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  1. More than what I expected, got me looking forward to it a bit more but still cautious. Glad to see hair has more movement again, very happy Jeff's mesh top is in (hoping his face paint can be altered/made transparent), graphically it looks very impressive and the models seem to be looking much better (Drew looks a bit off though), hate real life renders as it just makes caws stand out and everything else it's hard to comment on until we get a more in-depth look. But yeah, quite the nice teaser.
  2. That release date is a bit of a bummer but after 2K20 I happily welcome more time to work on the game... if it leads to a great game that isn't riddled with bugs and whatnot. Can't imagine what'll happen if after all this time we just get a sub par game, or worse. I've completely stuck with 2K19, couldn't be bothered to get into 2K20. Still good for the odd few matches here and there but it has definitely gotten stale despite being one of the better WWE games in a while in my opinion.
  3. Mine just shipped from Best Buy, charged too. Dunno how realistic it is to hope it arrives tomorrow but hopefully by Friday at least. Just happy it shipped, now to wait.
  4. Blessed Unleashed, didn't realize it was releasing on PS4 today. Normally I can't really get into MMORPGs but I'm enjoying it so far.
  5. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. Wasn't expecting much but I'm actually really enjoying it so far.
  6. So is playing in exhibition the safest bet to avoid major issues? For whatever reason I'm still kinda looking forward to this game, maybe I'm foolishly hopefully the major stuff will get fixed in patches, but I'd like to avoid bugs/glitches as much as possible while playing.
  7. Recently got back into Dragon Age Inquisition and loving it, obviously. Gonna finally get that platinum. Got Human Fall Flat today and played for a few hours with my cousin, really enjoying it for what it is. Also got it while it's on sale for PS+ members, regular game is $20 and the bundle was only $10.
  8. Zolbot Cabero... well it's interesting. Not gonna lie, don't completely hate it.
  9. Had plans to meet up with a friend today and he had to cancel super last minute. He has a completely valid reason for cancelling last minute but I'm still super bummed. I'm the type of person that doesn't make plans often so when I do it's a fairly big deal, to me anyways, even if it's something super simple. I also feel like I'm super unlucky when it comes to last minute cancellations as they seemingly happen super frequently. Not mad at the people for cancelling, assuming they have a good reason, but rather just annoyed with the situation.
  10. Me and my mom found out today that we got the apartment we wanted! Long story short me and my mom, also my sister before she moved out, had to deal with a lot of BS the past 14 years with my mom's roommate... and we're finally gonna be done with him. We stayed as long as we did for convenience and it was fairly cheap considering where we live but there's just been so much BS lately, more than usual, that we've had enough and finally started looking at places.
  11. So about 2 months ago I started hanging out with someone that has quickly become a good friend. In the beginning I thought we were possibly heading towards maybe dating or something but we talked about it and are just gonna be friends, for now at least (sucked at first but I'm good with it now). For most of my life I didn't really have any friends and I don't think I've ever had a connection like this. When we hangout/talk/text I feel genuinely happy which is something I haven't felt in a very long time. I've been capable of being happy but it was more of a "in the moment" kind whereas this kind has more of lasting impact, not to mention I'm just overall happier.
  12. Got over 10 mosquito bites, most of which are on the back of my neck, and I was barely outside. Luckily they aren't all super itchy but the ones that are? Holy *censored* are they incredibly itchy. Tried calamine lotion and goldlinx gel, both have worked very well in the past, but I'm still itchy and it's driving me crazy.
  13. Bought Jump Force over the weekend while it was on sale. The story elements are very poorly done but I'm really enjoying the gameplay.
  14. Ordered some food to be delivered, over an hour and a half passes and I haven't gotten it yet. Found out I can contact the delivery person and they told me they've been reassigned... seriously? Half an hour passes and the delivery person says they'll get my order. Yeah, I should *censored*ing think so. It took about 2 hours after it was supposed to be here to finally arrive. To top it off the food wasn't even that good, *censored*ing great.
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