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    Metal: Heavy, Prog, Speed, Thrash, Groove, Death, NWOBHM, Alternative, Industrial.
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  1. This has started happening with me as well on Series X. Very dumb bug which wasn't happening before the 1.05 patch.
  2. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the whole game and that has fixed Online access for me. I'm guessing something was iffy with the patch install the first time around.
  3. Been unable to access CC for the last four days on Xbox Series X. Is anybody having luck on any other platforms today?
  4. Its a small thing, but I hate that if you create a custom superstar based on an in-game wrestler (which is NOT used as an alternate attire), you can no longer change all of their name information and you can't edit their ring announcer names as well. Such a stupid thing to leave out. Every year I make a custom gimmick/character using Tamina as a base, but instead of being able to call her "The Queen" Christy Akane, she is by unchangeable default, "The Superstar"... So until 2K fix this or add the option back in (unlikely), that character is a full CAW instead, which is sad because the face i've crafted is s***.
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