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  1. Just got both Spiderman and God of War for less than £50
  2. Watched Carol last night... loved every minute of it. Cate was great as always, as was Rooney Mara. Couldn't help but think of Audrey H when Rooney was on the screen for some reason.
  3. I never thought I'd be a Liz Taylor fan until I saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I always knew she was good from what my Mum and Dad told me but she was amazing in that
  4. I've just watched it because you reminded me man... would it be bad if I said that it's one of the best films ever made? It just had everything. That "let me live again" scene killed me as well.
  5. Philadelphia Story is the film that I saw all of the three main stars for the first time which says a lot because that means I hadn't seen Vertigo, Rear Window or North by Northwest up until this year. Yikes :< I absolutely love PS though (OH C.K. DEXTER HAVENNNNNNNNN! ) and would put it up there as one of my top three films of all time (Shawshank Redemption and Casablanca being the other two though The Godfather is pushing that top three). I'm still pissed Tracy didn't end up with Mike though I guess it makes sense that she got with Dexter again. I'll add both Thin Man films and TTotT to my watch list. Any others? You've just reminded me I've got Arsenic and Old Lace sitting there waiting for me to watch! Not heard of Two for the Road but I'll keep an eye out for it. While on the subject of Audrey, have you seen How to Steal A Million? If so, what did you think? I've still got Roman Holiday to watch too thinking about it
  6. Gilda was alright though I don't remember a whole lot about the film despite giving it my complete attention (which I'm guessing is a bad thing) apart from a few really good scenes. Rita looked hot in it and I thought it was well acted but I'm not sure I'll watch it again to be honest with you. Bringing Up Baby on the other hand was amazing. The scene where Kate rips Cary's jacket is hilarious as is the jail scene Grant and Hepburn have amazing chemistry from what I've seen from them and I'll definitely be watching that one again. One thing I will say about it though - I did some reading up on it after finishing it and I read that it absolutely bombed when it first came out and was slated by critics. Do you know why? I'm not sure why it wouldn't be well received tbh.
  7. Watched quite a few in the past couple of weeks so I'll put them all into one post: Dr Strangelove Scarface The Manchurian Candidate (Sinatra version not Denzel) Whiplash Bringing Up Baby The Apartment The Usual Suspects Unforgiven The Departed The Graduate Sunset Boulevard Fargo Gilda Only Angels Have Wings Trainspotting Manhattan Best of the lot? Probably Whiplash or The Departed... or maybe Usual Suspects actually. Least liked Manhattan.
  8. I actually haven't but I've been meaning to at some point. Same with Notorious actually. You seen that one?
  9. Jimmy Stewart > Cary Grant for me as well even though I do love them both. Seeing them both in Philadelphia Story along with Kate was too much for me. Love that film and it's probably in my top 3 of all time in all honesty.
  10. Chances of it happening are very small (it'll probably be someone irrelevant) but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Paige asks for her release sooner or later. She looks so unmotivated and has done for a while now.
  11. The Twilight of it's time huh? Yikes man... that's not a great start And with a running time of around 4 hours, I might just put that to the back of the list Bought it on a whim because people talk about it all the time and how great it is so I kinda went into it blind. On the subject of Silence of the Lambs... I also got Red Dragon and Hannibal with it as part of the set... are they as good as SotL? Not too familar with Cary Grant so I'll have to look into him. James Stewart... he's the one who's in every Hitchcock movie ever right? Rear Window, Vertigo and North By Northwest were next on my list to pick up so I'll see what else I can find of his. I recall my Dad talking about him being one of the best actors so I'll see if he's got any of his films lying around anywhere. Paul Newman rings a bell as well... was he in The Sting? I've still got that to watch actually I know I've missed out on a load of classic films but thankfully I have seen Star Wars (I know someone who hasn't... and he's the one who got cast as an extra in #8 ffs!) and Indy as well except for the last one funnily enough Any other Audrey Hepburn movies you'd recommend btw? I need to see more of her Also Brando if you've got any. That dude can *censored*ing act. I'll check them out my dude. 12 Angry Men was one that people talked about a lot so that'll go onto my list of things to pick up next as well. Is it anything like To Kill a Mockingbird (film summaries were quite similar but 12AM being better I'm guessing)? Oh, and that first one you mentioned above reminded me of another one... have you seen Das Boot by any chance? Thank you both for the replies <3
  12. Thank you At the minute, all I've got to go off of is a mixture of the movies my parents watched while they were growing up, along with what various blu-ray forum members recommend (think Battle Royale is the only foreign film I've seen mentioned a lot on there) so if you've got a bunch of films I should check out, then by all means shoot man. Any U.S. films you'd recommend would be cool too.
