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Everything posted by Bushy.

  1. Crazy to think Sting would look better in the ring than Undertaker in 2021
  2. Sucks for FTR but Sting still has it man.
  3. Man Sting but on his god damn working boots.
  4. Lyriqz. what ever happened to that guy ?
  5. Spears got the same trunk design as Shelton Benjamin’s old ones ?
  6. Damn that was the most cursing I’ve ever heard in a wrestling promo ever lol
  7. Damn, Daniel Garcia is quickly becoming one of my favs. I didn’t even know who he was a month ago lol I wanna see him vs Bryan so bad.
  8. I’ve said from the start, it always should’ve and will be at Full Gear. Exactly a year since their last singles match. In fact, I don’t even know why they started teasing it for Double or Nothing. and again, Page asked for time off himself. So let’s extinguish this notion of “AEW dropped the ball on him winning earlier”.
  9. As someone who doesn’t watch the weekly product anymore, it was cool to tune it for that segment and see him win. However, I wish the entire angle wasn’t hot shotted and made more sense storyline wise. I actually think at SummerSlam would’ve been better personally, but oh well. Can’t hate on it.
  10. Absolutely loved that wedding.
  11. Damn that *censored*ing sucks
  12. Wait is that Jake Atlas ? Wtf
  13. Von Wagner looks like a preset CAW
  14. Ivy Nile has such a cooler look than Leyla Hirsch
  15. Uhh; yeah, that’s not a good idea
  16. That chick has the same gear as Tay Conti lol
  17. Honestly WWE is doing a pretty good job handling black wrestlers right now. Best I’ve ever seen it.
  18. Didn’t know Carmelo Hayes got a manager. He has a good look too honestly
  19. Damn Bee Fab built like Charlotte.
  20. Crowd area kinda reminds me of WCW Saturday Night
  21. Never seen these people honestly
  22. Kinda crazy that he’s from Woodstock lol. And he went to KSU down the street from me.
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