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  1. That's Killer Kelly right? Man, that girl is pretty when she's not wearing braids!
  2. A much better comparison is to say he's the Christian to their E&C
  3. I know the name....but I can't remember who he was. I think all he ever had were NXT squashes, right?
  4. So I found this today, kind of cool. Also explains those pictures with him, Breeze and Dillinger.
  5. looks like I might be checking out RoH soon...
  6. Cody does have a deal with WWE though, where he allows THEM to use the Rhodes name or something like that, so I wouldn't be surprised if part of that deal was them signing over rights to the 'Cody Rhodes' name, if only out of respect.
  7. Alberto can go away, but I'll be bummed out if Paige leaves.
  8. Theres something really fishy about that. I remember there being rumors of a "outsider" like stable of former WWE stars who were treated awful in the WWE trying to reenter by invading the promotion. This stinks of that. The idea of a stable of like....Rhodes, Barrett, McIntyre and Sandow invading has me salivating, but I doubt Cody's release is a work.
  9. 90 Day No Compete Clause, I think since he's doing specific matches, he wants them all recorded, so there's no work around.
  10. So true. I really wish he got the case off of Sandow in their 2013 feud...
  11. My buddy met Adam Rose, looks like he changed his hair up since his release
  12. Yeah Fulton has been completely repackaged alongside Alexander Wolfe, looks like he might get something going for him.
  13. Actually very interested in what we get with Rose now on the indy's.
  14. Huh, I wonder what Cody's theme on the indy's will be....other than as Stardust, he's had a version of Smoke and Mirrors since 2010.
  15. This. I always consider TNA as "the company where former WWE talents get rightly used". Eh, there are plenty of WWE talents who never amounted to much simply because they weren't that great, then went to TNA and were treated as bigger deals than they needed to be.
  16. Angle already put over one half of The Dashing Ones, time to put over the other.
  17. I know Wade said he was done with wrestling for now....but God damn do I wish them two would team in the indy's. They're hilarious together whenever they were on screen, especially their friendship on the JBL and Cole show.
  18. More of a bucketlist me thinks. I could see him saying something like "I might go back to WWE....if I can check off every single box".
  19. People in the company have really been growing pairs recently, haven't they? Barrett and Rhodes openly stated they were unhappy and left, Ryback called out the company on their payment plan... If the trend continues, I see Ziggler leaving, because he's hated his position in the company for years.
  20. I think it was Lesnar, not Sheamus. The story was some company wanted to pay CM Punk if he would wear one of their logo's on his attire, something that would not affect WWE at all, but Vince shot the idea down. A few months later Lesnar returned and his shorts are loaded up with sponsors.
  21. He works backstage and on the preshow.
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