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  1. Just got both Spiderman and God of War for less than £50
  2. Ey ey ey lad, don't you talk shit about The Philosopher's Stone! That is the only movie worth praising and defending. Chambers of Secret too, to a degree. That's better <3
  3. Ey ey ey lad, don't you talk shit about The Philosopher's Stone!
  4. The Maria ones and Kaitlyn ones are *censored*ing awesome.
  5. Yeah maybe. Was still bs though.
  6. Watched Carol last night... loved every minute of it. Cate was great as always, as was Rooney Mara. Couldn't help but think of Audrey H when Rooney was on the screen for some reason.
  7. I never thought I'd be a Liz Taylor fan until I saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I always knew she was good from what my Mum and Dad told me but she was amazing in that
  8. Vader's about to kill every *censored*er in this film and I love it!
  9. 100% agreed. Cannot stand her at all. You're missing out man. What do you mean by that last bit?
  10. I've just watched it because you reminded me man... would it be bad if I said that it's one of the best films ever made? It just had everything. That "let me live again" scene killed me as well.
  11. Actually that is a good point. Would have loved for it to go on for longer too.
  12. Watched BvS for the first time today. I actually thought it was good and I'm not sure why it's getting so many negative reviews... unless that's based on the cinema cut and not the Ultimate Edition with the extra 30 minutes? Batfleck was awesome and I still love Cavill's Superman. Eisenberg seemed like a shit choice at first but I guess he kinda grew on me towards the end. Still would have preferred them to go for an older, more serious Lex though with someone like... Bryan Cranston or maybe Mark Strong playing him. The only bit I truly disliked was the fight against Doomsday. Can't think of a single thing I liked about the whole scene.
  13. Philadelphia Story is the film that I saw all of the three main stars for the first time which says a lot because that means I hadn't seen Vertigo, Rear Window or North by Northwest up until this year. Yikes :< I absolutely love PS though (OH C.K. DEXTER HAVENNNNNNNNN! ) and would put it up there as one of my top three films of all time (Shawshank Redemption and Casablanca being the other two though The Godfather is pushing that top three). I'm still pissed Tracy didn't end up with Mike though I guess it makes sense that she got with Dexter again. I'll add both Thin Man films and TTotT to my watch list. Any others? You've just reminded me I've got Arsenic and Old Lace sitting there waiting for me to watch! Not heard of Two for the Road but I'll keep an eye out for it. While on the subject of Audrey, have you seen How to Steal A Million? If so, what did you think? I've still got Roman Holiday to watch too thinking about it
  14. Gilda was alright though I don't remember a whole lot about the film despite giving it my complete attention (which I'm guessing is a bad thing) apart from a few really good scenes. Rita looked hot in it and I thought it was well acted but I'm not sure I'll watch it again to be honest with you. Bringing Up Baby on the other hand was amazing. The scene where Kate rips Cary's jacket is hilarious as is the jail scene Grant and Hepburn have amazing chemistry from what I've seen from them and I'll definitely be watching that one again. One thing I will say about it though - I did some reading up on it after finishing it and I read that it absolutely bombed when it first came out and was slated by critics. Do you know why? I'm not sure why it wouldn't be well received tbh.
  15. Watched quite a few in the past couple of weeks so I'll put them all into one post: Dr Strangelove Scarface The Manchurian Candidate (Sinatra version not Denzel) Whiplash Bringing Up Baby The Apartment The Usual Suspects Unforgiven The Departed The Graduate Sunset Boulevard Fargo Gilda Only Angels Have Wings Trainspotting Manhattan Best of the lot? Probably Whiplash or The Departed... or maybe Usual Suspects actually. Least liked Manhattan.
  16. Two more seasons to go before you do.
  17. I actually haven't but I've been meaning to at some point. Same with Notorious actually. You seen that one?
  18. Jimmy Stewart > Cary Grant for me as well even though I do love them both. Seeing them both in Philadelphia Story along with Kate was too much for me. Love that film and it's probably in my top 3 of all time in all honesty.
  19. Chances of it happening are very small (it'll probably be someone irrelevant) but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Paige asks for her release sooner or later. She looks so unmotivated and has done for a while now.
  20. Nowadays it's either remakes or superhero films (that guy from GTA V was right!) so it's not really surprising to be honest. The less talk about remakes, the better.
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