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  1. Hi, any reason you have two pages of accounts, but none have more than 21 posts?
  2. Ah, you're Motiv. Just saying, you might wanna repost this tutorial, as it's getting bumped constantly. It seems to be pretty popular. You probably don't have it though. :/ Anyway, welcome back. I am now claiming this my thread.
  3. He doesn't know he can change his name?
  4. You know I know I know you? Oh sh-- And now youve been banned. :/
  5. Zhar... Zhar... Zhar. Metalhead? Name's Nick? I think I know him.
  6. You're not Jaysus. And I am deeply offended. Hey, hope to see you active soon.
  7. Fix'd Fixed again. I like it better Fixed once more, my friend. Hi John. I'm Jake. I hear your some kind of news reporter like that guy on channel 2.
  8. Well, I've never noticed this before. Anyways, MLD. Call me Jake, I'm 14, and possibly had the shortest time to reach mod-ity, taking me only 3 months to become a moderator.
  9. Not trying to flame or sound like an ass but, how would it be cool. Im a Cryme Tyme fan, but you are saying it like its an idea. +they improved the roster like (dont quote me) 40%
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