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  1. I guess 18 is okay considering I wasn't there for the entirety of the season Summerslam and Takeover went abysmal for me though.
  2. Brooklyn: Black Gargano AOP Ember Moon McIntyre SummerSlam: Jordan/Hardys Tozawa New Day Balor Corbin Orton Rollins & Ambrose Big Cass Alexa Bliss Naomi Nakamura Styles Lesnar
  3. I don't think it is a priority in Early Access. It will probably be just before the proper release of the game.
  4. @GMP I thought the coup de grace taunt happened when you won strike battles late into the match? Anyway, I highly recommend that you use a PS4 or X-box controller. The PS4 controller is even plug and play.
  5. Ernez: https://www.reddit.com/r/firepro/comments/6pnvof/ye_be_weary_there_be_spoilers_here/?st=J5UA5SRP&sh=fb980b2d Some folks have datamined the game
  6. Read my re edited post Added spoiler tags if people want to be surprised.
  7. I saw on Reddit that they are preparing an update that will include:
  8. It appears that my score is in a resthold right now.
  9. Just to make sure, I think you should register the controller in Steam settings.
  10. Shinsuke Nakamura John Cena Charlotte (Tamina, Nattie, Lana, Becky) The Usos (New Day will get their third Summerslam moment next month) AJ Styles Jinder Mahal Tye Dillinger Sami Zayn
  11. Have you registered the controller in Steam settings?
  12. I know right? And you can even plug and play with a second controller and play it with a friend. It's great fun!
  13. I enjoy it a lot so far! Been playing it all day with my PS4 controller fully compatible. Those 4 vs 4 matches are madness though.
  14. It will be released, but not until at a later point.
  15. In Early Access on Steam yes. All other releases are on hold as of now
  16. Omega to defeat Okada in the G1 and then challenge Okada one last time at King of Pro Wrestling seeing that they will each have won a match at that point. Omega then loses. Eventually he starts building a feud with Cody for WK12
  17. But imagine if he does win. Everyone else will be in trouble.
  18. Bold move Jeb. High risk, high reward.
  19. MY PREDICTIONS: Seth Rollins Big Cass The Bar - Sheamus & Cesaro (3-2) The Miz Roman Reigns Alexa Bliss Neville Brock Lesnar
  20. That's saying something considering the year those other two have had. I think this year was the first where I really started appreciating how good Okada really is. Hiromu has been on fire since returning home. Definitely a much needed breath of fresh air in the Jr division.
  21. Naito only dropped that belt because he will win the G1 IMO. There is so much history to draw upon there. Naito won the G1 heading into WK8, pushed as a babyface main eventer that failed to get over. Eventually NJPW did a fan poll where it was decided that people wanted to see the IWGP Intercontinental championship match between Nakamura and Tanahashi main event over Okada vs Naito. In that respect it makes so much sense that Naito treated the IC belt the way he did - he holds a grudge against it. Naito's demeanour then slowly changed into the lovable, ungovernable belt destroying man we all know today. Then at WK10 Okada beats 'The Ace of NJPW' Hiroshi Tanahashi in what can be considered a passing of the torch. At WK11 Naito beats Tanahashi as well, accomplishing the same feat as Okada. A WK12 vindication will be upon us as Naito finally gets his rightful main event match against Okada.
  22. Oh my... Didn't expect that to happen. I think I'll play along next time too. I have a good feeling about this.
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