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Everything posted by Bushy.

  1. I just never put the razor blades stuff together with cocaine like at all honestly lol
  2. One of the best segments AEW’s ever done.
  3. AEW is knocking it out of the the park every single week with Dynamite. Revolution is gonna be fantastic, and better than WrestleMania.
  4. Man that was awesome ! Look forward to see what he does with it.
  5. Razor Ramon was based on a Coke dealer/Scarface
  6. The millennial progressive cowboy
  7. And he hasn’t gotten his 1 on 1 title shot ? Geez that sucks. I’m not sure why they even made him win if they had no plans for him after that lol Thats almost like what WWE did with Otis
  8. They don’t have enough space for him. He should go to Impact or NJPW ideally. Maybe in a year or two he can go to AEW before he retires.
  9. Glad I won’t feel like I’m missing out on anything major with this PPV cus I had no interest in going to begin with. Hopefully next year is better, I’m trying to go to LA again.
  10. Ugh. Why ? He’s not going to be used.
  11. Bushy.

    WWE Drama

    I love it. Hope it continues.
  12. crazy how I literally tweeted about this a month ago lol
  13. Yeah, I’m not sure why ? Like I was expecting him to go on this huge Indy tear and he’s kinda chosen just not to Either way, I want him to be world champ one day and I’m not sure he’s gonna achieve that in AEW. But TNT title? Definitely achievable.
  14. Jesus Christ what a *censored*ing show. My favorite wrestler of the past few years is in AEW & aligned with Malakai Black. Wow.
  15. I love that AEW lets wrestlers work where ever, and I watch other promotions, but I feel like Jay White popping up in 3 different promotions in the same week KINDA takes the specialness off him tbh. Like, some dream matches I want in AEW are being done in other companies or indies. Like damn, I wish TK would tell these bookers they need to have these matchups on his show first.
  16. That’s actually a good point. A guy like Finn Balor (or even AJ before he resigned) would’ve been perfect for AEW…but they have no space. So yeah, that makes sense.
  17. Both guys from The North are super talented, but AEW doesn’t need either. There’s simply not enough room to vault more guys into the main event scene right now. I legitimately have no idea how Gargano is gonna fit, even though matches with guys like Bryan, Omega etc are a dream. I don’t think I can handle another hour of wrestling a week, but AEW might as well expand Rampage to 2 hours and move the time slot. Make it more important like Dynamite with good strong storyline progression than just 3 matches and a few backstage segments. Also bring in the trios belts to give these factions something to fight over.
  18. Sammy still carrying around 2 titles is so dumb. I get optics wise it makes him look like a big deal, but the interim title was only a thing for like a week or two.
  19. Yo what the hell is going on?
  20. Really don’t get the hype for AQA at all lol. Didn’t like her in NXT, and I’m willing to give her a chance but I don’t see her worthy of being signed after 1 mid performance. And her name is terrible. On the other hand, the women’s division needs more depth so hopefully she can develop over time and get better. And I’ll never hate on one of my people getting a chance so good for her ! Just personally not a fan.
  21. I’m not gonna lie man, I wanted EC3 to get pushed when he was in WWE, but ever since he left he’s been unrelentingly corny. I remember I tried to watch the free the narrative thing and gave up on it after like 20 minutes. He just tries too hard to me.
  22. To see them acknowledge tapings is so weird. But I had no idea who it was so I had to check it out (don’t watch SmackDown).
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