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  1. Don’t blame anyone who’s a diehard AEW fan for completely shitting on the company is ran rn. And for the haters, can’t blame them at all for the criticism. The shows & PPV’s are still all enjoyable, but backstage is just a complete *censored*ing mess. They’re in absolute shambles rn and TK is a spineless coward. This needs to end with Punk & Steele being fired. Don’t even care about how much of a fan I am of him. Wrong is wrong. Dude is a cancer to wrestling and he’ll be the death of this company if they keep him.
  2. I’ve been a fan of CM Punk since 2007. That’s 15 years. I literally cried real tears when he returned a year ago in 2021. It is without a doubt my favorite wrestling moment OF ALL TIME. But, this dude is a cancer to every locker room he’s a part of. He’s got to go.
  3. Also gotta say the match graphics itself looks sick. They always kill it. Love the moving graphics they had on TV too !
  4. Card looks good but it’s way too *censored*ing long. 14 matches is ridiculous even for WrestleMania standards. Not gonna give it a pass just because they’re my favorite promotion. Only positive is I don’t work Monday.
  5. reDRagon/UE was a complete flop in AEW. I can’t believe we didn’t even get them vs the Bucks lol
  6. Man that ending was *censored*ing ass. Wtf Trips !
  7. WWE is so *censored*ing good rn wtf
  8. You always seemed like an iPhone guy to me.
  9. Is there anyone on here that’s going ?
  10. Pretty weird for him to be left off. Also sucks that Mandy is champ going into this match.
  11. Edge rocking wrestlemania whites
  13. Randomest *censored*ing debut of all time I’m here for it though
  14. AEW’s over reliance on blood is very *censored*ing annoying to me. It’s every god damn week. Sometimes twice a week. Line god damn, it doesn’t even feel special anymore.
  15. Ummmmm, is there any reason why this forum doesn’t have an AEW section? And why is The Wrestling Code the first thing we see ? Bizarre.
  16. Can’t believe Logan/Miz was my MOTN. But Paul won me over at WM anyways. I was happy when he signed.
  17. I’m really surprised you didn’t go to 29 or 35.
  18. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I look forward to watching Raw for the first time in like a year tonight. Women’s stuff has me most excited.
  19. What a great *censored*ing show. The HHH era is looking bright.
  20. I may actually start watching WWE again
  21. HOLY *censored*ING SHIT LETS GOOOOOOO !!!
  22. Never thought I’d see the day this happened again. Wild times. its insane to think that I joined this site a few months after they went PG. edit: nvm I joined 2 months before.
  23. Wait so Kingston & Claudio legit hate each other ? I honestly thought it was a work lol. I don’t know their history at all. I believe they worked together in chikara…?
  24. Man what a great *censored*ing show. Everything for me was perfect her the ending of the womens match and the IWGP fatal 4 way. One of my favorite wrestling shows of all time easily. Watching it in a movie theater was a blast too.
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