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  1. KAI STEVENS, having just retained his SupremePRO Universal Championship against HAYDEN KNIGHT, would be planning his celebrations with friends and family once he gets back to the states.
  2. KAI STEVENS, having finally removed himself from underneath the mountainous burden of the work he'd procrastinated and gotten himself assigned, would find himself in the gym. He knew he had to defend his Universal Championship on Sunday, but he'd no clue against whom. After he'd dispatched Shaun Danielson in a rather macabre fashion, he'd had to return home to Long Island to deal with some personal bullshit and had a lifetime's worth of paperwork to do, additionally. At this point in his career, Kai would know what he needs to do, he would just find himself struggling to actually do it. Change is hard.
  4. LIVE in HD from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! The feisty 'Bullfight' by A Day To Remember would play over the PA system as SupremePRO's opening videos got us started. As they finished, the theme would continue on with the ringside cameras panning over the raucous fans in attendance, capturing the overexcited reactions of the ones who had managed to get tickets. The voice of PRO's ever-reliable Adrian Chambers would begin to talk over the scenes, with the images eventually panning over to the commentary desk; Chambers and Rogan ready to bring us in to this episode! ------- "Ladies and gentlemen Faye Evans here, we'd like to take you back to something that happened earlier today just as the fans were packing into the arena tonight." With that we transition straight into the footage. Grand championship number one contender Owen Young can be seen with marching up and down the line of fans with a megaphone and a picket sign which reads "STOP THE INJUSTICE!" "An unjust act or occurrence; That is the definition of the word Injustice! Tonight you will all witness two injustices because there will be potentially two more contenders to the Grand championship! We don't need two more contenders, there's already one contender! Me! And I won the right to a title shot fair and square! Protest with me everyone!" The fans in attendance laugh and cheer as Owen screams "STOP INJUSTICE!" over and over again. We then go back to live action with Faye Evans who is now joined by Owen Young. "Owen it appears you're not happy with the two other contender matches on the card tonight." "Oh Owen it appears you're not happy bla bla bla, shut up Faye! Of course I'm not happy, this is injustice! How is it fair that tonight two other number one contenders could be named, I'm already the number one contender! There can only be one number one contender and that's me! You know Rima would never let this happen, she was a competent boss, she knew what she was doing, she would have never driven the Grand title into a such a pickle. That's why as well as protesting the injustice, I am also handing out petitions to get Brian Church out of the general managers office! Do you want to sign one Faye?" "Uhh no thanks, Brian kinda gave me my job here." "Oh that's alright, you support injustice then, and whilst you do that I'll go find someone who wants to sign my petition to end injustice instead of support it!" And with that, Owen Young runs off down the hall shouting at somebody. Will he be successful in ending injustice? Who knows? ------- WESLEY HOPE VS. HAYDEN KNIGHT SINGLES MATCH - ONE FALL Its time for our first match of the evening. A match-up between two of the newcomers in SupremePRO. Its the Aerial King, Wrestlings most hopeful man, the one and only Wesley Hope against the dark and gritty, the savage prince, the other one and onlyHayden Knight. Two of the newest talents here in SupremePRO and two men the crowd couldnt root for any less. Before the match has even started, the crowd starts a drawn out Boring chant. Neither man seems to be particular happy about it and Hope goes so far to even insult the fans for it, resulting in a huge backlash in the form of a You are hopeless! chant. Now Hayden Knight is the one trash talking the fans, who dare to ignore him. The result is a You both suck! chant. As Hope starts complaining even louder, Knight uses this distraction to run at his opponent with a Big Boot right across the face. Despite Hope being on the floor, the referee rings the bell, just to get through this match before the interaction between fans and wrestlers gets physical. The Big Boot, however, has been very physical and as Hope is getting back onto his feet, he is checking if he still has all his teeth. Apparently thats the case, as he is now the one going in for an attack. Knight is prepared and the two men meet in the middle of the ring, exchanging body jabs over and over again. Its Knight who gains the upper hand. He pushes Wesley back into the corner, before grabbing him by his throat and lifting him onto the top turnbuckle. Wesley tries to fight back and after a few seconds he successfully manages to push Knight backwards. Wesley gives himself some time to recover under the assumption that Hayden also needs some time himself. Unfortunately Knight has regained control quickly and storms towards his opponent, still positioned on the top rope. Knight jumps up, hooks the shoulders andAVALANCHE BELLY-TO-BELLY! OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY from the top rope! For the first time in the match the crowd pops for a move, as Wesley Hope flies all across the ring, before landing back-first on the mat. Knight hooks the leg for the cover for an extremely quick victory. ONE! TWO! AND KICK OUT! This match goes on! And so does the hostility of the crowd towards these two men, as they chant You still suck! at Knight. Knight curses at the referee and shows him how to count to three. To no-ones surprise the referee doesnt change the last pinfall attempt. Both men are back to their feet. Wesley clearly in worse condition, but on his feet nonetheless. The two men exchange a few words, before Knight starts to punch him down. Hope isnt able to resist much, until jumping backwards, in an attempt to catch his opponent in a surprise Superkick. But Knight blocks it, grabs Wesley by the wrist, hits him with one incoming Lariat, before bringing him back into a standing position for a second one. This time its Wesley who is able to doge the move, trying to turn it into a Spanish Fly-like maneuver. But, out of the referees view, Knight bites his opponent in the ear before hitting the LATE KNIGHT SPIKE a jumping reverse STO! Wesley is out of it! Knight immediately goes for a cover, while also using the ropes for extra leverage. The referee doesnt see it and counts regardless. ONE! TWO! THREE! AND A KICK OUT BY HOPE! Too late! "By way of pinfall, here is your winner... HAAAAAYYYYYYYDDDEEEEEENNNNN KNNNNIIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHTTTT!" The crowd boos, as Hayden Knight rolls himself out of the ring, the arms raised high up in the air while celebrating this quick victory in the opening contest of tonights SupremePRO broadcast. Meanwhile Wesley Hope in the ring is throwing a tantrum. He starts accusing the referee for being bought by Knight beforehand. He also blames the crowd for being distracting. But most members have long stopped caring about what was going on in the ring. Not really a hopeful way to start his career in SupremePRO. ------- That is the theme of the new women's champion, Yoshino Nakano! she was unable to make the previous show due to a concussion caused by the now former women's champion in Ariana Jaxon, who ambushed the Japanese Idol whilst she was in the middle of celebrating the biggest moment of her life. Forget singing in front of thousands when she was an idol, winning this championship was the biggest moment of her life. Jaxon refused to allow any celebrations, beating down the Idol with her baseball bat, feeling proud of herself. Yoshino comes out, without the kimono and kitsune mask this time for full title showing off, slapping the hands of fans etc. This is slightly unusual for the Idol to do but with all the fan support she's had going into her career thus far, it's the least she can do to say thanks. Eventually she gets into the ring and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer. "I... I did it! I finally achieved my dream... I-I'm the Women's Champion!" The crowd cheer out multiple things