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  1. old link wouldn't update. So i made new one. Wouldn't let me edit the old thread. so just made new one. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d1drbi6d7h3ng33/AABavz0hxmLqNX7uZYwjwMoba?dl=0
  2. One positive im having rn. Is that where as i thought this might sour me further on playing 2k20. I guess my urge to play 2k20 was so low already....that its only up from here. Im actually feeling the opposite. I feel more motivated to play it since i know i have more time with it. Because before this news, i had barely played 2k20. I was unmotivated to do so by the glitches, roster and the fact that i keep running into things and thinking "why is this part of the game worse than it was in 2k19 or 2k18?" Before i could just be like screw it, i'll wait for the new game in a couple months and just forget 2k20 existed. But thats no longer an option. So im kinda excited to have a game i can invest some time in. Problem is the major crashes and glitches caused by changing a superstar attire. Is what gives me pause. I lost half an edited moveset the other day during a crash. And when i went to change Bray wyatts attire the back of his hair disappeared forever
  3. if ur not going to do Allstars 2, fine....but dont give me an Allstars knock off at the least. Im between a rock and a hard place. Because 2k20 is still very much broken and it seems they dont intend to fix it. But i can't go back to 2k19....since now 2k20 has a ton of moves from DLC that i'll be missing out on. And the fact that my 2k19 save corrupted (just like nearly every wwe 2k game does to me after a year). So i have no interest in starting over in that game. But i kinda hate playing 2k20.
  4. of all the games for them to leave us with. Why this one. This game crashes at least twice everytime i play it. Pretty fun working on something and having to back out and save every minute because u fear the game crashing again and losing ur creation progress.
  5. im still not used to the controls. Everything just seems more difficult...needlessly so. why is Limb Targeting like 3 buttons now. And why do u press the strike button for a grapple? im still not sure how to do a leverage pin. I've only been able to Chain Grapple once. Nothing seems natural. It all feels off to me. in the Southpaw tower against Nattie was a nightmare. The controls aren't good. Then u have the problem of the glitchiness of the game. The poor response time to controller input. The sluggishness in controlling ur character in general that feels like the game was made using PS1 Resident Evil tank controls, not to mention spotty collison detection and targeting. Having to do that many limb targeting moves and submissions to defeat nattie became such a chore. Took me 4 tries. WIth like 30-40 min matches the first 2 times, that i lost. I have no problem with difficulty. I actually prefer it in my wrestling games. But i want the difficulty to be fighting the actual enemy. Not fighting the control scheme and molasses like movement of the characters
  6. yes. Its much more playable. As far as crazy things wont happen anymore. But its still not that good. there are still a lot of issues with the game. Its still a frustrating experience to play. Just less so i guess. TBH i can barely bring myself to play it at this point. I would just completely ignore it and go back to 2k19. But my 2k19 save file corrupted recently. So im sol.
  7. just got the game. What i noticed last nite: - Fiends moveset went back to default after i edited - A.I gets stuck running at ropes in HIAC in certain situations - Can't scroll with triggers in create a moveset. It will skip from like H...to W - Trying to preview Ground Grapples in create a moveset...the lil A.I moveset dummies were just stuck - I get stuck in the pause menu and can't back out a lot
  8. i loved the eddie/lashley stuff interweaved into the apocalypto match.
  9. Shane got superkicked into the water again. They have to do a Hurricane cameo, right? is he legally allowed to even wear that stuff on TV?
  10. surprised WWE didn't scoop up ODB. She's at least an interesting character that they don't really have
  11. Senor Benjamin in the Ribera jacket Rockstars just happy to get booked
  12. quick google search says that Gilbert corsey is an actual news anchor....and a wrestling announcer
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