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  1. It is still so damn weird that Io Shirai’s moonsault doesn’t work.

    Furthermore using any Bump in The Night related crowd signs will restrict people who don’t have “DLC Pack 10” from downloading your caw.

    Apparently some people on Reddit couldn’t download my caw because of this. I defaulted move-sets and everything, but turns out it was the ‘Bump’ crowd signs that did it.

  2. 4 hours ago, El Marsh said:

    ^thought it was just me with the cheek morphing

    I think middle cheek morphing still works to some degree but upper and lower sliders didn't show a difference, at least that I saw

    I had a random crash when I accessed movesets for the first time. I had gone from CAS, to CAE, to CAV, and on to movesets when the latter crashed. A report and restart later and it worked fine. Don't know why it would have done so but I hope it doesn't happen again. I hate movesets enough without having that added discouragement lol.

    Happened to me as well with create a move set after fooling around in CAS

  3. I mean, he didnt exactly change it drastically did he? He still looked as bland as he did before.


    I personally cant remember a change, but if thats true then he didnt do a good enough job.

    Nah.. He wasnt much of a peacock.


    First attire (2014): The dark blue with white patterns from his KENTA days


    Second attire 2014-17: Kawada esque black and yellow shorts and kickpads that he debuted at R:Evolution


    Third attire 2017-19: Black shorts with a simple brown trim and logo

  4. As long as he shaves that godawful bleached goatee, then I am all for it.


    Rumors circulating that Omega has chosen AEW over WWE. If true, not surprised. Happy for him!

    Honestly I am not surprised. It makes a lot of sense. He is a Japanese citizen and is unlikely to leave Japan. I imagine that his commitments with AEW will allow him to stay in Japan for the majority of the time. I only see Omega becoming a big event/PPV attraction with a very limited schedule.

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