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  1. I mentioned I'd like to see an see something with option C last night on the 2k forum. If you take away originals and the bugs, it's quite a decent game. If they hadn't bothered with originals and gave us the normal DLC of years gone, we'd have a pretty much complete up-to-date roster, and could have canceled 2k21 and worked on 2k22 on next gen.
  2. Twitter have put their tin foil hats on and someone has started a Braun Vs Goldberg rumour. After his outburst last week, keep the title on old Bill.
  3. Have Cena and the Fiend go on night one, winner faces Goldberg on night 2. Put the title on either of them, Reigns and Goldberg can go at the next Saudi show. No to Riddle, don't do that to him.
  4. https://twitter.com/BRWrestling/status/1243356776809955329?s=19 So Roman Vs Goldberg is off. Apparently Roman doesn't feel comfortable anymore because of his leukemia, completely understandable. Just call Wrestlemania off,bits getting sad now. How do you embed tweets?
  5. It's mad how a company barely a year old got this situation so right, but a company that's been the most dominant for what maybe 4 decades? Doesn't seem to have a clue, if just one person could make this situation work it'd be Vince. I hope AEW can keep this up and I hope WWE can find a solution because I really don't see the point in watching at the moment, and without football, I need my wrestling.
  6. The Exalted One is going to go places. Didn't realise he could talk so well, loved the shot at Vince too, it was deserved tbf.
  7. Just downloaded the DLC Can't play this DLC, it's absolutely awful, what ever moves are locked are staying that way, which I shouldn't have to unlock anyway, but here we are. Whoever thought this was a good idea hasn't a clue and shouldn't be allowed near the series again. What in the hell made me think of getting the deluxe edition? I'd love to slap me from October 2019 right now.
  8. His first match in 9 years and Edge is gonna wrestle in front of no one. I feel sad af.
  9. There was this teeny, tiny, miniscule part of me that hoped in the patch they added Walter, Kushida or something like that, like they've done in the past with entrances. I hope there's some good moves in this pack, because it's going to be the only good thing about this pack.
  10. DLC is coming tomorrow. #WWE2K20 Patch 1.08 is now available. WWE 2K20 Originals: Empire of Tomorrow is coming March 13th! Get a look into the future: https://t.co/3NOk3p2ZdD https://t.co/9AODIFKxdN
  11. Was really expecting something along the lines of; Jericho, MJF, Guevara, Hager & Pac Vs Moxley, Cody Allin, Dustin & Omega. Still cool though.
  12. Of all the places to put that tat and he put it on his neck, it really doesn't look like a neck piece to me. Wouldn't be bad if it was on his back or arm.
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