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Status Updates posted by Kynadia

  1. Canada will pwn the US in hockey.

  2. Assassin's Creed II is a beast game....sexy Ezio sig.

  3. Dallas Green for the win.

  4. Luke Schenn + Bubbles = WIN

  5. I had an affair with Tiger Woods

  6. Yeah, Markov is Montreal's top defenseman and with him back in the line-up surely their Power Play will get a large boost.

  7. :o .... just saw that you have a Markov sig. Nice, but Leafs > Habs
  8. Why yes...yes it is =)

  9. lol...on Ms. Fox's 4th pick I can see her downstairs door ;)

  10. Just wait...Canada will take it home

  11. Yeah, I would say Henrik is better and will without a doubt start for Sweden at the Olympics. Too bad Canada will win :D

  12. Jonas is the man! And the Leafs are the best of the best.

  13. lol, I haven't updated that since August

  14. nothin much..just pissed off since we should have won a soccer game that we lost >_<

  15. 14 is better than 1

  16. Please...who won the battle of the Wings/Leafs? Oh, why that would be the LEAFS

  17. Leafs > Red Wings hqhq

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