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  1. theres plenty of facial animations.. the gameplay in the new trailer goes by pretty quick. but they are there if u watch it slowed down. Look at when Thunder Rosa lands on the tacks. And right after when Jericho chops Hangman against the railing. Even the ref. its def not as much as in WWE 2k. but its there
  2. I can't believe how good the AEW game has been shaping up. We're really getting Darby being able to use his skateboard on a suicide dive, and the thumbtacks bounce on the ring mat during moves. incredible
  3. i do not. I don't think i've played 2k22 for months maybe?? Its not a good wrestling game. As u just can't replicate real wrestling matches anymore. So its only value would be just button mashing arcadey style ...and to me it doesn't do that very well either. WWE All-Stars did that infinitely better where All-Stars feels like an arcade wrestling game, this feels more like WrestleMania the Arcade Game which felt like a fighting game with wrestling moves in it. Its just not fun. Even despite all the things i dislike about it, if it was fun...that would override everything. But its not. Maybe it would be if they had built it from the ground up. But instead they took the simulation wrestling game we liked and tried to shoe-horn a completely different style into it. And it didn't work I like it more than WWE BattleGrounds and thats about it
  4. just the 1 match i've seen of AEW FIght forever i can tell its more of a simulation than 2k22. I have no issue with the lockups here because they are trying to replicate No Mercy....and be a retro N64 style wrestling game. Its a new game that doesn't have history. where as 2k took maybe the best wrestling simulation game we've ever seen in 2k19, and took away all of the things that make it play like a wrestling game. Turned it into casual fighting game BS. I've played plenty of it and at least with default settings, there is no way to have a match that resembles real wrestling in that game. the match pacing, momentum, multiple finishers/signatures, actual selling (the opponent stays down), the non-reversal fest gameplay.....all screams No Mercy and sim wrestling to me.
  5. color me impressed. the Omega vs. Cole gameplay sold me. This looks great.
  6. okay. so why is there an AEW section for their game?
  7. yeh i forgot Pandemic too. Laziness isn't the issue here. I think these ppl are worked to the bone actually. I remember an old behind the scenes vid from Yukes for one of the SmackDown games, and these mfers had beds under their desks. They were sleeping overnite in the offices. direction, budget, team size, philosophy are the issues here. Not ppl working hard. And 2k22 is the game going forward. that is what they are building on. 2k19 is dead. sim is dead. so ppl need to get that shit out of their heads rn. So if u like 2k22. congrats. thats what ur getting for 2k23 and beyond. If u loathe the gameplay of 2k22 like me. ur SOL
  8. its definitely not laziness. who knows really what went on behind the scenes. Its probably a mess. Dealing with Yukes, while also trying to wrangle the development away from them to eventually push them out. Yearly release schedule. Dealing with Vince McMahon. its probably all a nightmare. But the end result is all that matters to me. The finished product that i get as a consumer. and 2k20 was a fleecing. They sent out a very broken game. Patched it to a point where they said, u know what.....its unfixable. And left it to die. screw us i guess, the people that paid for it. 2k22. Yukes is completely gone now. the development is in shambles after 2k20's disaster. So they bring in the guy from Killer Instinct. He says....well wtf i dont know shit about wrestling but i know how to make fighting games. So lets do that. They completely change the game around. Then he packs up and leaves. and this is where we are.
  9. are we not getting an AEW game section? at this point im not sure i could dislike the AEW game more than i dislike 2k20 or 2k22. So i might as well hop on that bandwagon now. because 2k23 is just going to more of the same bs in 2k22. time to wipe my hands clean of this franchise before they sucker me out of $60 again.
  10. i wonder if its 40+ actual weapons...or if Yukes will try to carry over that weapon skin concept from the 2k originals. And thats what they are counting. Because even trying to think of more than 20 weapons is pretty difficult
  11. this has been going on for like a decade and they never address it. I've lost my save data on multiple WWE games on Xbox. its like every other year it happens. How can they keep getting away with this. Im obviously not the only person this keeps happening to
  12. yeh ur right. its really hard to tell in the youtube clips. But i opened both games and checked. The take-off and landings are very similar. Which leads me to believe they were captured at the same time. they kinda ruined it in 2k20...as its noticeably slower in that game compared to the 2k18 one
  13. its the same one. and its not good. the impact or something doesn't feel right. And the main problem is the character is too vertical and not flat on the landing
  14. they really need to do a pass on every move in the game to adjust the speed. Some moves like this Van Daminator are super slow. And then some like the Kiebler kick are super fast. there is no consistency in the game speed of animations. everything should be tuned to be fast. so just bring every slow animation up to the level of the ones that look too fast
  15. the quality of the in-game models in general. With some outliers......is such an improvement over 2k20. I wonder what changed. Why did the models in 2k20 look so bad. They all looked like birds in the face. Its like they used the same face for everyone in that game
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