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  1. Thanks for your comments!
  2. It's time again to share your custom cover for WWE 2K22! Here's my creation: Feel free to comment
  3. Patch 1.08 is out for ps4 now! 12GB!!!! No patch notes from 2K?
  4. Rey doing the Lucha taunt during Elimination Chamber entrance?? Gotta be kidding me
  5. I did a 8-man tag match, ground submission finishers are not working at all. When you press the finisher, your guy just stand there, do nothing. Not sure about other tag matches.
  6. There is an empty square on his right elbow, is it supposed to be like that? I didnt see it in real photo, or maybe its the angle.
  7. After installed the new patch, seems like everyone will do the Undertaker zombie sit-up immediately after kicking out of a pin.
  8. Hate that signature moves (with carry move position) automatically turn into carry move.
  9. Who has hair physics improvement? Adam Cole, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks all still having rock-hard hair.
  10. If the finisher/signature move is a powerbomb move (e.g Last Ride), it will become a carry move automatically, you have to press sig/fin button again to do the move.
  11. After patch 1.0.2, Undertakers tron missing during entrance.
  12. It's not that it doesnt work, its that its glitchy and busted. I did turn it on, I cant see any blood on my opponents forehead even though after the red screen blink. Sometimes it just show some slashes on the face. 2K19 blood is much better!
  13. Blood and strap pull-down still not working
  14. Undertaker is not wearing his entrance coat and hat for Brothers of Destruction tag entrance.
  15. Yeah, me too. Especially diving moves, triangle does not prompt at all.
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