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    Batista, Angle, HBK, Orton
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    Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz
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    IT Apprentice
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    Harry Potter, Football, Gaming
  1. Just got both Spiderman and God of War for less than £50
  2. It's almost as if the "i" and the "o" are positioned right next to each other on a keyboard and he hit the wrong key by accident.
  3. Kirky

    Football Thread

    I wouldn't say that lad <3 The contract situation has been handled terribly (almost embarrassing in fact) but at least you're getting something in return for a player you were gonna lose for nothing in 6 months time anyway.
  4. Kirky

    Football Thread

    Spoken like a true Bolton fan. Jose's putting together a really good United team, Arsenal are facing a rebuilding project similar to when Fergie retired at United. Performances on the pitch suggest otherwise tbf. There doesn't seem to be any clear plan at all in fact.
  5. Pokemon Super Mario Uncharted Gears of War Halo
  6. Gotta be Horizon for me. Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, Assassin's Creed and Overwatch to complete the top 5.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cugj1h6PuK0 Only just seen it now but that's pretty badass.
  8. So I've found the one person they aimed this sign at from work. Thought they were bantering but it's actually a real thing... well shit.
  9. I know a guy who admitted to wiping back to front while we were at work and he got called brown balls until he left. Standing is the only way to go though.
  10. Kirky

    Football Thread

    I'm done with Moreno. The guy is a joke.
  11. (Kane should be Tottenham tbh) oh my god kirky double-you tea eff thought you was dead el oh el That sig though
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