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  1. After you pro your Seth, only level him up to about level 15 or so or wherever his stats are around the 1800's. He'll help you beat all the Leg Pro's and keep your deck in balance.
  2. I always get the amazing sequence of STOMP, STOMP, STANDING MOONSAULT. Then I get up only to get my grapple reversed then knocked on the ground only to receive STOMP, STOMP, STANDING MOONSAULT.
  3. You have to go to the Playstation Store on your PS4's home screen
  4. Which is why it's awesome that you can turn that part off if you'd like
  5. A WWE tryout is essentially a job interview. Though they may know about you, they're going to interview you/watch your performance as if they have never seen your work. At a job interview, they have your resume in front of them, and at these tryouts they have your film fresh on the mind.
  6. I've been following that account for a while and it posts some stuff that could get the person behind it fired. Not only is it constantly making fun of Vince, but it occasionally reveals pieces of storylines. I think Cranky Vince was the one to reveal Jack Swagger returning last year before the Chamber.
  7. Absolutely ecstatic about Cesaro being included. An impressive showing in the Rumble followed immediately by this makes me very excited for his future.
  8. Roman Reigns will attempt to defeat the streak. Very bold prediction
  9. Would love to watch this! Edge as the host, Bill DeMott, Scott Steiner, and Sara Del Rey as the trainers. Love it!
  10. I saw him in WLW last summer before WWE signed him. He wore a hilarious outfit and sported that fancy 'stache. He was definitely a decent wrestler but doesn't have any exciting qualities. His personality and character are awesome, he's just very basic in the ring. But, in modern WWE, average in the ring can make you a world champion
  11. Or have supposed "super fans" answer the questions. I'd love to be a contestant!!
  12. A while back there was a rumor about an all cruiserweights show. Just a cruiserweight only show kinda like Main Event. If they acquired the appropriate talent, this show could be amazing.
  13. It's probably because they used something from Ultimate Warrior and ABA Taker. Those are the only two I don't have and it won't let me download content with them included.
  14. If this gimmick makes it to tv... "Wade, I'm afraid I got some Bad Newwwwws." Future endeavored.
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