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  1. i agree it is a good tie-in leading up to Mania season. But Holiday season is when ppl buy games. Yes the ppl that were going to buy the game anyways will buy it whenever u release. Doesn't matter the month. But the ppl on the fence or casuals or just on whim spur of the moment purchases are more likely to happen near Black Friday. for the roster, i think its kinda terrible. Because anybody that shows up in the Rumble or post Mania (which is a big time for new ppl) isn't going to be in the game. And u gotta wait till next year. Before with the Holiday release window. The DLC cut off was at least till June. So anything that happened in that Spring to Summer area was going to make it in. And post-mania till what used to be MITB was always a good time for storylines and new ppl showing up. Granted with the old release window. We wouldnt have gotten Bronn Breaker. But thats more to do with the NXT overhaul happening late summer. really it just sucks that they won't go to a live service model. If any other game genre was perfect for it, its wrestling. I dont need a new game every year. Just give me a steady stream of weekly content. I will pay that same $59.99 every year regardless
  2. seeing Rey Mysterio, the cover star of the new game, in the trailer wearing a 3 yr old attire and doing Kevin Von Erichs taunt....activates my fight or flight response
  3. sheamus looks like he got Ultimate warriors body. face and hair look good tho
  4. i have not clue what this rosters gonna look like. I just hope they added a ton of NXT ppl to fill the gaps. Because so many good wrestlers have left since the last game. either way. nothing matters but gameplay and bugs. Is the game fun and is it functional. thats all i actually care about
  5. i've been wanting multiple attires for every roster member, like what was standard back in the day. But i think if everyone had a current 2021 attire, wouldn't that be what they used for the trailers and footage?
  6. Graphically some of these models look great. Best they ever have. With Drew McIntyre being the one exception. I think it looks just like the 2k20 model. But im starting to notice everyones attires are really old....these are 2019 and 2020 attires. Normally the attires are only 10 months out of date when we get the new game. Some of these are almost 3 years out of date
  7. its super frustrating they still haven't labeled Created parts. Would it kill them to just put a number or letter grid or something. So i don't have to search thru every singlet to find the one im looking for. Hopefully they didn't remove the old attires. Thats the best thing about created parts imo. The fact that they still had New Days attires from all the games all the way back to 2k15. . Being able to give Dolph, Rollins, AJ or Cesaro etc all their old stuff. That was a big feature for me
  8. im only excited for WCW rey if they don't use the same model as current Rey. Which is probably asking for too much. But i really dislike when they just use the same model for different eras
  9. he's already been under a WWE deal for years. This is probably just a renewal because legends contracts are normally 5 years. They put out a WWE action figure of him just last year. Which they can only do if he has a legends deal.
  10. ive been using the Unlock All thing so long, i don't even know if the original reason i used it, is still relevent. Originally in the old THQ days, some moves in moveset editor would be locked, until u unlocked the wrestler associated with the move.
  11. looks like my days of hitting "unlock all" are over
  12. im not sure i'd call Damian Lillard a celebrity. im a bball fan, and i barely know who that is. battlegrounds was sooo bad I hated how it looked in the reveal, but when i finally played it, i actually kinda liked the look of the game. Bobby Roode & Sting looked good. But the gameplay was drek If 2k revealed a DLC pack with Pee-Wee Herman, Trump, Bad Bunny & Steve-O.....it would be the talk of the internet for a whole week. Gaming media moves fast, so after a week they'd move on to the next thing. But the buzz around that would be big. Every site u went to would have an article on it. Every gaming podcast would talk about it...every youtuber would make a vid on it.
  13. ariana grande, will smith, timothy chalamet, tom hardy etc in Fortnite bruce willis, stallone in COD Warzone Arnold was in WWE 2k16 for seemingly no reason other than to promote that new terminator movie heck wasn't it EA who did the Def Jam games? which a big selling point was being able to be Snoop dogg and ludacris or whatever. And for better or worse celebs have a long storied tie-in with WWE. I would have no problem getting a Pete Rose in chicken costume, Bad Bunny, Gronk, Money Mayweather, Mr. T, LT, Trump, Steve-O or Pee Wee Herman pack. It wouldn't happen mostly because of how much it would cost to secure those deals. Not because its a bad idea, or wouldn't generate interest.
  14. yeh i was thinking WCW Rey should have a smaller model...but i fully expect there to just be one Rey body used for all eras. Even tho he's bigger now than he used to be. And from 2010-2015 he was actually pretty stocky for a time. But i think Hunter Hearst Helmsley and super jacked HHH all had the same body. They don't really change the models
  15. im def not expecting him to be in it. He's been removed from multiple WWE games. they gonna drag and drop his ass into the recycle bin
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