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    Sami Zayn/Aj Lee.
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    Nightcore/Happy Hardcore
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  1. Muur

    Football Thread

    Wigan gone into admin. Karma for the last year of mocking us going into admin from their fans. In other news we got a new manager today. Evatt, who won the league with Barrow. Exciting times.
  2. Muur

    Football Thread

    wonder what theye gonna do about th JPT final
  3. I remember when we used to have big avatar and sigs good times
  4. no one can ever leave caws edit: pulling for you jiggy
  5. New pokemon snap. The Pokemon franchise actually doing something good for once.
  6. Muur

    Football Thread

    youre in the wrong thread then this is for "soccer".
  7. Muur

    Football Thread

    All I know about it is that Adam le Fondre is wrecking shit over there happy for the lad, since Parky *censored*ed him about here.
  8. Muur

    Football Thread

    itll depend on signings and what not. we have only three players contracted after June 30, and were only allowed 23 players over the age of 18 and can only offer 2k a week (and that was in league one, so itll be even lower now) as part of our two year embargo for going into admin. another year of that to go we were in embargo in league one last time when we were runners up (After bottling winning the league when we were two points behind with a game in game with 6 games to go) but thats just cuz we had a championship team so yeah... league two might not be fun.
  9. Muur

    Football Thread

    woohoo we didnt finish bottom! edit: huh, the EFL have us listed bottom on PPG - that doesnt make sense. how does 5 wins and 11 draw be less PPG than 4 wins and 7 draws? that must be taking the -12 into account still. at least we have the biggest stadium in league two tbf, had we started with an actual team instead of a group of 15 year olds for 2 months we'd stay up easily even with the -12. and tranmere went down because we beat them just before their good run of form hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah
  10. Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution - Xbox One
  11. Muur

    Football Thread

    Still time to void League One
  12. Can I have some of the drugs Vince took when he made these MITB matches
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