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    Randy Orton / AJ Lee
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    Future NCAA player.
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    Sure everybody knows by now.
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  1. @Chaz yes my son. @ziggy. The field trip of course. Though dreaming of JD ain't that bad.
  2. \o> #StupidKatieEmote that actually describes how i just woke up. sounds meh. spice it up with a flask and some jack Daniels.
  3. You know I'm straight bby. glad you had fun tho Was legitimately one of the best days of my life. I loved high school but I was so happy to be done.Same bruh. High school has been the shit but can't wait to leave. And yes I'll want to go back in 10 years blah blah
  4. I heard he's *censored*ing ripped now
  5. Yep. HS was fun as hell but can't wait for it to end Thong just chilling on the ground in our school hallway
  6. I wasn't being serious lol but yeah I'm just cruising now. Since I know I'll be going to any college.
  7. My last day was when I got my first acceptance letter. I only come here to make sure I graduate
  8. 16 people in my family beachouse for after prom is going to be a disaster.
  9. we dont really have senior week down here
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