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  1. This wasn't it, at least in my opinion. From what I've seen from Cody, he has yet to deliver in any meaningful way since leaving WWE. But I can't deny that the crowd was really hot for him. I just don't see it, I guess. I checked this show because I haven't seen ROH in a while, and I left it thinking that I made a good choice in not watching it regularly anymore. The feeling of the product is just not for me anymore, and I can't shake away from how lackluster the overall talent is compared to years past.
  2. Well, not every thing is about main eventers. These guys will establish different levels of credibility, I think. EVIL in my opinion is a nice midcarder, and doesn't have much more upside than that, but the G1 will make him more credible of a threat and consolidate him. Yoshi-Hashi is going from perennial jobber to upset win guy, now with his SANADA story. Maybe they double down on that on G1 having him escape with a win or two. Fale is estabilished already, he's the monster that can beat anyone on any given night. But of all these entrants, the guy I'm really anticipating is Tama Tonga, who I find highly entertaining. Granted, that tag title run left a sour taste in my mouth, but I'm still not out yet on him. I like his overall potential and think he can be an upper mid carder for years for NJPW. I think they realized the tag team with his less than average brother wasn't doing Tonga any favors, which is why they pulled the plug on it so quickly, and why they included only him on the field. I look forward to see him try to regain his mojo on the G1.
  3. I'm tired of predcting Shibata. I'll still root for him, but I'm tired of predicting it. Keep in mind that the G1 winner gets the title shot at Wrestle Kingdom. My feeling is that NJPW will want to do IngoberNaito vs. Okada III there. There's many ways to get there of course, but I would say the most likely scenario now is that either Okada wins G1 again, or he beats the winner on one of those G1 title shot defenses they have towards the Road to Wrestle Kingdom. Or maybe Naito loses the title at Dominion and then, same scenario but for him instead of Okada. But those two winning are the most likely, I would say. Tana not being in that ladder match just sucks. It loses like 80% of it's appeal with Elgin there instead, as I'm also not the greatest Omega fan (I like him, just has yet to stand out with the Heavyweights IMO) Meanwhile Ibushi really out there getting slapped by Inoki and working for Wrestle-1 smh
  4. I've seen a lot of guys hating on the match. Talking about how it was just moves for moves sake. Even Vader did it. And I hate that style of wrestling. But this was not that. Don't listen to those people. Disregard Vader. Watch this match if you haven't.
  5. I feel for Tana not being able to rest more like he was supposed to, but also, I always wanted to see him in a ladder match. Him being a fan of Shawn Michaels, I'm pretty sure he also likes the concept, too. And yeah, because NJPW does this so sparingly, the novelty of the match itself should help sell out Dominion on the Osaka-Jo Hall, a pretty big and important venue for them. PS.: And now for something completely different... I was never the biggest Cody Rhodes fan, but I think he could do well in NJPW if he ever wants to go there. And I'm not a fan of bringing too many WWE rejects into the fray, either. But Cody is an adaptable wrestler if there ever was one, and a crisp worker. I would love for him to challenge for the NEVER belt.
  6. And apparently Matt Jackson broke his hand, too. He also might be out of BOSJ.
  7. 1. Mostly. In many ways, Goto's like Reigns in reverse. People hate Reigns because he wins all the time. People hate Goto because he's chokes the big match all the time. Really, it's past underdog status the ammount of times he lost the big one. 2. Mostly a Naito town, but yeah, Naito grew a lot, too. He added a "CM Punk, speak up against the bosses in a very shoot-like way" wrinkle to his general disinterested character. Not a case of Okada losing steam at all. Naito just arrived that day.
  8. I laughed for a solid two minutes while watching the match, only for the standard "Ospreay doesn't care for your Frankensteiner" spot to reel me back in. This was in my opinion his most compelling performance, which is no surprise. New Japan's producers have a way of making people who can be a little spot-monkey-ish to really buy into their style. Happened with Elgin, Davey Richards, even Young Bucks, and so on. And once you add NJPW's logical way of putting matches to Ospreay's obvious gifts (athletic ability, fire, being an amazing seller when he wants to), it seemed obvious to me he would thrive. NJPW really was the best thing for his career IMO.
  9. I would put the title on Lio Rush without hesitation. Time for ROH to do something bold, and the kid is talented. Hey, Okada got the title when no one thought he deserved it, and look at him now.
  10. NJPW has that style too especially in Jr. Heavyweight tag matches, but NJPW and ROH matches tend to be VERY different. And you need only to look at Michael Elgin's performance in both companies and compare his style before and after NJPW to spot the differences. Elgin greatly benefited from being restrained to NJPW's style. Same as Davey Richards, Ricochet and many imports before. As for Tanahashi going after Lethal's belt... ROH would be crazy not to put the belt on Tana if he wants it. But I won't watch that match. The prospect of Tanahashi, one of the smartest, most logically sound wrestlers ever, having to sell a Lethal Injection gives me the creeps.
  11. Well... Kota sure has enough star power and ability that he can do the Freelance thing and still be relevant. Plus, the double booking would obviously end up taking it's toll... But you gotta believe NJPW isn't thrilled about this. He figured to be a huge part of their future and now, they might not be able to count on him as much. I truly believed he would Okada's main rival in the future. By the way, Ishii's quotes... so funny. AND they sound like the truth, to be honest. There's no one in ROH that I believe as a challenger to Ishii. AND ROH's main eventers still don't hold a candle to NJPW's. Although, of course, someone surely will take that title away from him soon enough when he goes to USA.
