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  1. Orange Cassidy winning over Cole wasn’t a good decision. Regardless of the record in the match meaning anything because it was lights out, if it’s the end of the feud, Cole should’ve won to prep him for the main event at Revolution.
  2. Some fun stuff, but not a good show overall.
  3. Yeah I go through spurts where I watch Dark & Elevation and really enjoy them. I prefer Dark, especially because the setting, but I like Elevations music & graphics package more.
  4. Man I don’t even know anymore. The first MLW show was Battle Riot 3 and that’s the show they debuted on as LAX. Wikipedia calls them 5150/LAX and lists them under the history of LAX so who knows. MLW definitely has a name identity problem where wrestlers have multiple names. Like Danny Limelight goes by Rivera. But I’ve heard of him referred to as Danny Limelight Rivera AND Danny Rivera. It’s cool that they acknowledge different names and stuff but it’s confusing.
  5. Really hope we can mod 2K22. Playing my AEW overhaul rn and it’s so much fun. If the file structure is similar to 2K20 it may only be custom trons and custom themes.
  6. Everything is inside the cases yeah. I just put some double sided adhesive tape on the back so I can take them off and rearrange if I want.
  7. Him and his wife sure do get people talking though. I’ll give him that.
  8. Oh & 5150 has been the best part of the show each week.
  9. This Azteca stuff has been really bad. Everything just comes off as so sloppy and poorly done. I’m really enjoying the backstage segment and vignettes though.
  10. Need to rearrange my case and clear out space for it too. I think I’ll take the first 3 out.
  11. nWo edition is way overpriced, but I’d probably get it if it had a physical release. How do you lock the most expensive edition to digital only ? Lol I'll probably get the deluxe after they show actual footage, or later on after it releases. I’m not sure yet.
  12. Crazy how besides his time in The Bar, Sheamus has been wearing the same thing for essentially over 10 years now.
  13. I can’t believe you played it for this long. I tried the first week and stopped.
  14. Damn bro why you Preordered already and we haven’t even seen gameplay footage yet
  15. The HFO is such a *censored*ing waste of Andrade’s time. END THIS DAMN FACTION.
  16. I never got to finish it because I didn’t have the password for the cable service to use on the Vice app. Got it now, I need to finish it.
  17. Would be absolutely embarrassing if every attire they put in besides Apollo Crews was from 2020.
  18. WWE & 2K were really gonna have MGK as a preorder bonus after a 2+ year wait
  19. I’ve been giving it some thought over the past couple of months, and I think I prefer FTR/The Revival in WWE over AEW. I just liked their overall presentation, theme, names, gear, a lot more. Specifically in NXT. They were trash on the main roster. I think they’ve went too on the nose about them loving the 80’s era it kinda feels like a parody. And although they’re still an amazing tag team, none of their matches have been MOTYC to me besides their one match with the Bucks. So yeah, I’ll take their 2016-2017 Dash & Dawson days feuding with DIY & AA.
  20. Yeah this is where we disagree, and that’s okay.
  21. He’s boring and his association with Private Party, Butcher & Blade & TH2 all ruined them in the HFO. I just don’t want to see him on TV anymore. I don’t hate him, just tired of him. The Broken stuff was fun when he first debuted, but it got old.
  22. Smh they’re thinking so backwards. How many preorders are they gonna get without revealing info first ? We already did this with 2K20 and it failed. No one trusts them anymore.
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