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  1. I can't connect my ps3 to inet for now ( when it will be... i'll messege..
  2. I will try to put this on psn asap! i promise!
  3. No, Tnx) No tnx) No) Tnx)
  4. I need current... not PWG
  5. How about Rubens ?
  6. Need current movesets and entrance
  7. My bad, im upload but forget post in topic, so here it is!
  8. ! Formula posted ! Enjoy & Please! Do not try this a... do not steal it !
  9. I will make last attire (Sacrifice) and then post form... today or tommorow
  10. WHy you guys replys first post with pictures ????! Btw tnx, but it's to late for change boots, because painttool works for them deleted... And thats boots are ok, may be i will add some morphing on feet...
  11. Tnx! it's need good moveset and entrance, before it's going somewhere) 3d attire added with in-game & paintools!
  12. I will post form soon... when finish all attires, final face ? Hair and Logos fix! In-game pic!
  13. Tnx, no one of my CAWs not upload yet, but, it will be asap...
  14. Tnx, No it's not -100, but i will add some colour. Sorry but all 32 layers used
  15. Ow, now i understand what mean that guy! Hm... that attire really need ??? I have a pictures for this one...
  16. Ok, fix that later... well... im starting on 3rd attire, and i think it will be Lockdown attire... ideas for last attire is welcome, OR, just wait when Kaz wear a new one
  17. Late, i get suggestion from our doc But... Thats i may be get, or just make them a bit narrow... And don't think about the colour, this is about quality - because camera get them or to light or to dark Update: Face, Attires, Paintools, In-game pics!
  18. Can moders delete superfluous posts ???
  19. Can moders delete superfluous posts ???
  20. !Thanks guys! That's because of skintone 7 or 8, don't remember... but it skintone really more approaches for these CAWs... Yep, when i finish this CAW I don't understand you...
  21. Can moders delete superfluous posts ???
  22. Thank you, but it is unessential reply on 1st post with pictures... if you might, please edit your post. Thank you.
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