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    Free LIO
  • Birthday 11/09/1991

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    The Miz
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    Pretty much all rock and rap, no Country
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    Scorpio... I think
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    Real Life
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    Tuna Casserole/Chicken Pot Pie
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    Penguin Games
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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    The Notorious L.I.O.
  1. Hello, I'm .Benjamin one of the moderators of the General Chat, Sports Chat, and Fun and Games board. I am 16 years old currently, I enjoy being on this site and I hope you do as well. Have a great time here on Caws.ws it's a great site.
  2. It's because you live in Ohio Go Steelers after watching that game and I know its early, but if they play like they did on the first drive of the game (Offense and Defense) this season I can say Superbowl 42 here we come.
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