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  1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to say “we have to contain the carnage that we brought all over the stadium, WAR GAMES (blood and guts)”.
  2. Using War Games as a setup for the Stadium Stampede is so weird
  3. That Bucks vs SCU match was amazing ! One of my favs of the year no doubt
  4. Damn. I remember when you were still 28. I turn 25 Thursday actually.
  5. Loved the Jimmy Uso story btw
  6. A good, easy to watch show. This show is so much better than Raw it’s not even funny. Think I’ll stick with watching it every week now.
  7. That’s not gonna happen so I don’t even know why bring it up. But I hope they do now.
  8. Man, AEW is in such a weird predicament where almost anyone can win either title, but in the process of not everyone being able to be champ, so many guys have nothing to do. I guess it’s a good problem to have ? Idk. I don’t think they should sign any top male talent for a while. Women’s division still needs work. It’s almost like every division is overloaded.
  9. I love a good spot fest, but NXT War Games is more of a Indy spot fest. Just a bigger spectacle overall. AEW Blood & Guts was definitely a more personal, violent brawl. The blood added a lot too. The NXT matches were great, but I think I prefer this style. I also loved this cage more than WWE’s.
  10. Yeah fall could’ve been better. Especially after that ending.
  11. Enjoying this more than the NXT ones but the commercials are god awful. They can never do this on free tv again
  12. Good NXT this week. Next week will be even better.
  13. I think that was the most I’ve ever been annoyed at commercials in a match before.
  14. Damn that Bryan/Reigns match was great. All those submissions looked so painful.
  15. As great as Judas is as a theme and entrance, nothing beats Break The Walls Down. Literally every time I listen to it I get goose bumps. I think having a good couple years break from it also helped for nostalgia reasons.
  16. Watching night 2 back. This show is so much better on TV ngl. *Riddle/Sheamus & Zayn/Owens was great. *Damn. Rhea/Asuka really was meh. And that ending was as anticlimactic as I originally thought *god damn that main event was *censored*ing fantastic. Night 2 came off a lot better on TV stop me. Night 1 was still better though.
  17. I can’t believe out of all the chicks that beat her it was that chick... like she wasn’t even good. They should’ve called an audible on that.
  18. KUSHIDA changing his look every week is killing me I guess someone told him being barefoot wasn’t a good look.
  19. I feel so bad for Toni Storm. She shouldn’t even be a heel and she doesn’t deserve this lol that chick almost broke her neck too.
  20. I like Seth Rollins new theme more than his 2015- one
  21. Well that was disappointing. was Swann hurt ? The match just never kicked into that second gear to me. It was kinda just...there. And the botched didn’t help. just...idk. The whole thing didn’t even feel like a big deal. A tiny venue with no fans or pyro. I know it was an impact ppv but that would’ve been way better at Daily’s. I also just don’t think Swann was the right guy for this.
  22. Rewatching Mania for the first time. *why the hell did they pipe in so much fake crowd noise ? This is horrible for wrestlemania *damn they gave Hogan cheers *the crowd darkening sucks sooooo much. I didn’t even know they did this lol *I guess I’m not surprised edited out the weather shit *they edited out Mandy’s botch too *Omos with a DMX tribute ? *damn they really superimposed the banner graphic on the nosebleeds like I wasn’t even there *that rewatch of the Bad Bunny match was fantastic. *idc idc idc, maybe being there live made be biased, but that Bianca/Sasha match was definitely one of my favorites of all time. The energy, the passion, the implications in history
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