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  1. I would recommend not looking up anything about it until you're finished. Not for spoilers but because people generally feel very strongly one way or the other about that show and that could influence how you feel watching it.
  2. As long as it's left the shooter's hands before the buzzer goes off it counts.
  3. Yeah it was boring af to me the first couple times too. But idk my friend said I should give it one more try and I really like it now.
  4. I've tried watching Mad Men twice before but couldn't make it past the second episode. Third time's a charm though I guess, I'm really enjoying it this time.
  5. Watched Stranger Things, was really good like a 8/10 for me. I really don't think it needs a second season though.
  6. Finally playing Fallout 4 after having it just sit in my room for 8 months.
  7. I care about a second season more than I care about a second coming of Jesus.Well you're in luck since Netflix said "They'd be stupid not to" make another season.
  8. I'm hesitant to watch Stranger Things at this point. Everyone is acting like its the second coming of Jesus so I feel I have completely unattainable expectations for it now. I'll probably have to wait a little while for the hype to die down.
  9. Hearts of Iron IV. Takes like 15 hours/a few playthroughs just to figure out wtf you're doing but it's pretty worth it.
  10. Happy birthday go do something stupid just don't die or get in any serious trouble.
  11. Starting to try and watch a new movie almost every day this summer. Yesterday was Da Vinci Code and today was The Usual Suspects. The Da Vinci Code was kind of predictable and a little absurd but still really entertaining imo. The Usual Suspects was really good, even tough I looked up the cast at the beginning to make sure I wasn't crazy and it was Yung Kevin Spacey and the credits spoiled the twist. But even while knowing the ending it was still told very well.
  12. I'm starting to actually enjoy a lot of stuff again. For awhile I lost interest in pretty much everything but I think that's at least temporarily over.
  13. Nice. I love getting bodied occasionally too. Being far better than any of my friends I play with and being like the second best player at my school I only really get super bodied by like top 6 players in the state which I play pretty rarely.Those are the times I think I improve the most though
  14. Just watched Bridge of Spies. Enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. A few times I felt they painted the countries involved a little too extremely good or bad in the situation but other than that no real complaints.
  15. Whole weekend was great. Spent it at one of my best friends house who I only get to see a few times a year, played a lot of basketball, a lot of video games, was sober like 10% of the time, got to see his cousin and some other old friends too. Only bad part is now I have to wake up for school in a few hours. And all four of my classes have tests within the next 3 days and I spent my weekend doing that instead of studying
  16. Played basketball for like 4 and a half hours straight today for the first time in like a year
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