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  1. It’s not (and thankfully glad it’s not) going to be like HCTP at all. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
  2. Gonna be really pissed off if they add absolutely nothing to Create an Arena, or Create a Show. It’s been the same stuff for almost 10 years now.
  3. War Games match looks genuinely fun, but the hit detection is so awful it takes me out of it. Especially when they don’t know the timing window and when to hit certain moves.
  4. That alone is like the major reason I don’t play these games anymore.
  5. Wow this is hella disappointing. Cody & Bron look good, and the game is still beautiful, but it still looks to play EXACTLY like 22 which is the most important thing and that *censored*ing sucks. Edge’s short hair looks like CAW hair. and Brock still has that weird glued on beard and his face still looks so pale. Also, what’s with that weird fixed camera angle on the ring? Female ref is a nice touch though. The menus are also the coolest thing I’ve seen so far, as I’m a big UI guy for stuff But overall, not sure I’m really interested in this game. Buying 22 for both PC & console was a waste of time & money as I barely played either version. I feel like wrestling games are slowly losing me.
  6. I’m not trying to defend WWE or 2K at ALL, but I was always under the assumption it’s because WWE has the initiative to make everyone look better, younger and more larger than life in the video games. That’s why Hogan either wore a bandanna in ring, had more hair than he ever had in his prime, was WAAAAY bigger muscle mass wise. Remember back in the day when every wrestler was given six packs? Even the fat ones. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s why guys like Roman don’t have that touch of grey, or HBK/Taker having bald spots, Bayley being too slim, etc.
  7. I agreed. Looking like 22 but playing like 19 would be my dream scenario.
  8. I personally think they peaked at their debut. IMO they haven’t been good on TV and their best moment was at SummerSlam.
  9. It’s actually pretty insane to think that we’ll get Cody Rhodes in a WWE game that was just announced, before the AEW game that’s been announced and “coming soon” for years now lol
  10. RVD being back & the ONS arena is great though unfortunately I was hyped for him in 22 and probably used him 2 times lol
  11. Pretty much. I love the graphics. I love the new war games match. The thought of a revamped Universe sounds amazing ! But none of that matters to me if my wrestlers are in a fighting stance and throwing combos like it’s Tekken.
  12. Not impressed or excited unless they bring back the old grapple system. but judging by this, I doubt they did.
  13. Did we flip flop opinions since the game released ? I could’ve sworn I liked the gameplay at first and you hated it lol
  14. Absolutely love the completed set for Dynamite. The new apron and ringside barricades look great.
  15. Really hope Trips dips and just makes his own company this time fr. Let WWE rot.
  16. Saudi about to buy WWE. Vince back in power. Massive W
  17. Can’t say I’m excited for the new game at all honestly.
  18. Great show last night Hopefully this is what gets their ball rolling again. Excited for what’s next for the first time since All Out.
  19. AEW does way too many worked shoot promos. I feel like almost every main PPV feud is centered around mentioning a wrestlers past in WWE, and how they politicked their way to a top position, etc. Like it’s one thing for it to be MJF’s shtick, but Britt Baker coming out with her stuff against Sarayah, not mention the sandbagging stuff. It’s too WCW/TNA-esque.
  20. Skipped out on watching the show again. Seems like I didn’t miss much ??? And how the *Censored* does Jeff Jarrett have a match on the PPV? Lol. Idk what the *Censored* is going on with this company rn but they need to snap out of it. Because currently, I’m not even watching the shows.
  21. Probably because a snarky one liner is no where near as bad as literally starting a brawl backstage lol
  22. I’ve always known Cabana was an Indy legend. Hell, in my early days as IWC smark I popped when he joined WWE as Scotty Goldman without even seeing his work, only based on his reputation. But actually watching him? Yeah. Never did anything for me.
  23. AEW is straight up turning into WCW lol.
  24. Yeah I don’t either. I get not liking any guys of the Elite, but comparing some dumb one liner that went over mostly everyone’s heads until Punk brought it up months later, to a guy going rogue on a company media scrum and then immediately following that up with throwing the first shots in a heated backstage brawl ? Yeah, no.
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