  13. Trying to work my way through the classics that I've never seen (or only seen parts of). On the Waterfront, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Big Lebowski and now halfway through Jaws. Lebowski was good, while Breakfast at Tiffany's and On the Waterfront were amazing. Both could probably go into my top 15. Next on my list are: Easy Rider Close Encounters Gone with the Wind Usual Suspects Alien Silence of the Lambs
  14. My Sister's boyfriend has been chosen to be a Stormtrooper in Star Wars 8. Lucky *censored*er.
  15. Is Kristen Stewart going to be in the new one? I'll probably watch it because I liked the first but no Isla Fisher = no party. She isn't, as far as I know. Second sentence was unrelated to the first sentence, other than Woody. Yeah, sucks Isla isn't in the movie. She was fun and sexy to watch! It'll be interesting to watch Daniel Radcliffe play a villain, I haven't seen his work outside of Harry Potter. hopefully he isn't as wooden as he was in the last few HP movies. Radcliffe was actually pretty good in Horns (though the movie was a bit crazy) as well as What If? although I think he's let down by his choice in movies/scripts (heard the new Frankenstein sucks ass as well). Didn't realise he was going to be the villain in NYSM2 (always assumed he was just going to be another member of the team) but I have faith he'll do good in it. He's improved since his Harry Potter days for sure. On the subject of Harry Potter, Domhnall Gleeson is absolutely killing it atm. I reckon he could be the next big thing. Dude was in Star Wars, Ex Machina, Brooklyn and The Revenant in the space of a year! Not normally a fan of the genre but he was brilliant in About Time a couple of years back as well (plus he was Bill Weasley ).
  16. Is Kristen Stewart going to be in the new one? I'll probably watch it because I liked the first but no Isla Fisher = no party.
  17. Getting an extra £150 a month from now on because of the National Living Wage or some bs. And as if that wasn't good enough already, I'm being given an additional £150 (£300 overall) in next month's wages because it backlogs it from this month as well. *censored*ing result!
  18. Jealous! Lemme know how the match is! Was amazing dude, really enjoyed it. For all the rumours I've heard about Mysterio being passed it or completely crocked, he performed as well as I've seen him perform in the past 10 years. Styles was great as well... probably the best wrestler I've seen live tbf, including all the WWE shows. JoMo vs Carlito was probably the best match of the night. Carlito was a good sport with everything the crowd threw at him. There was a Sideshow Bob chant at the start of the match (dude's hair is crazy nowadays) and then someone shouted "WE WANT PRIMO" and he laughed as well JoMo went to the outside and got a foam hand off of a kid and hit Carlito with it. When he tried to give it back, the kid said it was for him and Morrison was like... "Aww thanks. Just as long as it isn't for Cena" Also got to see Grado and Colt Cabana (they were a fun tag team as you can imagine), Magnus, Jay Lethal and Justin Gabriel (their match was amazing too tbf), Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc and Zack Sabre Jr. Kid Fite is one of the funniest guys I've ever seen as well though I didn't know who he was before I got there. That Scottish accent killed me.
  19. Mysterio/Styles tomorrow night. I'm *censored*ing ready!
  20. I start it up, and it immediately goes into "Program has stopped working" Have you tried running it in compatibility mode?
  21. Spent a couple of hours looking up online florists for some flowers for my Auntie (given who they were for, I wanted them to be really nice and since I wouldn't be able to see them before she did, I did worry a lot about the negative reviews regarding broken flowers and the like). So I eventually decided on one over the rest because they were local (less chance for them to get damaged in transit) and had mostly positive reviews. Ordered them last night at 5pm, delivered at 9am this morning, and everything supposedly looked fine and nothing was broken! Even managed to guess what her favourite flower was and had it included as well. Felt really good to pay her back a little.
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