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  1. ...Why don't we they were fun I would love to fight with the new roster in strange places like locker rooms and bar and such. I think it would be awesome, probably won't happen but it would be cool to have again what do you guys think? Also well I'm at it I like the anywere slobberknocker from the Smackdown game were you could walk around and fight tag teams and such, about the only thing I didn't like from the Smackdown games was the five finishers...or maybe I did . anyways tell me what you think.
  2. Well, what is it more old moves or better graphics?
  3. I think that if you just want the normal roster and no legends then you should go buy a boxing game I mean, the point of the WWE is to be entertaining and have the people that go in it to become legends right so why wouldn't you want a legend in the game or there newest attire. What I'm saying here is its more then creating a guy, beating the game and beating the crap out of you opponent its about entertainment. about the show not about winning or losing, for those who just want a updated roster with good graphics then go buy the UFC 09 that comming out and stop bothering the people that want the classics. Cause the Classics are good man....
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