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  1. 3 pages for a WrestleMania. Damn this forum is dead. This has been one of my most hyped manias ever too.
  2. Just came from the show. Man that was *censored*ing awesome. Ospreay/Takeshita was the best match I’ve ever seen in person and the Sting send off was so much fun. Definitely worth the drive up here.
  3. Omg the black hairstyles in this game finally look good thank god Carmelo & Wes Lee rocked their looks !
  4. Twitter Divas fans are genuinely the worst. Anyways, I’m really shocked we got both Dudley’s & Sandman. I didn’t expect that.
  5. I can’t even lie, them getting Punk for a May DLC release is really impressive. Props to 2K for that.
  6. That is not true at all. IMO, most people who shit on PC are jealous that they don’t a decent rig to run it. Yes, a PC “port” can be poorly optimized, but most of the time it’s your actual hardware that is the issue. Never had any issue running a WWE game on my hardware. And the mods are worth it alone. I wouldn’t ever get a console release WWE game again. Especially with shared Community Creations. What’s the point ? Even IF the only mod you wanted was custom music, you can do that on PC and will never happen on console again. I have a Series X btw, so I’m not a biased anti console gamer.
  7. The trading blows minigame looks AWESOME. And I love the blood staying on the mat and ringside. Those make me very happy.
  8. I’m Ngl, I’ve played the game like twice.
  9. Bushy.

    WWE Drama

    Damn. That’s so sad. I remember people speculating they thought it was because she was recently sick.
  10. I agree with you. I don’t necessarily play the game for “a challenge”. Even though I can win on legend difficulty with ease. I much prefer to have a simulation style booking exactly how I want the card to go.
  11. Yeah I have no idea. And it’s been like that for almost a decade now. Truly ridiculous stuff.
  12. Not defending him, but I don’t think people seriously caught that.
  13. Just played my first match. The advanced AI setting’s definitely makes the game feel more simulation based. I can already tell I’ll enjoy this more than 22.
  14. Oh damn. Well, thankfully there’s still other stuff from him that he uploaded I want to use.
  15. Was gonna wait to buy the game, but the hidden arenas Status uploaded to CC had me get this on impulse. I’d be pissed off if they get removed but the time I was ready.
  16. That’s good ! One of the things that made me stop playing 2K22.
  17. Finally got a new section a week before release lmao
  18. Nah, it’s a cop out. If they want to get them in other modes of the game, they can. But they don’t want to.
  19. Nvm. Just skimmed through the CAW hair & beards and everything looks exactly the same. Yeah. Still don’t know if I want this or not.
  20. Damn the new universe info is tempting me to get the game now. I still may see if modding gets easier in this game because last years was tedious and I don’t like to rely on CC for real life updates anymore. If not, I’ll probably run a mostly exclusive original CAW only save again. I don’t need everything up to date in WWE as I barely watch anymore, but I just want more freedom to make things how I want them to look. And if I don’t feel too much freedom in the creative department for that, I won’t.
  21. They DESPERATELY need to add some African American hairstyles and beards. I’m tired of the shitty 5 options we’ve had since I started playing 16 years ago.
  22. Damn. The K360 & Million Dollar Lariat were the only moves I absolutely loved. Grayson Waller’s moves were pretty cool, but overall everything else was pretty mid.
  23. That AI tendency thing is huge if it actually does work like intended. May actually get that game eventually if it works good along with Universe Mode improvements.
  24. To me, I rather they add new body hair options over body morphing. We’ve had the same shitty ones since it seems like the PS2 era. Seeing everyone with the same body hair is more annoying to me. And the ones we have aren’t even good in the first place.
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