  12. I wish Jimmy Havoc was on Best of Super Juniors instead of Ospreay who probably will.
  13. LOL It takes time its not gonna change right away after two shows. It takes time for a major overhaul, but if they're saying it's gonna be a new identity, you better see some changes on the first shows, and not just being the same show plus a new announcer and a new network. You CAN rebrand yourself with immediate effect, if you plan it right and don't do it on the fly as they seemingly did. I'm sure Ranallo did his research but I bet he also had a good team behind him that helped bring him up to speed on all of different characters and storylines. A lot of people seemed really disappointed in Ross's Wrestle Kingdom commentary. Considering it was the first time they ever attempted doing english commentary like that, I thought they did a pretty good job. I expect Ross to sound much better on these taped episodes though. And if he ever does do a live pay-per-view again, he won't have the issues that he had the first time because he'll be familiar with all of the wrestlers, moves, and stories. I'm not a big fan of the commentary Kevin Kelly has been doing for ROH in recent years, but I thought he and Striker did a good job in NJPW, particularly with the part where Bullet Club turned on AJ at New Year's Dash. Kevin Kelly did a solid job on WK and New Year's Dash. I have a love/hate relationship with Striker. I love his passion, but hate his smartass-isms. I'm sure Ranallo had a production team, but I'm not sure if it was a good one that provided him everything he needed, or a bad one that he had to outperform with his own knowledge. I hope is the former, but given that the show's not even produced by AXS, I don't really know. Ross did a good job on Wrestle Kingdom, especially in the main events. It's just that ideally I would like announcers to have all the necessary information to not look lost as he did a couple of times. By the way, can NJPW please never do the Yoshitatsu commentating thing again... It was just painful to hear. The guy was probably put in a tough spot and it showed, but also, he lived so long in the USA and can barely speak functional English? C'mon.
  14. Well, I don't know. Really good? Don't think so. I can only remember the usual suspects (Kelly, Striker, The TNA folks), but yeah, they're nowhere near Ross and Ranallo's level. About Smackdown, I remember Ranallo saying he was excited because Smackdown on USA would be like a hybrid of Raw and NXT or something like that. And, uh, if anyone can correct me I would be glad, but the show has not changed a damn thing. It does not matter. At all. I could skip Smackdown every time, and it would not affect me viewing Raw. Of course, they will do the odd title change here and there, but mostly the show doesn't matter. And that's just disheartening, seems like the days of Smackdown being a good show are long in the past. Anyway, back to NJPW: Ross will certainly bring most of his usual emotion/intensity, but I would be hard pressed to believe he'll match Ranallo's preparation. Not that he's any bad, Ranallo's just outstanding. Ross was not as caught up in NJPW's recent affairs as he could have been when he called Wrestle Kingdom. Also, to be honest, you can't expect JR at this point in his career to prepare like his life depended on it. I hope that comes from an outstanding production team, because if that all came from Ranallo, then the show will suffer a bit. But NJPW should be ecstatic to have Ross just based on name value alone. I don't think they particularly care though, since they just sell the World Pro Wrestling show.
  15. About the best we could hope for. The biggest living legend in the game. And yet, I'll still miss Ranallo, especially because he's in the nothing show that is Smackdown, besides the awful, awful, truly awful Jerry Lawler.
  16. Easy enough that a Google Translate will solve most of your problems, but you still have to use it, which I guess can be a drag to most.
  17. I don't think they'll sandbag the guy. Since Tanahashi became main star, they made a conscious effort to move away from the rough days of Inoki-ism, both in the ring and how they handle things outside. I could totally see them sandbagging Nakamura politically, like some said, we have a pretty clear precedent (Shibata). But in the ring I think they'll be more professional than that. Who knows, though. The Del Rio thing might be pretty real, though. Mexican promotions are still rough backstage, as I'm sure we all know many recent examples of, no need to go in detail about those.
  18. https://twitter.com/reasonjp/status/684939106070048770 Oh boy. It's in Tokyo Sports too.
  19. I think as it stands now, Okada, Ibushi, Omega and Naito will eventually be the next big four. Ibushi and Omega are proven draws in Japan, especially for DDT, and they're young, and Naito is arguably their hottest act. Goto, Shibata, Ishii will probably stay important. Elgin I see maybe reaching Karl Anderson's spot. Tanahashi, of course, can be a main eventer until he retires, even if he passed the torch.
  20. Maybe they'll need Shibata, the Ghost Ace From The Past, to step up. I can't lie and say that that doesn't excite me. Who they will throw all their marbles into, of course, is Ibushi. I expect his push to the top to be even faster now as soon as he comes back.
  21. Well... guess AJ is done then. Kenny Omega being the new leader is a great, unexpected decision. Great because with him, Bullet Club gets something they always missed: a mouthpiece. Unexpected, because I didn't think He would be the next guy pushed to the top with Styles leaving. Being Bullet Club's leader guarantees Omega another level of relevance, as NJPW is not about to kill it's international cash cow with some inane booking. I'm sad to see AJ go. And I truly hope he's the only one. But new Years' Dash has already shook NJPW up some, and that's terriffic. Okada-Goto is going to be fine, I guess. BUSHI is about the only hot Jr. Heavyweight to challenge for KUSHIDA's title, so good for him. I'm dying to see Shibata's next challenger and what will Naito and Tanahashi do next. I think a tag team run with Elgin would be great for Tana for now.
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