from "Yes! Yes! Yes!" to "Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi! and even "You deserve it!", Yoshi has a smile of delight etched into her face as the chants go on and on, lifting the championship high into the air as they do so. Eventually it calms down and she motions on to continue talking. "It took three long years since I made my debut as the small little idol who just wanted to sing in front of everyone and make them happy... I have... changed a lot over the passed few years and now to finally be able to call myself a champion... it means the world to me to be able to say that I'm the women's champion and it's all thanks to my wonderful loyal fans... I may have acted a little differently lately but I'm still the same lovable woman who first showed up in FWA all those years ago, I just had to- do things a different way to get what I wanted... the wrestling business is different to the Idol business and it just... took me a little while to realise that..." That certainly underselling the entire thing. "But what was suppose to have been the best day of my life was ruined by... by a bitch. Yeah, that's right, a bitch! your former champion got all mad and decided to ruin the best moment of my life... I wouldn't have done it to her..." Yoshi is lying, she totally would've had she been the one losing "and yet because she lost, proving that she was just the lesser bitch between her and Rima when they had their fights over this championship and hadn't changed at all and attacked me, she just wouldn't let me have my moment... well guess what, I'm not through with you! I'm glad you want to use your rematch in Tokyo... you think you will be able to beat me in my home country, in front of millions of my loyal Yoshi fans? well, you're wrong! I beat you in Toronto in one of the best women's wrestling matches of all time and I will do it again! only this time... it's personal! you ruined my moment and I will not let you ruin my first ever match in my home country of Japan! I told you it was my destiny to win your championship and then take it into Japan as the champion and you can not stop destiny! it will be my destiny to get my revenge in Tokyo and hear the crowd chant my name all night! you will not be allowed to win in Japan, it just will not be allowed to happ--..." "AH, PUH-LEEEAAASE!" And just like that, the Women's Champion would be interrupted by the familiar voice of Ariana Jaxon blaring over the speakers. The titantron would light up; thus, revealing the former Women's Champion standing somewhere backstage with a look of disgust on her face as the crowd let their opinions of the Empress known with resounding disapproval. "Aye, nobody wanna' hear what you gotta' say, a'ight? And uh, I, for one, don't wanna hear 'bout what you THINK you gon' do, a'ight?! Watchu' gon' do, is shut the *Censored* up an' listen to ME!" Loud boos emanate from the capacity crowd as Ariana shouts this through the tron. "You standin' in that ring talkin' an' preachin' 'bout you walkin' in to Japan was "destined" to happen or whateva' - yeah, okay... maybe it was. But you walkin' outta' Tokyo with MY title? I know it's your beloved homeland an' shit, but c'mon now..." Ariana shakes her head from side to side, scoffing. "Baby girl, you already playin' yourself and you soundin' real, real dumb right now... an' if you keep talkin' out the side of ya' neck? I'mma come out there an' have you LOOKIN' real dumb, too - when I drop your ass again! Yeah, I ruined your moment in Toronto. Boo freakin' hoo. Suck it up, you pathetic bitch... an' just accept it, 'cos you didn't deserve to have a moment! But aye, it don't stop there, Yoshino! Oh, don't you worry, girl! I'mma ruin this janky ass title reign of yours before it even has the chance of takin' off an' then I'mma ruin your pathetic career--and if I feel like it an' if I want to? I'mma ruin your mutha*censored*in' LIFE!" Yoshino was in quite the shock, I mean she half expected Ariana to show up and try and ruin this first championship appearance but for her to appear on the tron like that? well, that wound up as quite the surprise, Ari is a bag full of tricks, I suppose. "Why don't you come down here you coward?! You want a fight? Then bring it! Get down here right now! You think you're real funny because you're up there on that screen, laughing at me because you ruined the best night of my life? Well then how about you fight me fair and square one on one right now instead of hiding being that screen? Or are you too scared that you will lose to me again and not be able to get to Tokyo? You think no one wants to hear what I say but you couldn't be any more wrong but you know what they want to see me do more than me celebrating my title win...? They want me to beat you up and get my ultimate revenge!" "YOSHI'S GONNA' KILL YOU" CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP "YOSHI'S GONNA' KILL YOU" CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP "YOSHI'S GONNA' KILL YOU" CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP ...Are the chants that sound throughout the arena, which were all directed toward Ariana Jaxon, who would continue to present a heavy scowl upon her face. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP, I SAID! I don't care WHAT "they" want an' I sure hell don't care what YOU want, a'ight?!" Jaxon exclaims, as the chants would quickly quiet down. "You funny, Yoshi. I mean, you really got some nerve callin' me--ME a coward?! Psssh, puh-leeeaase! I ain't gonna' speak for anybody else, but I ain't scared of you, Yoshi... so like, just stop. Please. Your lil' fans can chant aaaalll they want abut how you gonna' "kill me" or whateva', but they know if I were to come out to that ring right now? Shit is gon' hit the fan--real quick, an' I'd beat your mutha*censored*in' face in, drag your ass from pillar to freakin' post, use your face as my doormat an' make you my BITCH all over again like I did in Toronto! So don't stand in that ring an' act like I'm not doin' you the biggest favor of your freakin' life right now, a'ight? Thank me, you pathetic ass piece of shit--THANK ME! THANK ME! If I were to come out there, the only thing--the ONLY THING you SHOULD be doin' is gettin' down on your hands an' knees an' kissin' my feet--THANKING ME for even allowing you talk about how you "accomplished your dreams", 'cos it's all comin' to an end--real soon!" "I can't kiss your feet if you're up there, Ariana!" It was at that point the titantron cuts off. "although I guess you're right that I should be thanking you for being the one who had to lose for me to achieve my destiny... only one person could've done that and I guess but was you... so well done! you tried really hard to make sure it was you and not Rima who had to lose to me and now you even get to lose to me in Tokyo... I would be so honoured... but I hope Kimura kicks your ass tonight! ...although maybe not too much because I want to do most of that myself... and I guess we learned that Ariana really is scared of me! not that I'm surprised tough... I'd be scared of her too if I was the one in her place... I guess that's why she's locked herself up in that room, probably put all her chairs and lamps in front of it to stop me getting so I guess if I can't go and find her because of that... let's have a celebration of me winning the women's title, yay Yoshi! you worked so hard to achieve your dream! Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi!" The remaining few minutes of the promo time featured Yoshino lifting the championship multiple times in the air, standing on the turnbuckle, some stream and confetti coming down. It would've been nothing compared to what would've happened when she actually won it... but it will do. The scene then fades out, seemingly nothing being able to actually get Ariana out from wherever she was hiding. ------- Following on from the opening match and the segment with the Women's Champion and her foe, we rejoin Owen Young on the hunt for signatures. So far his petition has zero signatures, however it's only early days. After a short walk the little RockStar spots Gabriel Gospel; Hesitant at first, Owen soon decides to sheepishly walk on over to the villain, contract in hand. "Hello Mr. Gospel, you don't like many people do you? But you like me, right? Um, don't answer that. Anyway, I was wondering if you could please sign my petition to get Brian Church out of the general managers office? He's doing injustices and it's just not fair." Gabriel shoots Owen a stare of disgust that just seems to liner and linger and linger. In the end he completely blanks Owen and instead flags down one of the nearby backstage managers. "Didn't I say that I don't want to be bothered by these Make-A-Wish kids? I don't want to catch whatever they're carrying. Go, get it away from me. Be gone with you cretin." Well that didn't go to well. After being denied, a sad and dejected Owen spots SupremePRO fan favorite Shaun Danielson warming up in preparation for his match later tonight. Owen runs over excitedly and this time goes right in with a different approach. "Hey Shaun, Shaun Danielson! Big fan, can I have your autograph please?" Shaun Danielson knows who this is and no its not some random fan who has managed to break into the backstage area, its the one and only Owen Young. Danielson scratches his head because he really doesnt have time for this at all, hes got a main event to wrestle in later tonight and this is just throwing him off focus! He takes a very quick scan of the paper and sees something about contendership, petition, injustice blah blah blah whatever, he cant take reading it any longer and to be honest, he just wants it out of his face. With a shrug of the shoulders and a quick look around, he takes a pen and signs, god only knows what hes signed up to, really not the smartest move was it? Probably not, but Owen doesn't care! Happy with his one signature, Owen smiles happily and pats Shaun on the shoulder before running off down the hall. ------- As the camera pan's around the arena from commercial break, the light's dim as green laser lights fly through the air and "Step Up" by Linkin Park begins to reverb throughout the arena. The crowd begins to boo loudly, as they knows this mean's none other then the appearance of "Sixx Solid" Elias Laveaux. The man himself walks onstage, dressed in his ring gear, with a black sleeveless trench coat over top. He smirks as he crosses his arms across his chest in an "X" fashion before pulling a mic from the pocket of his coat, causing the fan's to erupt in a wave of boo's again. Elias would shake his head before yelling into the mic... "Can it, plebeians! When I'm out here, you shut your damn mouth's!" The crowd would erupt in a chorus of boo's, including a couple of shouts of "You Suck!". "Yea, yea, yea, I've heard it all before. But tonight, you all, are going to hear something you haven't heard before. You're going hear that ring announcer right down there, proclaim me, number #1 contender for the SupremePRO Grand Championship after I crush these losers heads under he heel of my boot. Simple as that. Because I'm the best at what I do, and what I do, isn't very nice. And what I do best, is be the best. Now get this fodder out here so I can torch em' like only I can." By now Elias had made his way down the ramp, tossing the microphone aside, he'd slide into the ring to pose some more and await his opponents. ------- SUPREMEPRO GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER MATCH ELIAS LAVEUAX VS. JACOB CASS VS. JACKIE BRUCE VS. MICHAEL AMAYADO FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH It is now time for the first of two matches with Grand Title implementations. All four competitors are ready and in the ring, noticeable at ringside is the man who won the first number one contender fatal fourway RockStar Owen Young. The little RockStar is sat in the front row at ringside with a variety of the protest signs he's been showing off all night. Paying no attention to that the referee rings the bell and the match is underway! Jackie Bruce immediately rushes toward Michael's Amaydo and attacks him with a flurry of lefts and rights which momentarily diverts Cass' attention, the veteran Elias takes and advantage of this and knocks Cass to the floor with a stiff clothesline. Amaydo and Jackie Bruce brawl amongst themselves and soon both fall through the ropes, each trading hard strikes. In the ring Elias pulls Cass to his feet, the multi time champion however hits him with a low blow as he's doing so, sending Elias to the floor clutching his mid section. Cass laughs, proud of his dastadly act before bouncing off the ropes and taking out both Bruce and Michael's with a suicide dive! Cass quickly gets to his feet and taunts the crowd, a poor move as Elias hits a suicide dive of his own on Jacob Cass! Elias drags himself to his feet with help from the ring barricade observing the destruction around him as SupremePRO goes into a commercial break. And we are back to live action! All four men have made their way back inside the ring, Bruce is stomping away at Amaydo in the corner and Cass has Elias in a tight headlock on the floor. During the commercial an alliance of some sorts was crafted between Cass and Bruce, and the two have been dominating and double teaming Amayado and Elias throughout the break. Just as soon as it was created, the alliance crumbles as Cass lets go of Elias and strikes Jackie Bruce in the back of the head, before taking him down with a fierce neckbreaker, following it up with a flurry of closed fist strikes. Elias drags himself to his feet and Amaydo consults his manager Lars Madison. Amayado and Lars are the same person in case you didn't know that already. Soon both Michael's and Elias are back up, the two exchange a look before nodding, grabbing Jacob Cass and dragging him to his feet. They both take an arm and whip him against the ropes, taking him down with a double armdrag on the rebound. This new alliance also dies fast as immediately after the double armdrag Elias kicks Michael's in the gut and takes him down with a snap suplex. From here Elias quickly moves to the legs and locks in the Scorpion deathlock! The devastating hold isn't locked in for long as Jackie Bruce runs against the ropes and hits a big boot right to the face of Elias, causing his body to crumble in a sick fashion. Jackie Bruce is then taken off his feet by a Jacob Cass running superkick to the jaw! Bruce falls to the ground hard and rolls out of the ring as Jacob Cass waits for Michael's Amaydo to get to his feet, which the half bald man soon does. Cass attempts another superkick however Michael's grabs his foot at the last second, he holds it in place as Elias runs against the ropes and hits a sickening jumping necksnap to Jacob Cass! Elias is then taken to the ground by a vicious Michael's spinebuster! He goes for the pin. 1, 2, Bruce breaks it up! Jackie Bruce throws Michael's to the outside before turning his attention to a staggering Cass, meanwhile Elias takes himself to the outside. The Big RockStar grabs Cass by his neck, are we going to see the Chokeslam?! No? For some reason Bruce pushes Cass back down to the floor, he then puts his hand in his pocket, once the hand has been removed it's covered in a mysterious white substance! Bruce lifts Cass back up, he attempts to wrap the substance covered hand around Cass' face however Cass grabs a hold of the hand at the last minute, before driving his knee into Bruce's stomach. Jacob Cass then hits the CASSOUT! He goes for the pin. 1, 2, Elias breaks it up! Elias stomps away at Cass before bringing him to his feet, he whips Cass into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash, however runs right into a Michael's pounce style shoulder tackle! With Jacob Cass still in the corner Michael's goes for a Stinger Splash of his own, Cass moves out of the way at the last second and Michael's meets the turnbuckle. Cass then swiftly drives a dazed Michael's shoulder first into the ring post! Cass moves over to the downed Elias and kicks him in the back of the head before executing a diving knee drop. Following this the Megastar rolls to the outside and turns his attention to Jackie Bruce who's propping himself up with the ring barricade. Cass rushes at Jackie and hits a clothesline against the barricade, before shoving Owen Young who's just a few inches away. Cass laughs as a security guard gets between Owen and Cass behind the barrier, Jacob then grabs Bruce by the hair and throws him inside the ring quickly following. As Bruce gets to his feet Cass attempts another Cass Out, however the big RockStar is able to counter and shove his powder filled hand into the face of Jacob Cass! He then hits the COKESLAM! Bruce tries to cover but Elias appears from out of nowhere and takes him out with the SUPERMAN ELBOW! Elias tries to cover, however he's taken out by a Michael's DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Michael's covers Elias. 