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  1. Yeah I remember when Mustacio used to do Caws. I always looked forward to his, WolfgangJT and a few others.
  2. Nah. Near enough. Or someone coming back saying YO WHERE ALL THE OLD MEMBERS AT CAWS USED TO BE COOL MAN BACK IN THE DAY etc. Nah.
  3. Im bored as *censored* so to ring in the new year, i'm wondering who's left from the old school days of CAWS.ws when the site was like this and they were just moving over from the SCA proboards. Crazy that its what, 7 years or so since the change. Time flies. So who's out there? Any fond memories? I'll never forget the RAH RAH fight the POWAH outrage. Good times.
  4. Thought they both did good. Pretty good fight.
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