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  1. I am having the same issue except mine is Hollywood Hogan and Ribbie I wish I knew the issue as I have both unlocked
  2. I am having the same issue except mine is Hollywood Hogan and Ribbie I wish I knew the issue as I have both unlocked
  3. Hopefully They never said that, but that means nothing. Though, if we don't get it we will still have people complaining how we were lied to, because people just assume we get it tomorrow. Usually up around the time RAW ends. I think I got all dlc like midnight est.
  4. On xbox one anytime I go to download in community creations I get 2 searches before my game boots me to xbox live main page.
  5. Movie starts in about 4 hours here. So ready for this.
  6. IDW announced that they plan on doing a crossover coming between The Ghostbusters and TMNT. I have not read a comic of Ghostbusters ever and have not read a TMNT since I was VERY little, but it interests me. Huge fan of both's TV and Movies so I will check it out likely.
  7. I am curious if Sub Zero is Sub Zero or a successor. He did die in MK9 so it could be another Lin Kei(sp). Also curious if Kotal is the big baddy or if maybe it is Shinnok. I also really hope Sujinko is nowhere in this game could not stand the character.
  8. Curious if the Superior Spider-Man series was any good. I wanted to check it out, but Amazon only has volume 5 available right now volumes 1 - 4 are like 2-4 weeks shipping. They have volume 1 on Kindle which I have, but I feel like this is one of those books I would want a physical copy of not digital. Barnes and Noble seem to have all 5 available at a good price so I was wondering if the story is worth picking up when I get paid. I might stop by my local book store on pay day too, but they are not real good with keeping things up to date. It takes them forever to get stuff in.
  9. Newer one would be Green Lantern: the End. Last of Johns work on it and the little epilogue at the end was really well wrote. Crisis on Infinite Earths comes to mind the death of Supergirl was heartwrenching. I got a job where I have a decent amount of free time so I started to collect Graphic Novels so I can read at work. I was vaguely familiar with Barry Allen before reading the book afterwards I made it a point to get most stuff with him in it. The Death of Superman was a big one for me. I got it a couple weeks after it came out I was like 10 or 11 years old and I remember crying when I read it. I have the original somewhere, but I got a new one recently and it still gets me sort of misty eyed to read it. It is like the scene from the 80's Transformers movie where Optimus Prime dies it just is something from my childhood that was big for me.
  10. DC Villians Omnibus comes out Dec 17. I am freaking excited. I only wound up getting one issue during the month ( Joker ), but their were so many I wanted I felt it was better to wait.
  11. Has DC annouced if they are doing a Villians Month Omnibus or some sort of collection? I was able to pick up Joker today haven't read it yet though.
  12. Anyone know where to pick up some flannel. Got Trevor with the mullet and the long beard, but feel like he is lacking something and I feel a flannel shirt will complete him. Also want to get a bandana to wear as Franklin. My Mike I got perfect. Black suit, nice shoes, and sunglasses with the grown out hair and unshaven (not goatee, but not full on bearded) look.
  13. I just heard that Agent Orange aka Larfleeze got his own series recently. I really liked the character he was one of my favorites on the run up to Blackest Night. Has anyone had the chance to check the series out?
  14. Read a handful of stuff this weekend. The Flash: Move Forward was okay. Superman: Last Son I enjoyed the storyline, but did not care for the art. Surprised that the two volumes of Aquaman after the New 52 were so good. Loved how instead of trying to make him a super BA and not acknowledge the way people view the character they acknowledged and have the character sort of trying to shake the stigma despite people treating him like a second or third class hero. I also have second volume of Justice League and the first volume of Teen Titans after new 52 plus Superman: Brainiac to read. I am sort of debating on if I want to get Batman: No Man's Land or not.
  15. Dude! Flash is my favorite DC character... I'd recommend : Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen by Geoff Johns (To really understand it, however, you need to read Identity Crisis; which ties into it. If you haven't read Identity Crisis... stop what you are doing, go out and get it now. It is one of the most emotional and well told DC stories ever written) Flash: Terminal Velocity Those are all great reads... Two deal with Wally West, but tie in with Barry Allen perfectly. I'm in love with the New 52 Flash series... You could check out that current run. Both graphic novels should be out shortly. I already have Rebirth and loved it. Thanks for the recommendations I will look into them. I just bought a copy of the first Justice League graphic novel after the start of New 52 so I have something to read tomorrow and I get paid Friday so I will likely use that to get me some Flash and Green Lantern.
  16. I do not know why, but I am starting to get interested in The Flash can anyone recommend any good Flash graphic novels. I have Rebirth. I would also prefer Barry Allen as Flash, but will accept Wally and Bart as well.
  17. Thinking of getting the first two volumes of Green Lantern after the start of the new 52. I think they are Sinestro and Return of the Black Hand or something to that effect. Anyone want to go yay or nay on if that was a good idea.
  18. How was Emperor Joker? I have heard about it and it seems interesting, but have not decided if I want it yet. Also where did you get it?
  19. Sweet, cheers dude. I wanted to get it last year, but I didn't have enough. If they have it this year, I'll probably get it. I haven't read any recent comics, but I really want to get some old-school Batman storylines and one-shot comics. Ones like The Long Halloween, The Killing Joke, Joker, Batman: Nine Lives, and The Dark Knight Returns. No problem. All the comics you listed there are worth a read, some brilliant stories. Would also recommend Year One, Dark Victory, Arkham Asylum, Black Mirror and Hush. Yeah I was considering a few of those titles. What's Dark Victory about? I want to also get some Superman comics, but aside from The Death Of Superman and Reign of Doomsday, I don't know of any. Also, can anyone tell me if Blackest Night is a good storyline? I enjoyed Blackest Night as well. It is pretty cool to read. Especially if you read some of the backstory that went through GL since Rebirth to that point with the other lanterns. Dark Victory is basically a sequel to Long Halloween and Year One a lot of the same characters appear (the living Falcone family members are a big part of this one like in Long Halloween.) along with Penguin and Freeze getting some face time in. We also get to see the debut of Robin. The plot revolves around a new killer named Hangman killing current and former cops, with a calling card of leaving a Hangman game. I will not say I liked it as much as Long Halloween, but it was a great way to expand on the the story that was set out before in the afformentioned Long Halloween and Year One. Has the same feel as the other two books the gangsters with tommyguns almost noirish type Batman.
  20. LOL I saw that this morning and my jaw dropped. I thought it would be gone for good, but I get to keep my Walking Dead fix.
  21. I saw Carnage in the USA at a book store the other day and was wondering if I should get it. I am looking for good stuff to read and I am a HUGE fan of the Carnage character. Stupid question time Has the Minimum Carnage event started yet? I want to check it out. I also plan on picking up Batman 13 this week it will be the first non-graphic novel style comic I have bought since I was a little kid. I am wanting to get back into comics and am going to try out Green Lantern and Batman at first then might move on to something else.
  22. I might be picking it up this week sometime. If I still have the cash left I pay my bills I plan on getting that and Court of Owls. I should be getting a nice check tomorrow and am hoping I have the money. Being broke is not fun at at.
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