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Snack Toxin

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  • Birthday 07/05/1990

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    No favourites.
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    Heavy Metal. Death to posers.
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    I display fruit and veg. Go figure.
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    Anything tasty.
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    White British
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    Too many to list.
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    Acting. Gaming. Music. Music gigs. Headbanging. Pitting. Being angry.
  1. Yo yo yo, I's be The 1337 Kingpin, chu disrespect me, chu get the backhand, dig? ...I joke. My name is 1337 Kingpin (real name Nick), 17 years old (born on July 5th, 1990) and currently mod the SDvR 07 PS2/360 Original CAWs & SDvR 08 PS2/3 Original CAWs sections. As the info below my avatar suggests, I have been a member of this board since the 29th June, 2006. I was promoted to moderator status during December last year, and have not been disappointed with the outcome since. I started watching wrestling when I was about 10 years old. Whilst I'm not so much of an avid fan of it these days, I still enjoy watching the odd show here and there for laughs (or if there's something REALLY interesting I've read about). Music-wise, I'll enjoy anything, but my main taste goes to the Metal genre. I generally listen to all kinds of Metal, but I've been drawn mostly into Death Metal these days. I guess you could say that hearing someone growl like a demon can be more entertaining to hear than someone just using clean vocals all the time (not that there's anything wrong with it). Also, the one genre I tend to dislike the most is rap music. It just sounds all the same to me, and from what I've recently heard, it's all about getting the women and money. Tch. Oh yeah, mention My Chemical Romance to me and I will go Hulk on you. What else to say? Oh yeah. I also own a PS3 with online capabilities. Tis very fun. So yeah, that's all I can think of at the moment.
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