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About GTS.

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    Main Eventer
  • Birthday 09/27/1995

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    The Hardys/Maria <3
  • Favourite Music
    Indy Rock I.E Miley Cyrus,Kings Of leon,Katie Perry,My Chemical Romance and the occasional Nickelback song
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    Takeaway's and Fast Food
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    Simpsons,Hannah montana(for miley cyrus),Raw,smackdown,ecw and TNA
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    Avatar:Me, Fly on the wall Miley sig: PB Other sig: Me, Various Other signatures not mentioned: PB, Userbar thing: ILoveMileyCyrus
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    Check My Sig or you can ask me
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    No idea yet...

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    North East England
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    Football(soccer for you american's),Martial Arts,Anything to do with Miley,Music,Comedy DVD's,'Tinternet and a lot of stuff i can't remember.
  1. GTS.

    Hulk Hogan

    sorry to say this dude but this aint very good you need a lot of improvement nd why post a caw with a default face?????
  2. dont own a 360 so wont know what you guys are onna bout nd cant try it but this sounds really annoying nd if this ever happened to me i would be very very annoyed
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