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  1. The tag team rankings splits up 2 CAWS tag teams in the tag team rankings and has their partners receive a different ranking to their partner and also be between the partner of the other tag team in the tag team rankings. How the tag team rankings are meant to work is wrestler 1 and wrestler 2 having the same ranking when they are tag team partners despite one being below the other. But the glitch version of the tag team rankings (as seen below with CAWs of Grizzled Young Vets and Gallus show up as Singles ranking sin the Tag Team rankings) split ups 2 CAW Tag Teams by puting their partners below the first partner of the other tag team and incorrectly displaying the partners with singles rankings in the tag team rankings.
  2. Look at the Tag Team Finishers in Universe too! 3 of them have the Assisted Powerbomb as Tag Team Finisher by default (Gunther & partner [The European Bomb is already set as the default Tag Team Finisher of Vinci & Kaiser]), RK-Bro has Beast Bomb as Tag Team Finisher. Maximum Male Models has E&C's Tag Team move (Sidewalk Slam/Reverse DDT) as Tag Team Finisher. The only way I have been able to make changes to a trio is by temporary adding a fourth member so to remove Gunther from the default tag team spot he is in you have to add an unassigned superstar (e.g. X-Pac) to the faction, then remove Gunther from position 1 1 and add Gunther to position 3 and move Vinci to position 1 then remove the unassigned superstar from the group. The downside of this workaround is it mess up the entrances and tag team finishers of the group. But what else can we do when in the games the leader of a group is in position 1 thus making them the default partner of a tag team in a group?
  3. Considering the time period of the 2K23 roster I am surprised that Roderick Strong didn't make it as a manager (due to him being more of a mentor and rarely wrestling during that point of time for Diamond Mine) or Sanga as a manager due to Sanga's time as Waller's bodyguard.
  4. The new tag team finisher which is Skull Crushing Finale/Starship Pain has to be manualled added to the default Miz & Morrison tag team as their default Tag Team finisher is set to None. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aicher default tag team finisher is set to their actual tag team finisher but when looking at the default 4 man Imperium team it doesn't look that way as the screen showing 4 man team shows the word None under the Tag Team. The Brit-Am Brawlers don't have a Tag Team finisher set to them so they will have to be given one manually.
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