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    Randy Orton / AJ Lee
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    Any Genre will do.
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    Future NCAA player.
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    Sure everybody knows by now.
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    Breaking Bad or Blue Mountain State
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    Football and Working out
  1. Houston goes Clowney And Then McCaron or Garropolo(kids a beast)
  2. There's loads this is said to be the deepest draft for wide receivers ever.
  3. Not sure how I feel about that
  4. Soap

    Baseball Thread

    Favorite players now a Yankee and a Ranger ;-; Honestly like somebody said Jay-Z did his favorite team a good job by not trying to force the Yanks to sign Cano. He wasn't going to screw over his favorite team. And I'll take Beltran at bat in October over Cano otc.
  5. Soap

    Baseball Thread

    One of my favorite baseball players traded to the Rangers and the other going to Most likely the Yankees D:
  6. Watched Silver Linings playbook with the GF. I love J law but that shit was boring af.
  7. Soap

    Baseball Thread

    But werent you a....Oh *Censored* it. Decided to show cardinal spirit with my avatar and wearing my cardinal apparel to school this week. Lost three straight games. Im bad luck.
  8. Surprised this thread doesn't have more activity. That R Kelly song MY story I think is really *censored*ing catchy.
  9. Cause all Canadians are nice. Trevor is not so nice.
  10. Soap

    Baseball Thread

    I *censored*ING LOVE YOU BELTRAN.
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