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  1. Dusty Classic participants revealed https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/article/the-dusty-rhodes-tag-team-classic-returns-for-2021 Though I only count 11 teams, 5 more for 16?
  2. Don't forget SD on FS1 tonight as Fox has the Pac-12 championship game, followed by a special Talking Smack.
  3. SD this week will be on FS1 (Fox has MLB World Series Game 3)
  4. Another round per today's Talking Smack
  5. I question the following names Bobby (not Robert) Roode Baron (not King?) Corbin Curtis Axel (no longer with, released late?) Rowan (same deal) Gallows/Anderson (same deal, signed elsewhere) (Mustafa?) Ali Cactus/Mankind, no Dude Love? Why only Rhea from NXT?
  6. Don't really think that counts as the glitch more so as someone didn't spell check Caught the Rhea typo when I unlocked it myself - Drew's name is misspelled in one of the subtitles (during the Best of 5 between Tre/Drew) - PS4
  7. Hanson. Rowe. War Raiders. No they had a Takeover crowd shot. Ricochet - Takeover New Orleans, I believe EC3 as well. War Raiders debuted on the NXT after one of the TOs (Brooklyn IV?), crashing a match.
  8. The Iron match was Takeover: Respect, not Brooklyn. Brooklyn was their first match.
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