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  1. Omega to defeat Okada in the G1 and then challenge Okada one last time at King of Pro Wrestling seeing that they will each have won a match at that point. Omega then loses. Eventually he starts building a feud with Cody for WK12
  2. But imagine if he does win. Everyone else will be in trouble.
  3. Bold move Jeb. High risk, high reward.
  4. MY PREDICTIONS: Seth Rollins Big Cass The Bar - Sheamus & Cesaro (3-2) The Miz Roman Reigns Alexa Bliss Neville Brock Lesnar
  5. That's saying something considering the year those other two have had. I think this year was the first where I really started appreciating how good Okada really is. Hiromu has been on fire since returning home. Definitely a much needed breath of fresh air in the Jr division.
  6. Naito only dropped that belt because he will win the G1 IMO. There is so much history to draw upon there. Naito won the G1 heading into WK8, pushed as a babyface main eventer that failed to get over. Eventually NJPW did a fan poll where it was decided that people wanted to see the IWGP Intercontinental championship match between Nakamura and Tanahashi main event over Okada vs Naito. In that respect it makes so much sense that Naito treated the IC belt the way he did - he holds a grudge against it. Naito's demeanour then slowly changed into the lovable, ungovernable belt destroying man we all know today. Then at WK10 Okada beats 'The Ace of NJPW' Hiroshi Tanahashi in what can be considered a passing of the torch. At WK11 Naito beats Tanahashi as well, accomplishing the same feat as Okada. A WK12 vindication will be upon us as Naito finally gets his rightful main event match against Okada.
  7. Oh my... Didn't expect that to happen. I think I'll play along next time too. I have a good feeling about this.
  8. I'll try my hand at this: Hype Bros Naomi New Day Mahal Carmella Baron Corbin
  9. Oh, he is definitely beating Juice in the first round. They want to keep ZSJ strong for the G1
  10. Or that she wants people to commit arsonry
  11. Well, as long as you can live with the subpar graphics then I think you will enjoy it. It has unprecedented A.I. logic options that makes the wrestlers play individually.
  12. It will be fully English translated as far as I am aware. FPR was too.
  13. To me the NEVER 3 Man title is an opportunity waiting to happen. To many people (including the English announcers) it has been relegated to a joke simply because of how frequent it changes hands, but what if a team were to hold it for a long time? I would love nothing more than for a team like LIJ to manage to hold on to it until Wrestle Kingdom 12 or so. It would be a major push to both the team and the titles.
  14. I mean, there is a chance he would put over death, he is a promising new talent after all, and it would certainly give Death a rub. Tana would probably kick out at two anyway. *High Energy blasts at full volume*
  15. Oh damn! You gave me a scare there Penguin! For a second I thought Tanahashi had died! Sucks about his theme though, it's pretty awesome.
  16. Yeah true, I guess. Anyway, Sydal had a good thing going and ruined it.
  17. This is 100% on Sydal. Japan has a very strict policy towards all drugs and Sydal chose to ignore it. And as a little bonus info: He couldn't not have known. Ever visitor to Japan has to tell if he/she has been convicted for anything before in their life as well as to fill out 2 sheets of paper where they declare that they don't carry drugs with them. It's standard procedure when visiting Japan
  18. There is a "translate this whole page" option, so it's easy to use. Event wise I believe that I traced it back to at least the early '00's if not further back. I enjoy their service and the quirky translations the site makes, such as: NEVER Indiscriminate Championship Trent Valetta and Rack Rock Rale EDIT: Video material goes back to the company's inception in the early seventies.
  19. I enjoy it. You get all the content they release including old events too.
  20. @Bushy Almas has begun wearing the LI logo (or something similar) on some of his entrance gear.
  21. Definitely one of the best games of the entire franchise as a whole. However Megaman 3 will always be my favourite.
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