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  1. I was able to see your Molly Holly after searching for MollyHolly. I also downloaded Molly. I also noticed that Ashley (Jillian Hall and others) are also up after selecting the "Show Creator's Content" option.
  2. The Modern Impact roster (which is a mix of alumni from WWE, ROH, TNA and NJPW) doesn't get as much attention as it used on the annual WWE2K games CC (men and women) compared to TNA days back when Styles and co were at the promotion. I have never seen CAWs of Raj Singh, Bhupinder Gujjar, Vincent Marseglia, Masha Slamovich or Gisele Shaw on CC in any year on PS.
  3. They used the wrestler/manager name as their search hashtags, separating the first name from the last name except with stables and tag teams. The search hashtags are after the : Aleah James: Aleah, James, NXTUK Nathan Frazer: Nathan, Frazer, NXTUK Trick Williams: Trick, Williams Paige: Paige Elektra Lopez: Elektra, Lopez, LegadoDelFantasma AJ Lee: AJ, Lee Sam Stoker: PrettyDeadly, Sam, Stoker Lewis Howley: PrettyDeadly, Lewis, Howley Solo Sikoa: Solo, Sikoa Meiko Satomura: Meiko, Satomura Daniel Bryan: Bryan, Daniel Noam Dar: Noam, Dar Von Wagner: Von, Wagner Nikki Bella: Nikki, Bella Brie Bella: Brie, Bella Grayson Waller: Grayson, Waller Wendy Choo: Wendy, Choo Tony D'Angelo: Tony, DAngelo Malcolm Bivens: Malcolm, Bivens Ivy Nile: Ivy, Nile Kairi Sane: Kairi, Sane Zoey Stark: Zoey, Stark Jacy Jayne: Jacy, Jayne, Toxic Sarray: Sarray Cora Jade: Cora, Jade Aliyah: Aliyah Carmelo Hayes: Carmelo, Hayes Madcap Moss: Madcap, Moss Zelina Vega: Zelina, Vega, and Zelina, Vega, Queen, Emila McKenzie: Emila, McKenzie, and Emila, McKenzie, NXTUK, Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes, Stardust Bron Breakker: Bron Breakker, Steiner
  4. Ikemen Jiro by Enigmak: Hashtags: ikemenjiro, jackettime, nxt There is are 2 other Ikemen Jiro CAWs with those 2 being by DAmasaru [aka Hetianda3] and TapOutUnprettierMega [aka Denman-157] but out of the 3 currently on Community Creations I would have to say Enigmak currently has the best one so far for anybody looking for an Ikemen Jiro.
  5. TheJock (Yay or nay?): They have CAWs of Lewis Howley, Solo Sikoa, Meiko Satomura, Daniel Bryan, Noam Dar, Von Wagner, Both Bellas, Grayson Waller, Wendy Choo, Tony D'Angelo, Malcolm Bivens, Ivy Nile, Kairi Sane, Zoey Stark, Jacy Jayne, Sarray, Cora Jade, Alliyah, Carmelo Hayes, Madcap Moss, Zelina Vega, Emilia McKenzie, Cody Rhodes and Bron Breakker.
  6. They (DivaDadde) also have a Jinny CAW that can found when one checks what other work they have uploaded to Comminity Creations.
  7. The Modern Day Johnny Saint as the NXT:UK GM and his younger self from his British Wrestling days work well as 2 Attire Johnny Saint CAW. People could then use his current look in MyGM mode (using the Created Superstar choice) and put his younger self against other British Wrestling Legends from his day.
  8. Big Daddy's real name was Shirley Crabtree. His rival, Giant Haystacks was Loch Ness in WCW so I wonder if Haystacks getting his Loch Ness on his alternate would fit him or he would need a second CAW for Loch Ness.
  9. These are looking good! Looking forward to download the finished CAWs after they get uploaded. Any plans for an Alundra Blazye too?
  10. The new tag team finisher which is Skull Crushing Finale/Starship Pain has to be manualled added to the default Miz & Morrison tag team as their default Tag Team finisher is set to None. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aicher default tag team finisher is set to their actual tag team finisher but when looking at the default 4 man Imperium team it doesn't look that way as the screen showing 4 man team shows the word None under the Tag Team. The Brit-Am Brawlers don't have a Tag Team finisher set to them so they will have to be given one manually.
  11. This week's special show episode was Superstar Picks and featuring NXTUK wrestlers chosing their favorite matches. Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask for WWF World's Junior Heavyweight Championship (August 30th 1982 from MSG) - Picked by Dave Mastiff Kenny Williams & Noam Dar vs Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXTUK Tag Team Championship (May 8th 2019 - NXTUK) - Picked by Kenny Williams Tegan Nox vs Kay Lee Ray (October 3rd 2019 - NXTUK) - picked by Ligero William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro (December 25th 2013- NXT) - picked by A-Kid
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