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  1. This is a thoroughly depressing result in Britain overall and i'm particularly embarrassed by the sheer stupidity of the people in Scotland who's support for the SNP has not only lost Labour votes in England that it needed to form a government, but the losses tonight also diminish their chances of even offering strong opposition to the Conservatives. For the SNP of course, tonight is working out perfectly. they take lots of influential scottish seats, and then whine when Scotland fails to have any influence in the main two parties. whip up hysteria in Scotland, and end up with another divisive, illogical and unnecessary referendum, both one on the EU then another on Scottish independence. It is really sad that so many people can buy into Nationalist lies. As a unionist, centre-left, New Labour supporter, this result is basically doomsday, with Douglas Alexander losing his seat, Gordon Brown's former constituency going too, and Jim Murphy and Ed Balls looking like they will lose. My only comfort is that if the conservatives end up in government alone their eurosceptics will ruin them with infighting as they did in the 90s, and leave Labour looking stronger next time around. Hopefully Chuka Umunna is the next leader.
  2. these are simply not true. 1. The yes votes pictured on the no table were infact unsorted votes. They hadn't been counted at all at that point, they had simply been put on the table before being counted. 2. no evidence at all to suggest that. Also Dundee was the yes campaigns biggest success of the night, If the police were trying to influence the result in favour of no they proved to be thoroughly incompetent. 3. Cameron is still fully committed to devolution everywhere. Miliband is still fully committed to devolution in Scotland but quite rightly is saying we need to think carefully before we allow blanket devolution all over the UK without careful consideration. These bitter claims of rigging by nationalists have tarnished what was an outstanding display of democracy in a country that usually can't be arsed with politics, and was being praised the world over as an example to other countries with such issues. Bear in mind also that respecting the final result was something that Nationalists demanded, Westminster could've just said "no the referendum isn't official" but in the spirit of democracy they didn't. Seeing nationalists who made so much out of the "greater democracy" argument now make these claims about the result sickens me.
  3. It's official. We've voted NO, 55% to 45%. excellent
  4. I've voted no. there's no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do. I didn't see a single benefit to independence proposed by the yes camp that could actually be provided with any certainty. any time you question them you are told to stop scaremongering and being negative. Plus we already have it good in the UK right now, we have the power to protect the NHS, we don't like Conservatives but let's face it they haven't won a parliamentary majority in 22 years and will be out of power in the 2015 election. we have a large role to play as a member of the EU, NATO and the UN security council, and we have nuclear weapons, which are not necessarily a good thing but any disarmament should be worldwide, it's irresponsible for one state to get rid of theirs while everyone else's capabilities stay the same. Our public spending is higher, and our public services are better than the rest of the uk. If yes wins it will be a triumph for faith over facts and that's very dangerous in politics. In any event, even if the yessers win, it will be by a couple of percent at the most, that leaves just under half of the country pissed off. Therefore I think there is a chance of riots, particularly in the event of a no vote, since the yes campaign are more passionate about their side(theirs is less a political argument and more a lifelong belief) and also better at organising random protests without warning. Plus yessers i've spoken to have a serious problem with a victim mentality, as has been seen by their opinions on big bad evil westminster, and the media, in particular the BBC. So if there's a no vote they'll no doubt start conspiracy theories.
  5. The ibrox naming rights wouldn't just be for a pound, that would be pointless. It'll be a pound with the promise of future investment or some form of investment at least. And Mike Ashley is for me the least worst option out of all prospective owners. He has money and is willing to put up, unlike all the so called fans like Dave King. He'll be out to make money for himself yes, but he's proven to be a successful businessman and if he wants to make money he'll have to run the club in a professional and profitable way. He's smart enough to realise that when back in the premier league Rangers could feasibly play in the champion's league every year if run correctly and that would make a substantial amount for him and us. Don't care if he renames ibrox. It'll still be ibrox to the fans, players and international media, and if celtic and thehscottish media mock us who cares.
  6. From what i've seen in the past 3 years, there aren't really shitter managers that come to mind. However i feel sorry for Palace fans because even their first backup choice of Sherwood was quite shit. Lennon isn't much better than Ally though, and he'd have referees going on strike(again) with the amount of complaining he does. Looking at the betting odds i'd take Steve Clarke over most of the others. Don't know much about Keith Millen but looking at the names being thrown about right now there comes a point where they'd be better just appointing him full time.
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/crystal-palace-next-manager-latest-palace-consider-ally-mccoist--exclusive-9686808.html Save us Palace, and also get used to playing players out of position, and signing players over 30, and playing long ball without any tactical organisation. On the plus side they'd get a manager who has managed in Europe with distinction against Malmo and Maribor.
  8. I dont know! Please PM me the name of the site, unless its IGN. me too, welcome to caws
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