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  1. Finally playing Fallout 4 after having it just sit in my room for 8 months.
  2. Hearts of Iron IV. Takes like 15 hours/a few playthroughs just to figure out wtf you're doing but it's pretty worth it.
  3. Starting to try and watch a new movie almost every day this summer. Yesterday was Da Vinci Code and today was The Usual Suspects. The Da Vinci Code was kind of predictable and a little absurd but still really entertaining imo. The Usual Suspects was really good, even tough I looked up the cast at the beginning to make sure I wasn't crazy and it was Yung Kevin Spacey and the credits spoiled the twist. But even while knowing the ending it was still told very well.
  4. Nice. I love getting bodied occasionally too. Being far better than any of my friends I play with and being like the second best player at my school I only really get super bodied by like top 6 players in the state which I play pretty rarely.Those are the times I think I improve the most though
  5. Just watched Bridge of Spies. Enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. A few times I felt they painted the countries involved a little too extremely good or bad in the situation but other than that no real complaints.
  6. Mango would've won if he didn't have to play so long straight. I think if he just had like a 15 minute break before grand finals he would've won both sets. You could tell he was exhausted by the time the reset happened. Still one of the greatest losers runs of all time though.
  7. PP, Mango, and Westballz. Leffen and PewPewU are cool too. And Hax *censored*ing Money (RIP).
  8. Nice. Does he travel to tournaments/have any matches up on YouTube? I wish I had someone to heavily practice Melee with. Unfortunately, I only have one friend who plays Melee, and we only play like once a week, tops. I'll look but he doesn't really travel anymore. Our number 1 got 65th at Big House 5 which was like a 2,000 man tournament and only lost to 2 known players though so apparently we're not as bad as some might think. And most regions have Facebook groups where you can find people to play with. That's how I found good players. Edit: Was going to say I finally found a set where he plays semi serious then he went Game and Watch game 2 so idk. The end of Game 3 is cool though. I actually can't find a set where he plays his Sheik which is his best character. But yeah any videos of DualCats on this YouTube channel is him.
  9. I bought the 20XX memory card and my "training partner"/guy I play with is the second best player in the state so I have gotten pretty good at Melee. Almost to the point where I can't play with my regular friends anymore without destroying them every time I try at all so that's kinda sad. Maybe one day they'll take me up on my offer to get them gud. Edit: Also the actual 20XX mod is better for practicing than Tournament Edition. TE is still amazing (especially for tournaments obviously) and more accessible but the actual mod that was intended for practice has some more useful features that TE didn't include.
  10. Another Anime Swordsmen in Smash! I mean, I guess it's kind of cool because he is Cloud, but it looks like nothing new really. Pretty generic looking moveset.
  11. Justin was not undefeated. He was the undisputed best player, but not undefeated, not even close really. And that is literally the only example you gave and then said "and that's just fighting games" like you gave a whole list. Justin's Marvel 2 dominance is the only thing even comparable to ZeRo in the FGC.
  12. For Melee I already do. If you are even considering it, do it. Usually fun and you meet more people to play with. How? Unless you're a fan of ZeRo? Because honestly the only thing keeping me at all interested in the competitive scene was how unbelievably impressive ZeRo's run was, legitimately one of the greatest runs in esports history so far.
  13. Rivals of Aether. Highly reccomend it if you like Smash Bros at all.
  14. Any of you guys play Rivals of Aether? The Indie fighting game based on Smash mechanics
  15. Nah none of them make the game look that cool imo. Especially since ZeRo usually just rofl stomps which usually takes away from hype, and I don't like ESAM in general.
  16. Ally is the only player that I have seen that has actually made me want to play Smash 4
  17. Zero putting on one of the most dominant displays in competitive gaming history, much less smash history. In Smash the only thing close is Isai in 64 but even then you could argue the scene is significantly smaller thus less competition.
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