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  1. I honestly have no idea what you’re even talking about lol. I’ve never used reversal limits, ever. I had reversal fests in 19 more than 22. Idk what you mean by the game feeling “stuck in the mud”. Feels fine to me. I don’t even mean to by that guy, but if you genuinely gave it a chance and don’t like it, why still play it ?
  2. Great clips ! I agree with you. The game is just so fun and fluid to me.
  3. So with the time that the game has been out, what have you guys preferred gameplay style wise 2K19 or 2K22? I played 19 the other day for the first time since 22 released and I can honestly say prefer 22’s gameplay more.
  4. Man I love blood, but AEW is killing my enjoyment of it for me. Every. Single. *censored*ing. Week. Someone on this show is pouring blood. It’s gotta slow down man. It’s way beyond ridiculous now.
  5. Interesting. Idk if I ever noticed that.
  6. That’s definitely one of the most annoying things. Especially since it wasn’t in 19 (idk or care about 20)
  7. That’s gotta be the first time we’ve ever gotten a current day Bret Hart right ? That’s pretty *censored*ing cool. I normally don’t ever use legends because the 80’s models clash with immersion using current day, but a modern version of him sounds really fun.
  8. Man.. I’ve always hated that stuff in wrestling lmao
  9. I honestly prefer the new button mashing mini games for both pin & submission than any other game. I never, ever liked or got the hang of the submission wheel. I liked the pin meter from 2K19 but I can’t tell you how many times I can kick out of of 5 finishers but fall to a regular strike or grapple. The worst was definitely tapping out to normal submissions. In 2K19 with the submission button mashing, if you’ve pretty much depleted all your health, you’re auto tapping out and there’s nothing you can do about it. You at least have a chance in 2K22.
  10. That’s definitely not true. The higher the button mashing is to the nester the tighter I see the wrestler wrench on the submission. The less you press, the less tension you see applied.
  11. Yes, but I don’t see it as reactionary. Jade was always planned. They didn’t have Swerve or Keith Lee but that was expected they’d get pushed. They say Scorpio Sky’s push was always the plan so who knows. As a POC, I’m happy the direction they’re going in. It doesn’t feel forced, because all the black talent they have is actually *censored*ing good. No offense to legends like Booker T, Bobby Lashley or Mark Henry, but growing up I never felt connected to them like guys like Swerve, Keith Lee or even a guy like Carmelo Hayes in NXT.
  12. It honestly does annoy me that these small Indy companies get to have these first time dream matches between AEW talent, not on AEW shows. On one hand, I’m glad TK lets talent earn money elsewhere, but it really does take away the specialness of a lot of these matches and guys wrestling everywhere. And I say that as someone who’s seen AEW wrestlers at my small local Indy. btw I’m not talking about Briscoes/FTR
  13. Yeah you did the right thing. I was gonna suggest combining the two as well.
  14. Gotta say, despite the flaws this game has, I’m enjoying this gameplay more than 2K19 right now. And that was my favorite ever.
  15. Is that the first name change that was done to not effect guys coming in ? If so, I’m surprised they didn’t change Brody King’s name. I know they kinda cut off Swerve’s first name too which surprised me.
  16. I don’t want to see that tbh. Don’t care how much they love Bret. Would it be cool for a big match ? Sure. But him replacing Tully as a full time manager would be dumb.
  17. Do y’all actually watch and enjoy NXT still ? Everytime I see them on Twitter it’s about how horny the show is and people making out with each other.
  18. Has Peacock improved at all since they made a deal with WWE? I’ve been using the Network via VPN for a over a year now but it’s expensive. I really just want to watch classic WCW Nitro’s. But the chatter feature that allows you to skip around is really important to me.
  19. And they also took out squash matches.
  20. Great show ! Loved Rosa winning the belt and the confetti celebration. AEW needs to tone down on the blood though even though it was expected tonight. I’m fine with thumbtacks taking a long ass break. They mean nothing anymore and AEW has abused the spot to death.
  21. Anyone hate how inconsistent the quality in renders are ? Some are HD, and other just look like pictures taken from a phone. And there doesn’t seem to be a proportionate scaling used for heights and stuff. I know it’s minor, but it does bother me lol. Especially when we had in game models that were pretty much all even.
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