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  1. Compared to my prices here in Hong Kong, then yeah. 34.99 was roughly the price for just the first volume over here.
  2. I read the Watchmen before the movie and personally I had no problem with them making it.
  3. Marvel NOW! is confusing me, mostly because I haven't really been bothered to read all that much on it but it really does seem to be a reboot in the style of New 52 in which case, I'd rather it not happen. I didn't mind it for DC because I never read that much DC so it was a good starting point but it's just annoying for me if Marvel does it.
  4. You could probably jump on now, but Brand New Day or Big Time would give you a bit more to read. Meh, *censored* you Marvel. Keep Jean Grey gone, yes, she's technically still dead but it's a cheap way of bringing her back anyway. The art in that post looks awesome though.
  5. Oh, if we were allowed to go with Ultimate Spider-Man, I'd suggest like 80% of the run as being excellent with the rest still being pretty good.
  6. ^I'll definitely agree with 'The Night Gwen Stacy Died' and 'Kraven's Last Hunt', they were great arcs. Spider-Man No More and Best of Enemies are pretty important as well.
  7. ^Decent enough, depending on the sale I'd say it's worth it.
  8. First issue of Spider-Men was indeed great, only thing is that I feel Pichelli's depiction of 616 New York just felt so 'Ultimate' styled, mostly because I'm so used to seeing her in Ultimate Marvel.
  9. That first image of Batman looks awful, I mean the art is good but the costume is shit.
  10. While he's not the most known, Gay Lantern is the first Green Lantern. Alan Scott was a bad choice to be the homosexual character. For anyone that doesn't know, Alan Scott was the Golden Age Green Lantern and his backstory and powers are a little different. Scott found a flaming, magic lantern. This flaming lantern told him to make a ring. The ring allows him to create objects like the later Green lanterns, but its weakness is wood (unlike the other GLs' weakness to the color yellow). In other words, their gay character has a flaming lantern and a weakness to wood. Well that's just funny...
  11. Just read AvX5. What a load of balls. Also, Scott's costume totally looked like Nightwing's after what happened. Also finished Ultimate Spider-Man #11 which was great. Seems like we're going to see some of the Peter Parker stuff finally mix with Miles Morales. That's the thing that I miss about Peter Parker dying, you don't get to see Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, MJ or anyone like that anymore and that was part of what made the book great so I'm glad they're seemingly going to interact soon, it was going to happen eventually. Apart from that, interesting dynamic between Miles and his uncle.
  12. ^Woah, we all know that she's clearly Ewok in disguise.
  13. Think he was talking about specific arcs..
  14. Honestly, not too much has happened yet, really makes me wish Ultimate comics were bi-weekly instead of monthly. He's fought Electro once and beat a few punks but Ultimate Scorpion has been introduced. Not very scorpion like, he's kinda just like, a latin mobster... Still, it's interesting because of Miles' uncle. It's worth a read still.
  15. Well for Spider-Man, I'd start with the beginning from the Ultimate line because Bendis' writing is just great and for Amazing Spider-Man, if you want to read as little as possible then 'Big Time' and the start of Dan Slott's run. Earlier jumping points would be Brand New Day or even just reading Civil War.
  16. ^Hard to say about that since every major Marvel character is pretty much based in New York.
  17. I'd definitely recommend both of them. Demon in a Bottle is a pretty important Iron Man arc and Armor Wars was decently popular. Demon in a Bottle came first I believe but it's better as well so I'd read it first anyway.
  18. It really does narrow it down. If I suggested someone to start with Spider-Man, I'd just tell them to read Slott's stuff.
  19. ^Didn't even know they were doing it. Are they just retelling his origin story or is it actually going to be a series? And is it 616?
  20. If you want to get into Spider-Man, starting off from Big Time or even Brand New Day (considering how a lot of shit was retconned because of it..) is decent and not too far back. You'll understand the dynamic of most of the characters quite quickly.
  21. I don't know, I'm liking Ends of the Earth, Spider-Island was decent but I didn't like the concept itself but hey, I got a good laugh out of the nude scene. Slott's writing has been extremely solid, he's definitely one of my favourite writers for Spider-Man and I love how Peter is working for Horizon and how he's getting more technological. That's partially why I like Ends of The Earth, half of it is just how awesome his suit is. However, I feel like the Sinister Six can never be used against Spider-Man now that he pretty much knows how to counter them all (especially Sandman)
  22. Meh, not a fan of any of the Dark line, hell, I'm not really a fan of DC or supernatural stuff so the combination of them turns me off. I've narrowed my 52 to basically just the titles of the more 'mainstream' superheroes however that's been on hold because I've been reading every Amazing Spider-Man since Civil War to now and I've just finished (and it was extremely pleasant).
  23. Read the first few issues of Animal Man after the reboot and thought it was meh plus I hated the art style so I stoppped reading it.
  24. ^$15 for one issue seems excessive, even if it is Cap dying.
  25. One of the earliest comic books I own, this was the issue where you found out Wolverine had bone claws. This is a close second because this got me into comics again and Ultimate X-Men which got me into the rest of the Ultimate line (especially Ultimate Spider-Man) and which got me reading the rest of 616 stuff.
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