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  1. Not sure if already mentioned in Universe Mode custom sideplates not working. Such a good feature is not working...
  2. We definitely need a Powerbomb as a catching finisher and whip rebound move for Owens
  3. Alright, thanks for the information.
  4. Hey everyone, just want to know if it does not work to show "my content" to anybody else.
  5. I know and I wrote it in my post but he can do all the other details, so this is bad.
  6. I am really sorry to tell you that this is not how they dressed at their RAW debut. At 1st the facepaint, that you can't use cause it's an ingame character. 2nd the red coloured rings on the knee pads. Wrong pants, should be one without V or K logo. Wrong boots / colour / logos on both guys. So this is just the dlc with red colour instead of gold. And the 2nd attire isn't the debut attire as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9sZ3ZDY8vA this is how it should look like
  7. schlimo

    Emma's Finisher

    I can live with that all but her outfit looks very bad, like painted on her body especially the strings. The face is one of the best models in the game.
  8. schlimo

    MITB Cash In

    I always get ask if I want to cash in when I want to start a match where the Champ is involved. And it is the right guy who has won the MiB match. But I have a problem with the RR winner. I have set the feud to automaticly build, all good but when it comes to WM the match between the Champ and the challenger is NO title match. Happens every time !
  9. schlimo

    Uploaded content

    It's all about quality and not quantity. This is a joke.
  10. schlimo

    CAW bleeding

    Got blood on Orton hands and on AJ Styles complete forehead and some on his chest. It took a long time to get there. How far will this go ?
  11. schlimo

    CAW bleeding

    I understand, thanks.
  12. schlimo

    CAW bleeding

    What is stage 1 ?
  13. schlimo

    CAW bleeding

    Cool. I, ve nearly lost fun to fight against CAWs but now fun came back
  14. schlimo

    CAW bleeding

    I´ve noticed that flash very often now, does it mean blood will come very soon ? muahahaha
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