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  1. Per Regal on Twitter... Kross/Escobar is now No DQ, suspended/stripped of title still applies to Escobar if he no-shows.
  2. Zoey teamed with Marina, PK & Elayna (Gigi/Cora) were paired.
  3. Dusty Classic participants revealed https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/article/the-dusty-rhodes-tag-team-classic-returns-for-2021 Though I only count 11 teams, 5 more for 16?
  4. Don't forget SD on FS1 tonight as Fox has the Pac-12 championship game, followed by a special Talking Smack.
  5. SD this week will be on FS1 (Fox has MLB World Series Game 3)
  6. Don't really think that counts as the glitch more so as someone didn't spell check Caught the Rhea typo when I unlocked it myself - Drew's name is misspelled in one of the subtitles (during the Best of 5 between Tre/Drew) - PS4
  7. Hanson. Rowe. War Raiders. No they had a Takeover crowd shot. Ricochet - Takeover New Orleans, I believe EC3 as well. War Raiders debuted on the NXT after one of the TOs (Brooklyn IV?), crashing a match.
  8. The Iron match was Takeover: Respect, not Brooklyn. Brooklyn was their first match.
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