1, 2, NO! He rolls over to Bruce, 1, 2, NO! He covers Cass, 1, 2, NO! All three men kick out and Michael's Amaydo sits with a face of shock. Lars begins consulting him, telling him to stick to the game plan. Amaydo and Lars begin conversing loudly as Cass gets to his feet, looking down at Lars and Amaydo in disgust, as remember they are both the same people in case you forgot. Cass runs the ropes and lands a vicious kick to the back of Amaydo's schizophrenic head, causing the head to snap back. Cass then grabs a hold of Michaels half a head of hair before hitting him with a CASSOUT! 1, 2, Elias breaks it up! He wastes no time as he lifts Cass up and hits the SIXX SHOT CYLINDER! Every nasty strike causing unheard of amounts of pain to the former champion of every promotion he's ever been a part of! Despite his lengthy CV of success' Cass flops to the ground following the final shot of the Cylinder, a devastating rolling elbow. Elias was going to cover but he notices Jackie Bruce who comes running toward him with a big clothesline, however Elias is able to duck before hitting another SIXX SHOT CYLINDER! To the Big RockStar. He covers swiftly, 1, 2, 3! "By way of pinfall, here is your winner, advancing to the Grand Championship Match... ELIASSSSS LAAAAVEAUX!" Elias gets to his feet and celebrates his victory, throwing his arms up in the air and yelling THAT TITLE'S MINE! as the fans show their appreciation. Owen Young however doesn't appreciate what he;s just witnessed, evident by the loud boos he's showering upon Elias from behind the fan barricade. Elias acknowledges Owen, gesturing that the titles coming to him as he stares a hole through the Little RockStar who returns the gesture. ------- SINGLES MATCH - ONE FALL ARIANA JAXON VS. KYOKO KIMURA This match starts off back and forth between Jaxon and Kimura, with neither female having the significant advantage over the other in the first quarter of the match-up. Half-way through the match-up, Ariana Jaxon had seized control of Stardom Wrestling's Kyoko Kimura following an amazing counter of Kimura's Gory Special in to a Sunset Flip Bomb! The referee immediately drops down for the cover, in which Jaxon would receive a one-count after Kimura kicks out! Further on in to the match, both women find themselves battling on the top turnbuckle. Jaxon attempts a Superplex from up high, but Kyoko battles out with fists and elbow shots across the face before shoving her down to the mat below. Jaxon staggers near the center of the ring, attempting to regain her bearings as Kyoko comes flying off the top rope and connecting with a Flying Clothesline that folds Ariana in half! Kimura rolls Jaxon over on to her belly before hooking the legs for the pin; ONE! ... TWO! ... KICK OUT! Toward the end of the match-up, Kyoko is seen successfully countering Jaxon's Irish whip in to one of her own; and upon return, Kyoko lunges foward whilst extending her right foot high in to the air, looking to connect with her signature Big Boot... but NO! Ariana quickly rolls underneath the kick and up on to her feet. As Kyoko turns around, Jaxon delivers a straight kick to the shin of Kyoko that reduces her to a kneeling position in the center of the ring. Jaoxn proceeds to follow up this attack with a Superkick to the face of Kimura that reverberates throughout the arena! Jaxon's follow-up maneuver would see her pick up the staggering Kyoko in to a Suplex position before spiking her directly on top of her head with a NASTY Brainbuster! Ariana quickly floats over in to the cover whilst hooking the near leg; ONE! ... TWO! ... KICK OUT! The last moments of this match sees Kyoko using her strength advantage over the former Women's Champion, looking to drop her down spine-first in to the mat with a Powerslam... but as she begins to do so, Jaxon manages to slip off behind Kyoko's back before pushing her off in to the ropes. A rebounding Kimura ducks underneath a wild Clothesline attempt from Ariana, in which Kyoko performs a rear waistlock before quickly snapping a Bridging German Suplex! ONE... TWO... and another kick out! Following the kick out, Kyoko now signals for the end of this match-up! Kyoko manages to lock-in her patented Guillotine Choke with a bodyscissors expertly applied! When it looked as if Ariana was going to suffer the fate of tapping out to the Kimura Lock, Jaxon somehow manages to alieviate the pressure of the submission maneuver by prying away at her arm, in which Ariana lifts her on to her shoulders and brings midsection crashing down across her knees with a Fireman's Carry Double Knee Gutbuster! With Kyoko in an all fours position in the center of the ring, Jaxon proceeds to run off in to the ropes before meeting Kyoko in the center of the ring and planting her skull directly in to the mat with a NASTY Curb Stomp - Jaxon's finishing maneuver otherwise known as the Facial Reconstruction! Out of disrespect, Ariana rolls the unconscious body of Kimura on to her back before placing her foot on Kimura's chest. With a snap of her finger, she yells and demands for the referee to get down and make the count. This was academic; ONE! ... TWO! ... THREE! DING DING DING! "Here is your winner of the match by pinfall... ARI-ANAAAAAAA JAAAAAX-OOOOOOOOON!" 'King of the World' by Porcelain and The Tramps blares over the speakers as Dominic Reeves announces The Empress as the winner of this competitive bout her tonight! A big smug was plastered upon Jaxon's face as the referee rises her hand high in the air, much to the crowd's disapproval. Suddenly, Ariana begins stomping away at the body of the Kyoko Kimura in a similar fashion that occured almost two weeks ago at SupremePRO: Toronto following the conclusion of the Women's title bout against Yoshino! An unrelenting attack was dished out here, as Jaxon would place herself in a dominant full mount position before going all out with closed fists across Kyoko's face whilst bashing the back of Kyoko's head in to the mat multiple times whilst yelling and screaming in to her face. The referee urges Jaxon to get off... but of course, Jaxon wouldn't comply and continues the onslaught. Ariana wasn't able to strike into the face of Kimura for very long though as the lights in the arena would suddenly go out, at this point it's expected for what will come, the crowd chanting out for Yoshi as the lights are off. Upon coming back on, Ariana is now just standing in the ring, Kimura no where in sight with a woman, probably Yoshino, wearing the well known kimono and kitsune mask. Wasting no time, no thoughts about it at all, Ariana would drive her fist right into the face of the masked cladded woman. The mask falls off... only for Ariana to see that it was not the woman she was expecting to see under the mask. Before she can process that any further though, HIRUKKIKU! Appearing from under the ring, Yoshino, dressed normally, had wiped out the former women's champion, Ariana falling to the ground through the impact of the champion's devastating finishing move. Yoshino would then grab for the chair she had brought in with her, smacking the back of the former champion a few times, before slamming it down onto her one last time, leaving it on top of her. Yoshino would normally go a little more crazy however she instead yells "I'll save the rest for Tokyo!" sounds fair enough, really and the crowd boo a little since they wanted to see Ari die right now. Yoshino is handed her championship by Kimura though, who had returned to the ring and both would then lift their respective championships high into the air. Whilst it didn't end how Kimura would've wanted it, this still came out as good promotion for both SupremePRO and Stardom Wrestling and the picture of both of them with their championships will probably be all over every sports magazine in Japan. ------- ------- We cut away from all of the in-ring entertainment and take it to the backstage area and the interview area where two men can be found. The first is SupremePRO's eternal number one announcer, the always misused Eric Andre. The second is the man who will be challenging for the Supreme Championship in the Tokyo Dome, The Messiah, Gabriel Gospel. Gooby. Tonight you team with Aiden Connolly to take on the pair of Shaun Danielson