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Big Socko Cool

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    Upper Midcard
  • Birthday 09/09/1993

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    Mark Henry.
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    The Wonder Years. Stray From The Path. The Acacia Strain. Four Year Strong. Miss May I. Set Your Goals. Lamurda. The Plot In You.
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    Cook at Chuck E. Cheese.
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    Caribbean Jerk Wings From Buffalo Wild Wings.
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    How I Met Your Mother. The Walking Dead.
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    Topeka, KS
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    Morning Rain. Graffiti. Indie Films. Graphic Design. Marketing. The Hardcore Scene.
  1. I hate to bump this topic up any, but I figured a re-introduction would be alright. So, I joined this site in like.. 06, and I was pretty active for about 3 years. Once those three years came around, I left. I haven't been around since. But, the name's Matt - although around here I'm better known as Socko. Just pretty much re-introducing myself for the fact that I'd like to see if anybody remembers me around here, or if I remember anyone else. xD
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