKS (kneeling strong strike) Asuka Dakota Kai Sami Zayn Samoa Joe Ryan Drago Pac *ARM TRAPPED BOSTON CRAB Andrade *TILT-A-WHIRL BACKSTABBER Aerostar Sexy Star *DRAGON SLEEPER 7 Taryn Terrell AJ Lee Jon Moxley
  9. yes. Its much more playable. As far as crazy things wont happen anymore. But its still not that good. there are still a lot of issues with the game. Its still a frustrating experience to play. Just less so i guess. TBH i can barely bring myself to play it at this point. I would just completely ignore it and go back to 2k19. But my 2k19 save file corrupted recently. So im sol.
  10. https://www.pcgamesn.com/destiny-2/destiny-2-eververse-microtransactions-bright-engrams im fairly certain that if WWE 2K became a Game as a Service...and had a little shop that sold taunts, weapons, hair parts etc, individually... with a weekly refresh. It would be considered microtransactions. Would it piss some ppl off? Certainly. Would i buy a Jushin Liger taunt for $1? certainly gotta take the bad with the good sometimes i think.
  11. thats dlc MT is loot boxes and what not. not necessarily. I play a ton of Destiny 2. And a big complaint are the microtransactions have become more prominent. Not just in the sequel but since Bungie left Activision. Yes they have loot boxes. But they've kinda eased up on that a little bit, to allow you to buy the items piece meal. I been playing Apex Legends lately. And that has an ingame store. Basically any game with an ingame store has microtransactions. They just sell skins mostly. My complaint is they are too expensive. Its like $10 for a skin. Titanfall 2 & Watch Dogs 2. Two other games i love have this as well. Great games. But they do have tons of little microtransactions. If u want to buy mech skins....gun skins..in Titanfall...new clothing for ur character or paint jobs for ur car in Watch Dogs. none of it is essential to gameplay. And its all extra cosmetic stuff u can buy for a fee. Technically its DLC i guess. But we're not talking about some DLC drop u pay $20 for a get a bunch of content. Its more like a ton of small individual things u buy.
  12. i am completely fine with microtransactions for cosmetics or whatever. As long as its reasonably priced. Like if they want to sell a brand new attire that someone just debuted on TV or something. I see no problem with that. There are nearly endless things they could sell. Skins, clothing parts, arenas, moves, weapons, hair styles etc.
  13. WWE 2k def needs to become a live service game. Im sick of starting over every year. Especially after this fiasco. I can't even go back to 2k19 because ofc my saved data just corrupted. Which this bug has been around since at least SvR 2010 this has happened to me. I swear. I have hundreds of xbox games. The only games i have every played that i have lost my save data. Are WWE games. Happened to me in SvR 2010, 2011, WWE 13, 2k17 and 19
  14. yall made me nervous.....so i went and played the Ricochet tower just incase. i dont really understand the name. New Years Ricochet. Like i understand its a New Years event. But why is this his name? Its not like he's wearing New Years celebration hat and glasses or anything. He's wearing bullriding jeans for some odd reason. Ricochet actually looks cool with facepaint. And the gold robe is weird to wrestle in since it feels like ur wrestling in entrance gear. But its very shiny and looks cool (tho what it has to do with leather chap jeans is anyones guess) The 2 moves are cool. The only real move, the dropkick is awesome for a CAW. But its not great for Ricochet since the one he actually does IRL, the opponent isn't knocked down, but stunned to set up for a follow up Enzuigiri. In the one with the DLC ur opponent is knocked down like a regular dropkick. Even if ur facing Andre. So you can't really do the accurate move sequence with this. I dont get why these towers have to be so boring. Like why does one have to be all Ladder matches. And why is this all Falls Count Anywhere matches? no variety
  15. if u wanna see something crazy. do Grand Champion Batistas Pumphandle Vertical Suplex Powerbomb finisher....from a Carry halfway thru it almost turns into an Argetine Backbreaker Carry position???
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