and the Supreme Champion, Danny Acton. How important is securing the win tonight? Okay Mr. Andre, points. One, my actual name please. Mr. Gospel. Very good. Two, professional intro, very good. Three, an actual answer. How important is winning tonight? Well, to be honest Mr. Andre, it couldn't be any less important. Tonight doesn't make a shred of difference. I already have my title opportunity. I am already going to Tokyo to finally claim the championship which belongs to me. I already have Mr. Acton exactly where I want him. All tonight serves as is a warm-up, a sparring contest, some preparation for my upcoming coronation. Maybe I beat him and simply give him a more physical warning of what's to come. Maybe my team loses because Mr... Coccoli was it? Maybe my team loses because he isn't up to my level, who knows and who cares? Tonight is not what I care about. What do I care about Mr. Andre? You care about... Tokyo? Not the blasted city itself but yes, I care, I care about what happens in Tokyo because that city, in front of all those... slanty eyes, will be the stage for my coronation as champion. It will be the place where I vanquish the myth that is Mr. Acton's career and crown myself as the SupremePRO World... and what do you think you're doing here? Gospel looked on in disgust as the camera panned to follow his gaze, revealing the man who had stepped up to interrupt his interview; the Supreme Champion himself, Danny Acton. "Oh, don't mind me, Gabriel. Can I call you Gabriel? I think I will call you Gabriel. It's better than Goobs atleast. Seeing as you interrupted my interview last week, I only find it fitting for me to be here for your's. And since you claim to have me where you want me to be, you shouldn't really be too surprised by me being here. Especially not with the way you once again try to talk your way out and into things. Unlike yourself I know about my tag-team partner later tonight. I trust my tag-team partner later tonight. Because unlike yourself...Shaun Danielson is capable of having a normal conversation with. Unlike yourself he and I will stand on equal footing tonight. We will go out there and we will be a unit. You may call it a pointless sparring match, but the reality is...the last two times you claimed something like that, I defeated you! I pinned you in New York. I had you down for a ten count in London and tonight...tonight I will do my very best, as I do every single time I step into the ring and if my team wins this little sparring match here...I will have you defeated three times. Yes. The championship will be on the line in Tokyo. But the war...the war starts tonight and I have no intention of losing the first battle. Danny Acton lifts the Supreme Championship high up in the air, starring the number one contender down, before slowly walking away, without taking his eyes of his enemy. Gospel kept the stare up until Danny was long gone before snapping back at Eric. "Can you believe the nerve of that guy? What sort of impolite cretin interrupts somebody elses interview? Unbelievable... Now to Glen Cody with the weather. ------- ROMALIS VENTURA VS. SHAWN HUNTER SINGLES MATCH - ONE FALL - IF VENTURA WINS, HE EARNS A SHOT AT GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP Adrian Chambers : Were back from a commercial break and up next is the highly anticipated match up between Shawn Hunter and Romalis Ventura. Joe Rogan: This match is bound to be OUTSTANDING! Shawn Hunter is a seasoned veteran who has an INCREDIBLE mixed martial arts style, he will be looking to take Romalis to the ground and lock in his NASTY submission, the Means to an end. Getting Romalis Ventura to the ground is a tough ask as this man has EXCELLENT footwork and striking ability, he will be doing everything in his power to keep this match-up on the feet. Adrian Chambers: Not only that Joe, but the stakes are high for Romalis Ventura. He wants a shot at the Grand Championship? Then he simply HAS to win tonight. He wins, he gets a shot but if he loses, by order of our new General Manager, Romalis will NEVER be able to compete for the Grand Championship again! Joe Rogan: Yeah the stakes are HUGE in this match-up and Shawn Hunter is looking to come back from what has been a difficult return here at SupremePRO, hes had his chances to fight for the Supreme Championship and has fought the very best this company has to offer, coming up, really, kind of short! With a few lines from the commentators we have our entrances, Romalis first, Hunter second. The crowd are going wild for this one, what a match on free TV tonight! They stare eachother down from either side of the ring and the referee calls for the bell DING DING DING Annnnd here we go. Shawn and Romalis circling around the ring to start the match, getting a feel for the pace and reach, they meet in the centre and its a collar and elbow tie up, who will come out on top? Its a really close battle for strength and superiority in the opening stages but Hunter proves to be the better man, twisting Venturas arm and delivering a punishing elbow right on the shoulder point. Romalis shakes it off and then they come together again, this time Ventura gets the better of Hunter, locking his head and hitting an extremely quick snapmare followed by a sharp kick to the back. Hunter rises gingerly, holding his lower back for a brief momentthat did look like a stiff kick! Anyway, its 1-1 and they tie up again for what looks like a best of three. Hunter using all his strength manages to force Ventura all the way to the ropes before performing an irish whip, sending Ventura to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. On his way back, Romalis looks to hit a clothesline counter but Hunter is ready for that, he ducks, and in one movement, manages to get behind Ventura and hits a nasty German Suplex, causing the ring to shake with the sheer force, and already Hunter has got Ventura right where he wants him on the ground! As the match goes on, Hunter is firmly in control and with no reply has hit a variety of strikes. Ventura is still on the ground and the calculated Shawn Hunter decides to take a hold of Venturas ankle looking for an ankle lock. Venutra though, knows exactly whats coming and kicks Hunter away and swiftly gets back to his feet. Before Shawn Hunter knows it, Ventura is lighting him up with elbows, kicks, punches, the kitchen sink! Hes throwing everything, sending Hunter into a daze. Venutra points at hunter and laughs, taunting I hurt you, I hurt you, what you gonna do? This taunting seems to confuse Hunter and anger him slightly, Hunter runs at Romalis but, the fresh prince moves out of the way and begins landing more strikes, this time he hits Hunter with a CLAY COMBINATION!! Hunter is hurt, Hunter is ROCKED! Ventura senses it and absolutely DESTROYS Hunter with the PONTE ROMALIS a northern lights suplex into a bridging pin! ONE TWO... KICKOUT!!! The match goes on and Ventura cannot believe it, he thought he had him there for a split second. The fresh prince gets back onto his feet and stands over as Hunter uses Romalis body to prop himself back up. Unexpectedly Hunter hits Romalis with a extremely stiff punch to the gut, followed by another one, and another one! Before Ventura can react, he is sent flying to the corner with an irish-whip. Hunter then runs and hits an Enzigura kick on Romalis whilst he is propped up by the turnbuckle. This stuns Romalis who steps forward out of the corner, straight into the DEVILS CLUTCH! Hunter gripping the head of Romalis tightly and slowly takes him down to the ground, on his knees. Ventura is fighting for his breath, his arms flailing away but fading slowly. Hunter still has it locked in but Ventura just wont give in, he is so close to the ropes but he just cant quite grab it with his hand. Instead of this approach, he uses his right arm and swings in an attempt to hit Hunter in the face, ONE! Hunter shakes it off. TWO, hes cowering. THREE!!! With his final bit of power, Ventura has broken out of the dragon sleeper but falls to the canvas in his efforts. Hunter is stunned but quickly looks to keep on top of Romalis! The drama is too much and the match is reaching its boiling point now! These guys have shown so much heart and determination to win. They just will not give in! Its all the big moves now and Hunter has really been in charge since taking away Venturas breath with that nasty sleeper. Hes