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  1. I am having the same issue except mine is Hollywood Hogan and Ribbie I wish I knew the issue as I have both unlocked
  2. I am having the same issue except mine is Hollywood Hogan and Ribbie I wish I knew the issue as I have both unlocked
  3. I was hoping for some new submissions added like Matt Riddle's Twister, but good stuff. I was curious what was coming, because we have got a lot of big moves in recent years.
  4. At least I know I am not the only one
  5. Hopefully They never said that, but that means nothing. Though, if we don't get it we will still have people complaining how we were lied to, because people just assume we get it tomorrow. Usually up around the time RAW ends. I think I got all dlc like midnight est.
  6. On xbox one anytime I go to download in community creations I get 2 searches before my game boots me to xbox live main page.
  7. Any word on preload yet? Assuming soon with some people being able to play Friday
  8. Wonder what all NJPW moves we have coming then. I think read v trigger, but what else? GTR for Goto? Suzuki style Cradle Piledriver? Spinning Tombstone since Okada has done it a few times Scissored Dragon Sleeper? Rope Grapple OsCutter? Hoverboard Lock?
  9. Which are you syncing from? I had the same issue when syncing from the cloud, but went to from the system and it worked fine.
  10. Pretty much my reaction after checking the xbox live store. Next week maybe.
  11. PS4 or XBOX ONE? I got a good one for the ine yesterday
  12. Really hope so. Though they have not made any mention of it in Twitter or Facebook as of this post so possibly not.
  13. Did it delete the Phenomenal Forearm 2 also? Not sure if it was part of the dlc or the patch.
  14. I am hoping for a grounded rear naked choke for Joe. I am hoping the next 2 DLC packs have some nice tag moves in them. I have not watched too much BAM, but they have to have a tag finisher so I hope for that. I know Harlem Heat had some great moves in the day. Would love to see the Big Apple Blast (bearhug/sidekick combo) or the Heat Seaker (doomsday dropkick). I also hope we get a new guillotine choke with Larry Z
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