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  1. Just have Paul Heyman be Asuka's advocate and let her dominate the division pls
  2. Something seems off about Ivory, hate the theme they picked. Jackie looks awesome!
  3. So excited for this, apparently the whole series is set over 3 days so I reckon it's going to be pretty full on throughout.
  4. On Amazon it's saying dispatching soon, arriving tomorrow. So hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow!
  5. Excited to see and use some of your creations this year, finally got myself a PS4!
  6. I've pre-ordered the standard edition with Amazon, they're usually good with delivering things on time so hopefully I'll get it on the day of release.
  7. Would love to see some returning faces (Mickie, Victoria, Melina, Molly, Jazz), would love to see them bring in a wide range of girls too. Mandy Leon, Barbi Hayden, Evie, Candice LeRae are a few names off the top of my head I'd love to see. Maybe the winner could earn a women's title shot (brand of her choice?)
  8. Would totally be into Charlotte beating everyone and her making like a "I'm the best women's champion in history" sort of gimmick and having previous champions come and challenge her sort of like Randy Orton's Legend Killer gimmick.
  9. Carmella and Sasha look amazing! They've put so much effort into the women this year, I love the screenshot of Carmella pretty much confirms she'll have her actual promo entrance!
  10. Since when did Eva win the diva search? did I miss something>?
  11. If Becky jobs to Eva................
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