just not looked the same since that one. His speed, gone. His quick wit, gone. His footwork, sloppy. Hunter lays down Ventura in the middle of the ring and goes towards the corner. He climbs the first rope, slips slightly on the second but just manages to reach the top turnbuckle. Ventura has been down a while. Hunter taunts on the top turnbuckle before going for the HEAT-SEEKING ELBL-VENTURA ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Hunter crashes to the canvas like a tonne of bricks. Ventura was baiting him! Who said the quick wit was gone? They lied. Ventura crawls over the the car crash that is Shawn Hunters body and covers him. ONE TWO... THR-KICKOUT NO WAY! Hunters shoulders off the canvas in the last millisecond! Ventura puts his head in his hands, he simply cannot believe it at all. He just wants the match to end! He smacks the canvas hard, in frustration and jumps up. Hunter hasnt moved since he kicked out. Ventura also heads towards the corner, surprisingly, considering what had just happened you would think the top rope is a no-no! Ventura doesnt care, hes confident and begins his ascent to the top turnbuckle, back turned to Hunter. Slowly but surely, the fresh prince reaches the top rope and faces the crowd, he taunts for the PONTIAC TWIST and they go wild. Ventura with the crowd in the palm of his hands, jumps performs a 180 degree turn in mid air, flips and lands hard on the body of the lifeless, Shawn Hunter. Ventura valiantly goes for the cover.. ONE TWO.. THREE!!!! "By way of pinfall and advancing to the Grand Championship Match... Here is your winner... ROOOOOOOOMMMAAAALLLLLIIIISSSSSSSSSSS VEEEEEEENNNNNTTUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAA!" Joe Rogan: OH MY GOD! WHAT A WAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Adrian Chambers: THAT WAS AN INCREDIBLE FINISH TO AN INCREDIBLE MATCH! Ventura celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring, raising his arms. His celebration doesnt last long though as he goes to check on Hunter, Romalis theme cuts off here and there is some concern on the faces of the fans! He taps Hunter and raises him to a seated position, Hunter nods up at Venutra and holds his arm out. Venutra lifts Shawn to his feet and claps, along with the fans. They share a moment in the ring and Ventura exits the ring and walks up the apron backwards, clapping Shawn Hunter who is emotional in the centre of the ring. Shawn Hunter chants can be heard throughout the arena and when Ventura has left, we hear the epic READY OR NOT! Joe Rogan: Amazing respect shown by both guys here and I wonder if you have noticed..Shawn Hunter looks very emotional here Adrian Chambers: Yeah Joe, could this be the end for now? Joe Rogan: I f**king hope not, Hunter is a veteran like I said and a credit to this roster but you never really know do you? They stop talking and Hunter makes his way up the ramp, with the cut to another commercial break. ------- ------- UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP KAI STEVENS © VS. MARCUS STEEL CAGE MATCH - PIN, SUBMISSION, OR ESCAPE "The following contest is a do or die steel cage match and is for the SUPREMEPRO UNIVERSAL CHAMPIOOOOONNNSHHHHIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP! This match can be won by way of pinfall, submission, or escape... Should the challenger fail to win the championship, he will NOT be able to challenge the current champion again for the title... Introducing first... Hailing from Bolton, England... The Challenger... MAAAAAARRRRRRCCCUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS! And his opponent, the reigning champion hailing from Long Island, New York.... KAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII STTEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEENNNNNNSSSSS!" This match couldn't possibly embody the venom and the malice that have personified the last two title encounters between the current champion, Kai Stevens, and the only other man to hold the title in Marcus. The cage walls would be in place, both champion and challenger standing in the ring as the ringside attendants lock the cage door, shaking their head as they discuss something or other. Probably Brady's suspension or something. As the lights focus in on the ring and the cage enveloping it, Kai and Marcus' eyes lock with one another, all four of their collective fists clenching with resent. DING! DING! DING! With this, they're off like a dirty pair of socks! Stevens and the Boltonian would instantly engage in a shoulder and elbow tie up, pushing one another back with all of their might as if they might gain some sort of athletic advantage by doing so. As this tie up goes nowhere, Kai would slip his right foot behind the Achilles tendon of the challenger and pull towards himself, dropping Marcus onto his own back! The Terror of Long Island would fall on top of his opponent, unleashing a violent and almost Brock Lesnar-esque forearm to the skull. As Marcus rips his arms up to defend himself, Kai would unload a series of lefts and rights. As Marcus' arms block the bulk of the impact from these blows, Kai gets frustrated, sending a violent and loud slap across the face of the challenger, much to the cringing response of the fans. Kai would huff and puff as he rises back to his feet and walks away from Marcus, his eyes still glued to him. As he circles the ring like a wild animal before taking down its prey, the Boltonian Warrior would push back to his feet, checking the corner of his mouth with his thumb to see if the slap had drawn blood. It clearly had connected, as the challenger's face would be swelling in the distinct shape of a hand. Marcus flicks his eyes up to Kai and charges, though the Envoy of the End sees this coming. As the Pride of Bolton charges, the Long Island Strangler would jump to the side, watching Marcus bounce off the ropes. As he comes flying back, Kai would rush towards him, looking for some sort of leaping maneuver, perhaps a Sling Blade? But as he leaves his feet, Marcus would catch him as if to deliver a spinebuster, only to twist himself AND THROW KAI BACK-FIRST INTO THE STEEL CAGE WALL! The fans let out a jubilant cheer as Kai bounces gracelessly off of the steel and falls to the mat below, somehow still inside the ropes. Wincing in pain, the champion rushes to pull himself to his fee-DROPKICK! Kai gets sandwiched between the soles of the boots of the challenger and unrelenting steel! Kai stumbles away from the steel and falls to his knees with his jaw clenched and gut groaning. Marcus would waste no time in pulling the champ to his feet and locking in a front facelock, draping his foe's arm behind his own neck. Lifting upward, he would attempt to deliver a suplex! But the Darewolf would slide out and land behind Marcus, pushing him forward only to roll both he and his foe back into a rollup! But Marcus kicks out almost instantly! It's at this point that Marcus looks to rise to his feet, only to be met with an elbow to the jaw! Another! As the Boltonian stumbles back and clutches his own jaw, Kai would run off the ropes AND CLOCK HIS RIVAL WITH A VICIOUS GAMENGIRI! Marcus stumbles back and falls into the corner, seeing stars. Roaring, the Kingslayer would charge across the ring, looking to deliver a big boot in the corner! But Marcus charges out and levels Kai with a lariat! "Not this time, Kai!" Without hesitation (other than the words, that is), the former champion would pull Kai to his feet and punch him twice in the skull, before following up with a shot to the gut! Running off the ropes, he would then look for another lariat-- BUT KAI GRABS HIS FOE BEHIND THE SKULL AND LAUNCHES HIM HIGH INTO THE AIR AND FACE-FIRST INTO THE STEEL CAGE! Marcus drops down to his feet and stumbles backwards with his face buried in his hands. As he takes that final step backwards, he would be hoisted up onto Stevens' shoulders in an Argentine Backbreaker Rack! The Torture Rack! As he tears back, trying to snap the spine of his foe, one could hear cries of torture from the former champion. After a moment of this, Kai would drape his arm around Marcus' throat a bit more before launching his foe's feet out and twisting, DRIVING MARCUS INTO THE CANVAS ON THE BACK OF HIS SKULL WITH THE INVERTED F5! IN YOUR HEAD! Marcus would bounce off of his head and roll gingerly away, clutching his head in pain. The Revenant would smell blood in the water and ascend to