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  1. welp. I think in the nearly 3 year gap between 2k20 and 2k22. We're losing about 53 ppl. So this is who they should replace them with.
  2. The games had it too. in WWE 12 for Sin Cara's debut. I think it was just 1 vs. 1 matches
  3. corporate talk. Same dude said they were going to be transparent and give us a buncha behind the scenes stuff. They ghosted us for months. Surprise us with a delay 2 months before launch, then tell us they are going to ghost us again for another 5 months
  4. thats a good theory. And if not Kane. Maybe Undertaker. personally i hope it just points to them adding multiple attire slots for each wrestler. So we dont just have one look for everyone. Or a million copies of ppl. I should be able to just select Kane. And then choose which version of Kane i want. Debut Kane, bald kane, corporate kane or current
  5. for anyone that never bought 2k20. Might as well at this point. its not completely fixed and bug free. But its at least playable..compared to when it launched. Worst case scenario u get weapons in HIAC matches, a new cage/cell option with Wasteland DLC, a ton of new moves not in 2k19 and really good versions of Fiend/Riddle/Keith Lee/Hulk/Rhea
  6. well. silver lining. The game is going to be better in March. Than it would've been this holiday. The only real negative is going to be the roster. As now there is no speculation as to whether so and so will still be in. Those ppl are gone for good now.
  7. isn't that common knowledge that right before mania is cutoff. And june is cutoff for DLC. Its been that way for over a decade. Im pretty sure they've even told us this. Im sure there are some exceptions. Like Ronda Rousey being the pre-order bonus. Fiend in 2k20. In special extenuating cirucmstances. How many on disc wrestlers can u find that showed up after Mania? How many DLC wrestlers can u find that showed up after June?
  8. with the normal schedule WWE games have had for 20 years. March seemed to be the cut off for on disc roster. And June seemed to be the cut-off for DLC. With a game releasing in October. If they switch to this new March schedule for the series. That would put the on disc roster cutoff at August. And DLC cut off at November. And with a big chunk of new ppl showing near Mania. So all the new ppl aren't making DLC. U will have to wait a year for them to be in the new game. U get the game in March. And a month later when there are like 5 new ppl in NXT and on the main roster. Too bad.
  9. in theory releasing a game during Mania sounds good. But in practice...its terrible roster wise. Most of the returns, call ups, debuts happen after Mania. Which works out with the holiday release schedule. Because they have enough time to get those ppl in the game before it ships. And at worst, they can be last minute DLC options. coming out near Mania. The game will be way more outdated a couple months after release
  10. well. now the roster is offically punted. If it was coming out on time.....I think we might have been ok.
  11. idk why ppl are jumping on the "its getting delayed train" when all evidence points to it coming out at its normal time. evidence such as they are sponsoring SummerSlam. And what a coincidence they haven't said peep about the game until today. U know 2 days before SummerSlam. and barring last years anomaly. They have released these games every holiday season for 20 years
  12. Backlash 2020. Greatest match of all time vs. Randy Orton
  13. ignoring the knee pad and waist logo being incorrect....thats the first decent looking Edge model in awhile.
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