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  1. WELL its that time of year again, fantasy draft season! Just did two out of my three fantasy drafts so far. Opinions appreciated 12 Team Standard QB:Cam Newton RB; Demarco Murray RB: Melvin Gordon WR: Dez Bryant WR: DeSean Jackson TE: Jimmy Graham Flex: Vincent Jackson Rams D/ST K: Adam Vinateri Bench Tevin Coleman Shane Vereen Kendall Wright Davonte Adams Dernard Robinson Owen Daniels Jamies Winston 10 Team Standard QB:Matt Ryan RB; C.J. Anderson RB: Justin Forsett WR: Jordy Nelson WR: T.Y. Hilton TE: Martellus Bennett Flex: Joseph Randle Panthers D/ST (Playing Jacksonville Week 1) K: Stephen Gostkowski Bench Andre Johnson Giovanni Bernard Nelson Agholor Darren McFadden Eric Decker Eric Ebron Sam Bradford
  2. Holy shit your dumb I'm not even a Pats fan and I think this is dumb. There have been so many worse things that go with out suspension, way worse than a deflated football Holy shit your dumb You're* And thank you
  3. For starters, Didn't Blount rush for like 200 yards and 3 TD's in that game? I'm not saying they should get a pass for cheating but for gods sake give it a rest. Brady literally is a fall guy, they have no definitive evidence that he was even involved yet the League just responds to what the media wants for punishment. This is the epitome as to why people hate the commissioner and the league rules. There have been domestic violence cases that have gone without suspension yet you want to fine an organization, take away draft picks, and suspend one of the best QB's in the league for a deflated football? Give me a break.
  4. On deflate gate: Pats still won by 40. On the draft, I liked what the Eagles did although they do need a lineman. Aglohor should be a great player for Chip and I also liked Rowe in the second round
  5. Trent Dilfer has a ring. So maybe playoff success isn't the best factor to determine who's a good QB.
  6. Yes, Tebow has a playoff win but what happened the next round? He got *censored*ing smacked by like 50 points by the Patriots. I don't care if he has a playoff win, that doesn't make him great. There are a million quarter backs that don't have a playoff win that are better than Tebow. His post season win is irrelevant
  7. Reastically, he isn't a bad QB 3 but the problem is going to be how much they are going to talk about him
  8. ESPN will take it upon themselves to start talking about him. As soon as the Eagles lose one game there's going to be talks about playing him.
  9. ^ YAY. More of a media circus in Philly... *smh*
  10. Their name is the Browns for god sake. On the trial. He got what he deserved but I also agree that it is very sad that someone can mess up their life that much. I usually have sympathy for people who fall right into money but you need to know how to better yourself
  11. ^ Chip Kelly said OBJ was his main target for the 2014 draft. Hopefully he has a similar target for this year
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUaSYOrIw4U They argued it the best on First Take. He's a smart QB but he simply CAN NOT throw the football. No team in their right mind would take him as a starter when he can't even throw a spiral. He may of had his clutch moments but you can't bank on the fact that you will always be in a winning situation at the end of the game. You need a consistent player from start to finish and Tebow simply is not consistent.
  13. Thats just blind fanboy right there. There is no way if Bradford is healthy that Tebow is better then him. 1. When is Bradford ever healthy? 2. The Eagles run the read option which fits Tim Tebow much better than Bradford or Sanchez. He'd have the Eagles be the #1 rushing team in the league like he did in Denver. (Didn't he win a Playoff game there? Whens the last time Bradford did that?) Come on...even a Tebow Hater could see that Tebow would be a perfect fit in that offense. Maybe in a Wildcat offense he'd be successful, but anyone that watches the Eagles knows that an accurate QB works better in the system. Foles is not a very mobile QB and he had tremendous success in first year, and fairly decent in the first half of this year
  14. Or, ya know, we could've just not traded the QB we already had. I would much rather have Bradford or Sanchez over Tebow....with that being said, I'd rather have Foles than either of them
  15. If the Jets land Cecil that would be a pretty damn good receiving corps. Still waiting on the Eagles to sign a receiver too
  16. So apparently Demarco Murray is flying to Philly today with intention to sign a contract and Ryan Matthews has not officially signed yet. Love the Demarco signing even though I feel LeSean was a better system fit, Murray should still be able to produce in Chip's offense. Can't seem to keep scratching my head on the Bradford deal though, I just don't think hes better than Foles and we gave up more for him
  17. Sure do.. but wouldn't Nick Foles interest the Jets more then Sam Bradford would? I don't see how they could possibly trade up without numerous first round picks.. Chip Kelly def backed himself into a corner. My thoughts exactly, not to mention we gave up more picks for Bradford. I really wish I knew what was going on
  18. Now the Eagles need mariota.... I really have no idea what is going on
  19. OMG now Maclin is leaving, the Eagles are so screwed it's unreal. We need offense now and I don't mean Mariota. Truthfully, its not I don't trust Mariota but its what we will have to give up to get him. Chip is valueing his college system too much and its going to screw the Eagles over. Really all they had to do was fix their secondary and they add a few more offensive pieces and they would have been golden but now it looks like they are cleaning shop
  20. Thats the thing, Its not like were just getting rid of players, were getting rid of players who are in their prime and just had career years. Shady is not going to be replaceable he makes chips offense so hard to stop
  21. Terrible. I've been telling my friend, Chip Kelly is treating the Eagles like a college team... This system just wont work in the NFL. How are you going to get rid of your two best offensive players in 2 years? Do you know how much better that team would have been with DeSean Jackson still on the team last year? Now we just give away arguably the best RB in the NFL for an injured linebacker, who yes is good, but we don't know how hes going to play. On top of that you want to trade away our starting QB for ANOTHER Oregon player. I love Chip as a coach but for the love of god GET *censored*ING RID OF HIM AS PLAYER PERSONNEL
  22. Peterson won't command a big money deal. Some teams may offer a lot but I don't see him getting more than 5-7
  23. I would like to see Sanchez go to Buffalo I think he'd work well there. Really hope the Eagles can make a move in free agency and I swear if they don't address their secondary in the first round of the draft I will be pissed
  24. Seems like Tampa is interested in him. I hope so. I would not want the Birds to trade away Foles on Mariota, it's not that I don't think he'll be good, but the Eagles offense does not need help. Their defense is what makes them lose games
  25. If the Eagles trade up to get Mariota and don't address their secondary I will be livid.
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