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  1. I actually hope its not. Before everyone one kills me about it. Here's my reasoning. The game only has so much memory. They are puttin a lot of new stuff in this game. What they havent said is what will be taken out of the game. Like how 2008 we got raped with a lot of things gettin taken out like a lot of moves. This is a minor detail for me, I'm fine with the players actions ans music and lights. Though for some people like Y2J it will be dissapointing to not have the whole arena saying Save ME. But I'd hate to have this in the game and not have some superstars in it because of it. Because they have to put a lot of these in and they change the whole set look at any match on raw like when HBK comes out and whtn y2j comes out the set looks differnt that would actually be a big change and take a lot of memory
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