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  1. I thought it was Reed in your The Mighty pictures as the light is bad in the last screenshot picture on Murphy (while he is bend over) and you said in your post "I also have the full trio" so I was thinking it was Reed. A quartet could still happen for The Mighty in WWE assuming Buddy Murphy leaves Seth's faction and choses to join up with his fellow Australians; Thorne, Reed and Vink.
  2. I wonder what The Mighty would be like as a quartet in NXT if Nick Miller were to reunite with Shane Thorne and if they were to add Bronson Reed (aka Jonah Rock) [Bronson teamed with Thorne & Miller for a long time so no trust issues between the 3. I also assume the third man is Bronson in The Mighty trio pictures] and Brendan Vink (aka Sexton Elliot) especialy as according to cagematch, Thorne had been teaming with Bronson Reed and Brendan Vink on NXT house shows before the pandemic [Vink has also teamed with Bronson both in NXT and outside WWE but whether Vink could co-exist with Nick Miller is another question as Vink & Miller have never teamed up outside WWE] and all four of them are former members of TMDK.
  3. Alexa's and Nikki's tag team finisher looked like The Shatter Machine. Ghetto Blaster for Indus Sher (Rinku & Saurav) and Backbreaker & Elbow 2 [as The Bollywood Blast] for The Singh Brothers as their tag team finishers? Both teams use Demolition's tag team finisher as their tag team finisher and both moves are different versions of the Demolition Decapitation.
  4. I am looking forward to downloding your Luna Vachon CAW. I just wish there was a decent CAW of Alundra Blayze or Madusa on 2K20 in community creations to downlod and use with the in-game Molly Holly and the Luna Vachon CAW.
  5. Since 2K21 is offically cancelled, will we see CAW Creators going back to 2K19 or continuing to create CAWs on 2K20 in regards for people to download CAWS from Community Creations on 2K19 and 2K20?
  6. They normally do the Legacy Award and Warrior Award (and sometimes a Celebrity Induction as well) for the yearly Hall of Fame (though there weren't held from 1997 to 2003) and these 3 kind of inductions haven't had a chance to been announced by WWE yet because of the worldwide pandemic which still don't know how long will last. Speaking of Davey Boy Smith, I wonder who will accept the induction on his behalf Georgia Smith( daughter) or Davey Boy Smith Jr. [aka David Hart Smith] (son)?
  7. This week's special show episode was Superstar Picks and featuring NXTUK wrestlers chosing their favorite matches. Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask for WWF World's Junior Heavyweight Championship (August 30th 1982 from MSG) - Picked by Dave Mastiff Kenny Williams & Noam Dar vs Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXTUK Tag Team Championship (May 8th 2019 - NXTUK) - Picked by Kenny Williams Tegan Nox vs Kay Lee Ray (October 3rd 2019 - NXTUK) - picked by Ligero William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro (December 25th 2013- NXT) - picked by A-Kid
  8. The NXTUK brand and MLW Fusion still have audience in the arena but that because of them being taped before the lockdown was enforced.
  9. So far Ohno is the only one from the NXTUK brand that has gotten released by WWE but I don't seeing him being the only person on the brand to get cut. But I do expect some cuts on NXT's Women Division which has 23 women on its roster including 2 MMA Horsewomen who haven't be used since Shayna got promoted from NXT to Raw.
  10. Any chance of a Johnny Saint with a British old school moveset?
  11. I feel sorry more for poor Curt Hawkins (than Zack Ryder) since Hawkis has never won a singles title (not even the 24/7 Championship) in WWE and he got buried by his partner success and fan support. He has only held tag team gold in WWE and they could have kept him and had him reunite with Trevor Lee (Cameron Grimes). Rowan could reunite in AEW under The Dark Order banner with Harper (Brodie Lee). Mike & Maria Kanellis have history with The Butcher (Sutter) & The Bunny (Allie) so they can rekindle the feud in AEW. Lio Rush showing up in Impact Wrestling would add another one to their former Cruiserweight Champions list which already includes TJP and Rich Swann. The only former Cruiserweight Champion in AEW is Pac (Neville). I am surprised The Colons weren't released back when The Ascension was released after both teams failed to make it in 2K20 after being in 2K19. If Jinder Mahal gets released I wouldn't be surprised to see him reunite with his uncle (Gama Singh) in Impact Wrestling as part of the Desi Hit Squad.
  12. I love the Walter CAW. He looks excellent! Any plans to create the rest of Imperium? (Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) Since the topic has turned into a TNA Project will the project also include CAWs of newer people like The North and OVE's 4 members whom are in Impact Wrestling and also people were there when the company was called Global Force Wrestling such Alberto Del Pateron?
  13. Maybe they can call the monster wrestler as "Kein Zutritt" (which is German for No Entry) with their own custom sign featuring a hand (also considering that we have been told to wash our hands a lot) that is crossed through inside this -> and having this Career Mode monster billed from Germany (considering that most fictional wrestlers we have seen in series have came from North America) in Europe would be change of pace.
  14. There is nothing on the 2K Forums or their homepage about WWE2K21 being cancelled. So until 2K gives an official announcement about it then any news about WWE2K21 alledgely being cancelled (such as the video) is a rumour.
  15. Honestly it's all good, no resentment of course. Just towards this damn game,wouldnt be shocked to find out its somehow.my specific copy lol. I was able to get him to work in a tournament setting! UPDATE: He is in fact there...at the very bottom on the selection screen, after the the z's It is most likely because there is a "space" before the "C" in Cody in his Name Information which is he shows after the "Z"s instead of in the "C"s. Delete all spaces before the "C" in his Name Information section (Name, Shortname and Social Media Name) and that will fix it
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