his feet, preparing to end this thing once and for all. He would then drag Marcus to a more advantageous position before spinning an extended finger in the air to gesticulate his intentions. Climbing to the top rope in a bit different fashion than he'd be accustomed to, Stevens would then rise to a vertical base, using the steel to steady himself. HE WOULD THEN FLY OFF, RIPPING HIS ARMS FORWARD AND TWISTING IN A CORKSCREW! PLOT TWIST! BUT MARCUS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! The New Yorker collides back-first with the canvas and one could almost visibly witness every ounce of air leave his lungs, bouncing to a seat and color leaving his skin. As the Darewolf sits there and attempts to replenish the air in his lungs, Marcus takes the moment to regain his composure. Once he'd done so, he would use the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Stevens would see this and try with all of his might to push to his own feet, only to be dropped back to the ground with a Spinning Wheel Kick! The challenger wouldn't even both to try covering here, as he would instead drag the champ to his feet, ripping him down with a Boltonian Leg Sweep! After jumping back to his feet, Marcus would stomp on the downed Kai twice to make sure he's down, an idea popping into his head. This is a championship match, you gotta' go all out! Marcus would embody this as he ascends to the top rope! As he stands vertical now, he glances at the top of the cage, knowing he could probably escape now. However, instead of trying to do so, he WOULD LEAP OFF AND DRAG HIS ELBOW UP FOR AN ELBOW DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE! CONNECTS -- COVER! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Marcus, now officially dejected by not having put his foe away here, would push himself to his feet and take a deep breath, glancing between the champion and the crowd, debating internally upon what to try next. An idea would reach him, prompting him to pull the champ up to his feet. Running off the ropes behind Kai, he would then leap up to drag his rival down with a Bulldog! BUT KAI THROWS MARCUS AWAY! Marcus would crash into the canvas and bounce right back to his feet, though one hand firmly glued to his tailbone. As he turns aroun-- SUPERKICK! Marcus would stumble backwards, dazed, only to be immediately scoop lifted and applied to the turnbuckles in a Tree of Woe! After Stevens applies the form, he would use the ropes to climb around Marcus, much to his flailing arms' objections. As he reaches the top rope, he WOULD PUT ALL OF HIS WEIGHT INTO THE FAMILY JEWELS OF THE FORMER CHAMPION! The entirety of the male audience winces as Marcus screeches, Kai only holding for a second before pushing off and attempting to scale the cage! HE'S LOOKING TO ESCAPE! As he drapes his arms over the top and athletically pulls himself higher, he would then rest his sternum on the top of the cage! HE'S GONNA' DO IT!? BUT MARCUS PULLS HIMSELF UP AND PUNCHES KAI IN THE MIDSECTION THRICE! HE WOULD THEN PULL KAI INTO A FIREMAN'S CARR-FIREMAN'S CARRY POWERSLAM OFF THE TOP ROPE! THE HORROR! The cover! ONE! TWO! TH-KICKOUT! HOW?! How the hell did Stevens manage to get his shoulder off the mat?! Marcus would find himself screaming these questions to himself internally as he rolls away from the agonized Kai and pushes to his feet. Shaking his head, he would step over to the corner and crouch down, preparing to deliver his penultimate touch-- the Superman Punch! Stevens lingers on the ground for a moment as he tries to regain his composure, only to push to his feet again, stumbling around and turning around... RIGHT INTO THE SUPERMAN PUN-- SPELLCHECK! KAI CATCHES A MID-FLIGHT MARCUS IN AN STO BACKBREAKER, QUICKLY DRAGGING HIS FOE INTO THE CANVAS ON HIS FACE WITH A SWINGING REVERSED STO! The fans can't believe there's still life in the champion, who uses this time to regain his composure as much as possible, champ and challenger alike lying lifeless in the ring. After quite a bit of time like this, the two would begin to stir, Kai clutching his lower back and Marcus holding his head. Kai would reach his feet first with some assistance from the rope, Marcus trying to do it on his own. Kai would see Marcus reach his knees, run off the ropes, and leap up, searching for a spiked Frankensteiner! BUT MARCUS LEAPS TO HIS FEET AND CATCHES KAI! SWINGS HIM UP-- MARCUS BOMB! MARCUS BOMB! MARCUS BOMB! COVER! ONE! TWO! THRE-KICKOUT! MOTHAFUGGIN HOW?!?!?!?!? Marcus is in disbelief as he drags himself away from the downed Kai Stevens, having absolutely no clue how Kai kicked out. There'd only be one thing left Marcus could even try at this point, and that would be his Midas Touch -- the move that won him gold... The Spear. After pulling himself together, the former champion would push to a vertical base and amble to the corner, where he would crouch down and wait for Kai to climb to his feet. As the fans begin to cheer loudly, Marcus begins to nod his head, believing in his heart of hearts that this would be it, he would win his title back. As Kai takes forever and a half to get to his feet, Marcus builds up more internal momentum and rage, preparing to end this villainous reign of Kai's. KAI TO HIS FEET. MARCUS SPRINTING. SPEA-- HIGH KNEE TO THE SKULL! Marcus' head snaps back in an uncomfortable to watch fashion, watching him crumple to the mat on all fours, eyes rolling into his head. Kai would land on his feet, drag Marcus up to a vertical(ish) base, locking in a front facelo-- DDT! Kai refuses to relinquish his hold, however, rolling through to his feet and dragging Marcus to his. Underhook the inside arm, Kai would the-- DDT again! Refusing to let go again, Kai would pull to his feet and A THIRD DDT! Marcus is limp in his arms at this point, and Stevens knows this. Three rolling DDTs cannot be good for you. Pushing gingerly to his own feet, Kai would take a moment to steady himself before pulling Marcus to his knees, back to one of the corners. Kai would then strut to the opposite side of the ring and smirk, pointing at Marcus with a smile. SPRINTS... LEAPS... FROM HELL'S HEART! Marcus would bounce off of the top of his skull in a macabre manner before rolling back, falling lifelessly and unconscious into a seat in one of the corners, head bowed down into his chest as there are no signs of life other than his breathing. Stevens begins cackling maniacally, much to the chagrin of the fans and the fear of Marcus' friends and family. With this, Kai would roll backwards, popping up to his feet and walking backwards with a wave from the knocked out Marcus. As he reaches the far side of the ring, he would turn and laugh as he ascends the cage, the jeers and boos increasing with every foot he climbs. Finally, he pulls himself up to the top of the steel, bringing both legs up as he now lies down atop the structure, his eyes glancing down to the floor below. Instead of sliding down and climbing out, the Envoy of the End would push to his feet, now higher than he'd been in a long time. Swallowing, taking a deep breath, and wetting his lips, Kai would glance out of the ring at the floor and then down at the lifeless challenger. Shaking his head, he would scoff. After a moment of premeditation, Kai turns towards Marcus and prepares to commit murder. KAI WOULD FLY OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE! SOARING ACROSS THE ENTIRE DISTANCE OF THE RING, COAST! TO! COAST! COAST TO COAST AND THE ENTIRE TRAJECTORY FROM THE TOP OF THE STEEL CAGE! KAI WOULD THEN SIMPLY IMPALE MARCUS WITH THE SOLES OF BOTH FEET WITH THE STARK AND UTTERLY HORRIFYING USURPER!!!!!!! