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  1. no but he ment that it was an actuall video of the match being played
  2. it was something like .. INFERNO MATCH VID INSIDE ..
  3. am really sick of these lame tag matches , why dont they just put on a decent singles match , i think they should do layla vs mickie , i wanna see layla up against mickie to see how she does
  4. i think mickie vs layla or maybe kelly kelly vs layla to keep that fued goingg
  5. can someboyd maybe get the link , thats if its a video
  6. ^^ thanks for changing , am sure i wasn't the only one getting there hopes up
  7. obvcourse they will , like the one up above me answered , just dont get peoples hopes up because my heart was really going fast there then i seen it was this and a wis like .. ohh OT : nope am a tim
  8. why do this and get peoples hopes up , for that i aint answering your question
  9. lmaooooo , thanks , its is like maryse has the gold lines ?
  10. this is a dumb question asked by a even dumber girl , but whats a minititantron ?
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