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    wrestling theme songs and ppv theme songs
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  1. My save data won't sync so now I can't save anything and only play offline and only exhibition. Which means the three months of work I put into universe mode has been ruined unless it either miraculously fixes itself, or someone knows a fix. The universe mode is stuck on a weekly show called Evolution my women's show. Can't progress any further. I load it up and it goes straight back to there!
  2. Don't know if it's been brought up at all, but I downloaded some custom titles. JoJo says champion after the wrestler's name. But the thing is it doesn't happen every time. Did several matches with the same title and same champion, she said it then didn't then did again. It's infuriating, I can't find what's making it do that.
  3. they've been back a while now so yeh i guess they would be in
  4. i want him in, but doubt it will eva happen and i know its probably a longer shot but wat about him going in as the 123-kid?
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