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  1. AEW’s over reliance on blood is very *censored*ing annoying to me. It’s every god damn week. Sometimes twice a week. Line god damn, it doesn’t even feel special anymore.
  2. Ummmmm, is there any reason why this forum doesn’t have an AEW section? And why is The Wrestling Code the first thing we see ? Bizarre.
  3. Can’t believe Logan/Miz was my MOTN. But Paul won me over at WM anyways. I was happy when he signed.
  4. I’m really surprised you didn’t go to 29 or 35.
  5. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I look forward to watching Raw for the first time in like a year tonight. Women’s stuff has me most excited.
  6. What a great *censored*ing show. The HHH era is looking bright.
  7. I may actually start watching WWE again
  8. HOLY *censored*ING SHIT LETS GOOOOOOO !!!
  9. Never thought I’d see the day this happened again. Wild times. its insane to think that I joined this site a few months after they went PG. edit: nvm I joined 2 months before.
  10. Wait so Kingston & Claudio legit hate each other ? I honestly thought it was a work lol. I don’t know their history at all. I believe they worked together in chikara…?
  11. Man what a great *censored*ing show. Everything for me was perfect her the ending of the womens match and the IWGP fatal 4 way. One of my favorite wrestling shows of all time easily. Watching it in a movie theater was a blast too.
  12. Hope Jeb starts watching more when his boy shows up.
  13. Pack it up. Dudes done. I don’t ever have a desire to see this man on TV again. No one in wrestling has EVER got as many chances as Jeff Hardy. That’s it for him.
  14. Man. I don’t really like any of the moves. They look too fast. Like you can barely see the impact of them hitting the opponent.
  15. One that really pisses me off about the game is the same reused reversal animations. I am TIRED of seeing ground stomps countered into a dragon screw, and then standing grapples countered into a horribly animated German suplex. Those two ALONE make me not want to play anymore. They happen every match, multiple times.
  16. Idk why, but this game just isn’t hitting for me anymore. I’m kinda just… bored. Even though it’s a good game.
  17. Won’t be watching the show live as I’m rooting on my Miami Heat to make it to the NBA Finals Ruined my damn plans man. Originally, I thought the show was on Saturday. I was going to get tickets to watch it in the movies when my friend told me the game and the PPV were actually happening at the exact same time. So yeah… bummed. I’m really curious about this MJF stuff and what they do. Great card overall, but I think it’s too long.
  18. Wow. I don’t watch NXT 2.0, but them putting the arena in randomly is pretty sick. The one thing I do like about the show is their setup, besides all the white.
  19. JENA’s definitely got AEW arenas on lock. Who’s the best for titles ? There’s so much inconsistency between then and way too many people upload through same thing so it’s hard to differentiate.
  20. I honestly don’t know how you can look at “Butch” and say he’s the same fundamentally as Pete Dunne. I honestly feel like you just are contrarian to be contrarian to be honest because there’s no way you typed that, pressed send and actually believed what you said. “Butch” is nowhere near the Bruiserweight gimmick lmao. You do this with WWE takes, AEW takes, everything. No one just ever says anything about it because your position on the site.
  21. Ayy, I was waiting for this. Been a staple in my Hardcore division.
  22. But why wouldn’t you rather use Dijakovic ? Not only is the name and look better, but he was literally used better than “T-Bar”. That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about lol
  23. One of the reasons I can’t watch WWE anymore is because they treat you like an idiot by pretending like someone getting called up from NXT is a completely different person when they get a new name. Like, y’all literally broadcast NXT on the same channel as Raw, no, it’s not the same viewership, but it’s the same company the very next night. And you even got main roster guys appearing on there. But suddenly they’re just a completely different person with no explanation on Raw or SmackDown ? I can’t invest time into that shit anymore man. It’s so insulting.
  24. This may be unpopular but, it annoys me when people feel the need to update every single thing in the game to mimic present day. Especially terrible gimmicks and bad name changes. Like you’re seriously gonna turn badass Pete Dunne to “Butch” because WWE did it ? Or breaking up great stables because they split people up every week ? Take the good, leave the bad.
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