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! "By way of pinfall and STILL your SUPREMEPRO UNIVERSAL CHAMPIOOOOONNN... KAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII STTEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEENNNNNNSSSSS!" ------- ------- MAIN EVENT DANNY ACTON & SHAUN DANIELSON VS. GABRIEL GOSPEL & AIDEN CONNOLLY TAG TEAM MATCH - ONE FALL It's now time for our main event which features a tag team match of Danny Acton and Shaun Danielson vs. Gabriel Gospel and Aiden Connolly. After all the superstars have made there entrances the crowd cheers for their favorite. The ref checks with each corner to ensure that each team is ready. And the bell sounds and this match has begun. We're starting off this match with Danny Acton and Aiden Connolly. As soon as Danielson realizes that Connolly is starting he signals for Acton to tag him in so that that he can get his hands on The Self proclaimed rising star, especially after losing to him at Toronto. The two meet up in the center for a lock up. With them matching each other's strength Danielson gets the upper hand slipping behind Connolly with a rear waist lock. Connolly already a few steps ahead throws an elbow back and into the face of Danielson. Danielson stumbling back a bit turns around as Connolly kicks him in the gut and Irish whips him across the ring. Upon return Connolly attempts to clothesline Danielson but Danielson ducks and hits Connolly with a Backbreaker. Connolly down Danielson gets down and puts Connolly in a chokehold. From the apron Gospel begins to threaten his teammate not to tap out. Connolly uses his momentum and elbows Danielson in the gut before hitting him with a lariat and taking him down. Connolly lifts the grounded Danielson to his feet and Irish whips him into Connolly's corner. Connolly makes the tag to Gabriel Gospel. Gospel climbs through the ropes and sends a boot to the gut of Danielson, after that he turns to make eye contact with Danny Acton. He begins to make faces and mock Acton. Acton just shakes his head and smirks shrugging it off. Gospel then turns around and hits Danielson a couple times with some shoulder thrusts. He then pulls him out of the corner and Irish whips him across the ring and hits him with and arm drag. Gospel then begins to taunt showing off his greatness. Gospel then begins to hit Danielson with a couple knee strikes. Gospel then kicks Danielson in the side before locking in one of his favorites the sleeper hold. Danielson yelling out in pain tries crawling for the ropes, he's inching closer and closer finally reaching the ropes he latches on as the ref begins to count. 1 2 3 4 The ref pulls Gospel off of Danielson. Danny Acton stretching out now signaling for Danielson to tag him in. Danielson looks up and tries to crawl to tag Acton in, but Gabriel drags Danielson further away while laughing maniacally. He then shakes his finger at Acton before dropping another knee into the back of Danielson. Gospel drops to make a quick victory. One! KICKOUT! Gospel grabbing the leg of Danielson but Danielson flips over and kicks the leg of Gospel. Gospel stumbles a bit as Danielson kips up and hits Gospel with a Dropkick sending Gospel flying across the ring. The crowd cheers for the shockwave and his shocking comeback! Danielson runs to his corner diving and tagging in Danny Acton. Acton springing over the ropes and charging at Gospel but Gospel tags in Aiden Connolly and shakes his finger at Danny Acton Mouthing the words "Not Yet". Aiden Connolly crawling through the ropes, Danny Acton gestures for him to bring it. Connolly Charges and tries to hit Acton with a Clothesline. Acton Ducks and sweeps the legs of Aiden Connolly. As Connolly goes down Acton hits him with a leg drop right onto the neck of Connolly. Acton lifting the leg of Connolly. 1... 2.... KICKOUT! Both superstars now getting to their feet Acton grabbing hold of Connolly but Connolly hitting Acton with a chop to the chest. Acton stumbles back into Connollys corner and Connolly lifts his foot to the neck of Acton with a Corner Choke. The ref begins to count. 1... 2... 3.... 4.... The ref pulling away Connolly and telling him he could be disqualified if he tries that again. Meanwhile while the ref is distracted Gospel pulls at the feet of Acton causing him to face plant. Gospel then pulls Acton out of the ring before throwing him into the barricade. Gospel begins to laugh but wait Shaun Danielson out of no where with a vicious clothesline! At this point the ref finally noticed that Danny Acton is out of the ring and begins counting. 1..... Danielson helping his tag team partner to his feet. 2! Acton climbing into the ring as Danielson turns to Gospel who's starting to get up and knocks him down again with a shining wizard. Back in the Ring Acton and Connolly Lock up again and Connolly takes the upper hand in twisting the wrist of Acton before hitting him with a scoop slam. Then dropping down for a pin. 1.... 2... KICKOUT! Connolly getting pretty frustrated now lifts Connolly up pushes him back and looks to hit him with a Superkick. But Acton Ducks and returns the favor with a Superkick to the jaw of Connolly. Connolly down Acton goes for the pin. 1.... 2... KICKOUT! Oh so close! As Danny Acton looks at the turnbuckle. He's looking to hit the three seconds of fame. Acton climbs the turnbuckle. And Gospel steps into the ring and Acton looks towards Gospel and while Acton is distracted Connolly climbs up and hits Acton in the gut before executing a Superplex off the top rope. Both superstars are motionless. Both of their teammates are reaching out signaling jumping up and down! The crowd is going wild. Finally both of them reach for the tags and both tags are made! Gospel trough the ropes and same with Danielson and each of them exchanging blows Danielson getting the upper hand jumps onto Gospel's shoulders looking to execute a Huricarrana but Gospel counters it with a FALLING Facebuster! Gospel gets up and surprise attacks Acton knocking him off the Corner falling to the ground below before hitting Danielson who's getting to his feet with The Revelation for the pin! One! Two! Acton slides in but is too late Three!! "Here is your winner of the match by pinfall... GAAAAAAAABRRRRIEEEEEELLLLLLL GOOOOOOOSSSSSPPPPEEEELLLLLLL and AAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDEEEEEENNNNNNN COOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY!" ------- A big thanks to Vinsmoker for Hope/Knight King Homer for the Fatal Four Way St★rstruck for Ari/Kyoko Intentz for Ventura/Hunter Valar Dohaeris for Stevens/Marcus SuperCell for the Main Event And thank you to all of those who angled and participated in one way or another!
  5. BRIAN CHURCH now awaits the arrival of his final match in order for the show to be complete. When the show is all submitted he will not be waiting to post it.
  6. BRIAN CHURCH waits on one match and one promo to come in before the show is done, impatient despite his having been the reason the last two shows were up so late. Partly.
  7. KAI STEVENS would have finally completed his cleaning endeavors, now preparing himself to go eat dinner with his friends. Kai would currently be testing out the Seafood Diet: you see food, then you eat it. Bearing this in mind, Kai would subscribe to the Louis C.K. (Maybe it's Gaffigan?) approach to consumption: the meal's not over when you're full, it's over when you hate yourself. #BulkingSzn
  8. CBA for coding, but KAI STEVENS cleans his room, his face screaming of the nefarious endeavors of the weekend. Didn't believe in regrets, but his demeanor would say otherwise.
  9. BRIAN CHURCH would take a look at the tentative card for SupremePRO: Tokyo, nodding his head in approval. However, he would not like the tentative nature of a couple of the matches, and would look nothing more than for the matches to be officially sanctioned and the combatants officially decided. ANA SOMNIA would be bored shitless, not being booked again and having very little to do other than meet up with Shawn Hunter in a Biblical sense and train. That's a lot of physical activity.
  10. KAI STEVENS would spend some time composing his thoughts, preparing to deliver a public address in response to Marcus' getting his way in the booking of ANOTHER title match between them from the new general manager, Brian Church. A steel cage, though? Kai hadn't competed in a traditional steel cage match, let alone one with pinfall and submission as manners by which one can win. He'd competed in a multi-man cage match of a more macabre sort, but this would be very different. Kai would look forward to being able to utilize the cage to ascend to new heights, though he's now realizing there's no way to traditionally deliver springboard maneuvers that comprise a fair amount of his move set. Fuck.
  11. KAI STEVENS would be working out, not allowing himself to become complacent with being the freshly crowned Universal Champion. At this given moment, to warm up, he would be doing weighted push-ups, all whilst staring at the SupremePRO Universal Championship belt before him, not letting the image leave either his brain or his vision.
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