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  1. 4 more days!!! Hoping to see these after I get off work Thursday night.
  2. Same. Personally best anime of I've ever seen. Are you starting from the beginning or are you up into the hundreds?
  3. Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair
  4. Just heard about that not too long ago. Out for the whole season with a torn ACL, I feel bad for the guy.
  5. I didn't really like that much. Personally for it to be a season finale, I just felt like I watching a regular episode.
  6. Nick Fairley signs with Rams and Darren McFadden signed with the Cowboys.
  7. Along with Frank Gore, Andre Johnson has signed with the Colts. DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews both signed with Eagles. Antonio Cromartie has signed with the Jets. Brandon Browner has signed with the Saints.
  8. If I was in Frank's position, I would be too. It's too much shit going on in that organization that would shake my confidence in signing with the team. I think if he does go to Indy, I can already see them giving Richardson his walking papers. 49ers G Mike Lupati maybe heading to the Cardinals. Texan's release Andre Johnson. Patriot's deciding not to pick up option in Revis' contract, will become free agent tomorrow. Maybe heading back to the Jets.
  9. With Philly giving up McCoy I can see them trying to get MG3 during the draft.
  10. Josh McCown signed a 3 year deal with the Cleveland Browns.
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